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Dr. Mike Moreno Reflects on The 17 Day Diet’s First Anniversary

It was last November when we first heard of The 17 Day Diet. If you happened to catch The Doctors on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 then you were among the first people who learned about the book with the pink cover that would soon take over the diet industry. People immediately turned to the Internet to find out more about Dr. Mike Moreno‘s new diet and couldn’t get their hands on it fast enough.

As we arrive on the anniversary of The 17 Day Diet, easily the most popular diet of 2011, we spoke with Dr. Moreno about how it all started and what’s next for the brand.

The 17 Day Diet was practically an overnight success, and the broad appeal was bigger than Dr. Moreno and his team anticipated. “It’s been great,” he told us in an interview about the book’s anniversary. “What really caused it to take off… once the diet got out there was people started doing it and getting excited about it and realized this thing works.” (more…)

The Drunk Diet May Have Sobering Results

There are literally millions of diet books on the shelves. Not one of them recommends a long night of whiskey drinking and 5:00 a.m. cheeseburgers. None of them did, until now, that is.  Luc Carl’s memoir The Drunk Diet will follow this rocker as he gets in shape in the most unorthodox manner.

Luc Carl is the manager of the rock bar St. Jerome in New York City. He’s also a party promoter and Lady Gaga’s boyfriend. Carl’s lifestyle of heavy drinking and partying left him 40 pounds over weight and very out of shape. Carl was ready to make a change, but not by following the rules.

The Drunk Diet is a year long look into how Carl still partied every night and managed to lose 40 pounds and tone up his body. Carl specifically wanted to challenge the rule about heavy alcohol consumption and weight loss.


Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Pens Autobiographical Weight Loss Book for Kids

A new children’s book, authored by former NYC mayor Ed Koch, aims to help overweight children.

“Eddie Shapes Up”, an autobiographical tale due to hit shelves September 22, 2011, aims to help overweight kids learn acceptance and create healthy habits. Co-authored with his sister Pat Koch Thaler, this book tells the story of Eddie, an overweight boy who endures teasing and bullying due to his weight. Koch has written other children’s books, but he hasn’t discussed such a personal topic before.

“I wanted to write this book with my sister — also a chubby child — to help children understand the importance of a healthy diet and exercise throughout their lives,” Koch says. “What I hope they walk away with is that it’s possible to avoid being the subject of derision or being an outcast simply by leading a healthy life with a healthy diet.” In the book, Eddie trades healthy packed lunch foods for potato chips and is chosen last for dodge ball. He expresses disgust for his body and a defeatist attitude, noting that he’ll never be thin, so why try?


Why Gay Men Don’t Get Fat

Author Simon Doonan

UPDATE [1/5/2012]: Watch our hilarious video with Simon Noonan, author of Gay Men Don’t Get Fat

“Gay Men Don’t Get Fat” is the title of an as-of-yet published book by Barneys New York creative ambassador Simon Doonan. The author calls it “a stylishly slimming discourse that proves gay men really ARE French women: prone to disdain, favoring cheeky underwear, convinced of their own artistic brilliance, and (of course) calorie-obsessed.”

The French women reference, and title of his book, are both presumably a reference to the popular diet book “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” which espoused emulating French culinary culture to slim down.

Before we go any further, if Doonan wasn’t himself gay, I think he’d be treading on thin ice, you know, with the whole stereotyping thing. Gays and lesbians, like everyone else in the world, come in all shapes and sizes.

While I’ve had gay friends over the years, it’s difficult for me to speak with any authority about whether or not they are on average less fat than everyone else. (more…)

The 17 Day Diet vs. The South Beach Diet

When it comes to really understanding different diets, sometimes it’s best to compare it to another popular diet. For example, The 17 Day Diet created by Dr. Mike Moreno is hugely popular right now. But in order to best understand its ins and outs, we thought we’d compare it to another popular diet- the South Beach Diet. Turns out, they have quite a bit in common!


Both of these diets are fairly cost effective in that it just takes buying the book to learn how the diet works. You can buy either diet book for less than $20 on Amazon. When it comes to buying the food required in the diets, the cost is about the same, too, as both emphasize eating lots of fresh produce, lean meats, beans, nuts, dairy and whole grains (in moderation). Both programs also offer branded foods that are not required for success on these diets, but some may find convenient. South Beach offers a line of package foods, such as wraps and meal bars. There is a 17 Day Diet Meal Plan offered through the diet delivery service Bistro MD.


