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Carl Lewis Launches FitForever.com

Carl Lewis is a 10-time Olympic medal winner in track and field. Nine of those were gold! He also set world records in various track and field relays.

Since his retirement, Lewis, one of the world’s most famous Olympians in history, has made it a point to empower people to enhance their lives through physical fitness.

One of the ways he is doing that now is through his website, FitForever.com. The website is a fitness community that has been referred to as a “fitness Facebook.”



If you watch the Biggest Loser on NBC, then you’ve likely seen the commercials for NeverSayDiet.com. In previous seasons, NBC has partnered with iVillage to give fans a resource for healthy living information, and create a place for the eliminated contestants to give an exit interview. They’ve now shifted that and some other health-related information to their new address at NeverSayDiet.com.

Some of the articles and and tools require members to log-in to NeverSayDiet.com to view, but other features like fitness videos and nutrition calculators are open. You can play games and take quizzes at NeverSayDiet.com and hear the before and after stories of men and women who’ve reached their weight loss goals.

Best Diet Blog Posts of 2008

The Diet Blog at DietsInReview.com is where you’ll find the latest health headlines, interviews with those making an impact in the diet world, and informative articles about fitness, nutrition and mental health from our dedicated team of professionals. You’ll find new articles throughout the day, seven days a week. We don’t stop publishing because you never stop needing a reliable resource to manage your health.

In 2008, we published hundreds of articles, but these are the 10 that made the biggest impact to you.

Top 10 Blogs of 2008

1. Understanding Weight Watchers Points

2. Kettlebell Training

3. Obama’s Diet vs. McCain’s Diet (more…)

DietsInReview.com Diet Awards 2008

For the first time we’re honoring 10 sites in the DietsInReview.com Diet Awards. Each of these sites share a common thread – a desire to help people live healthy lives. That’s what drives DietsInReview.com everyday, and we know it’s a priority for all of them, too. We selected a winner and a runner-up in each of five categories: Best Diet Blog, Best Healthy Recipe Blog, Best Fitness Blog, Best Diet Community, Best Health Site.

Please join us in congratulating each of these sites and the talented people behind each of them. Without further ado, the 2008 winners are:

Best Diet Blog

Winner: DozenDiets.com
For Joel’s 2008 New Year’s Resolution, he resolved to lose weight this year, and to do so tried a different diet during each month of the year. He was able to capture the entire dieting experience over the course of a year. He’s currently following 8 Minutes in the Morning, and has completed Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, Hydroxycut and eight others.

Runner-Up: RonisWeigh.com
A few years ago Roni was a new mom, had a full-time job and was trying to lose weight. She blogged her Weight Watchers journey, and developed a loyal following of fellow dieters. She’s completely candid, divulging everything from her two tummy tucks to triumphs in the gym. Roni’s site is a friendly place on the Web where you’ll find a real woman, facing real challenges, sharing her successes (and even hurdles) in a very real way.