As of now, The 17 Day Diet does not have an in-depth online component (although I’d expect them to add that in the near future), but the website does offer free recipes and a caloric-needs and BMI calculator. On the other hand, the South Beach Diet has a robust online community and program costing $5 a week for your own customized meal plan; tools to track your weight, phase, and diet goals; and 24-hour online support and other online community features.


17 Day Diet Hits Amazon Today

The 17 Day Diet book coverOne of the most frequently asked questions we get about The 17 Day Diet is “Where can I buy the book?” Until now, the book was only available through the author’s website. Overwhelming demand for the book appears to have led to some delays in shipping.

The good news is that starting today, The 17 Day Diet is now available on Amazon. Hopefully, Amazon’s large-scale facilities will end the kinds of logistical problems we’ve had so many comments about.


Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method Promises “Perfection”?

When I read what was being said about the new Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method: the Weight-Loss Kick-Start That Makes Perfection Possible, I couldn’t believe that someone would write and someone else would publish statements such as “defies genetics to tone, trim, and reshape the body”, “no chance for anything but terrific, fast results”, ” You can have a body more beautiful than you ever dreamed”, etc. I picked up the book from my local library to read it myself. I was surprised to read that she is from the Indianapolis-area, but shocked to hear, when I asked about her theories, that her reputation is not very positive in this area. Online I found that it is not only Hoosiers that are complaining and filing lawsuits. While it might not seem that naysayers and business mistakes matter to the effectiveness of Tracy’s “Method”, the irresponsible statements in this book make more sense to me after learning about her irresponsible decisions in the past.

I believe all of us can make improvements in our bodies with focused intention and hard work. I have also watched a friend work out for over an hour every day and never gain an ounce (he was trying to beef up). Along with thousands of others, I watched Jillian Michaels‘ frustration trying to help Brittney Aberle lose weight on the Biggest Loser’s fifth season. There are many factors that influence how our bodies work, why we gain and lose weight. I do believe the “Tracy Anderson Method” may be effective and even a great solution for some people. I am concerned, however, that promising perfection is both false advertising and irresponsible treatment of her readers.


The Must-Read Diet Books of 2011

diet bookAlthough there are many resources available to those who are looking to lose weight, many people still turn to books for diet advice. This collection reflects our predictions of the diet books that will get the most attention in 2011.

Many of the diet books on this list have already been released. The 17 Day Diet, Cinch! and Sexy Forever have already proved to be very popular. Others are updates of well-known diets that have been on the market for some time. However, there are a few titles that we’re still waiting to be released, including a new material from Jillian Michaels and Chef Rocco Dispirito.

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The 17 Day Diet Can’t Meet Demand

Since The 17 Day Diet first debuted in late November 2010 people everywhere have been clamoring to find out more about it and how to get their hands on it. We see a lot of diet programs at DietsInReview.com, obviously, and we can honestly say we haven’t seen demand like this for a weight loss product in a very long time. It’s become the hottest diet of 2011, and we’re barely a week in.

While the plan seems balanced and reasonable, as long as people are willing to make changes to their lifestyles, the one downside is that it seems to be impossible to get. We’re moderating comments as fast as we can and all seem to say the same thing: “how do I get it” or “where is mine?”.

The 17 Day Diet is quickly becoming a lesson in supply and demand. The demand for this book is overwhelming, and exceeding expectations, and because of that, the supply can’t keep up.

In our interview with Dr. Mike Moreno, the book’s author, in December 2010 we asked him about the order stress. From that interview:

For those of you who’ve ordered a copy and haven’t received it yet, Dr. Mike asks that you let them know. He said as of 12/20/10, all orders had been shipped, and that the delay is because they just didn’t expect the sizable response that they received. (more…)

Nancy Redd Discusses Her New Book Diet Drama

New York Times bestselling author Nancy Redd just released her latest book, Diet Drama, a follow-up to the bestselling, Body Drama. Nancy is the self-esteem adviser to FITNESS magazine, and as an AOL Health Insider. She has also been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS’s The Early Show, NBC’s Today Show, Oprah & Friends, CNN, The Tyra Show, E! True Hollywood Stories, PEOPLE magazine, NPR, PBS, Inside Edition, and more.

Nancy took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for DietsInReview.com on her new book, which releases in January.

Why do you think that no one has featured real young women in an exercise book until now?

Because most diet books are written by a fitness expert who wants to show off their hot bod, and the intent is usually good but it tends to be tinged with an invitation for jealousy and a hierarchy of health based on looks, which isn’t fair or healthy. Diet Drama is the first diet book to present information and exercises in a flat system where we all are equal when it comes to our health goals, and thus no one body type deserves to be lambasted or lauded! (more…)