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Best Mountain Biking Trails in the Nation

Mountain biking has become ever more popular over the years and it is truly a rush and a half, not to mention a fairly decent workout. A hundred and fifty pound person burns, on average, just over five hundred calories per hour on a good bike ride.

Safety is a big issue when it comes to riding, as well. Be sure to check your bike to make sure the tires are up to par, the brakes are properly working, and the handle bars and seat are set correctly. Lastly, make sure to pack plenty of water and a first aid kit, just in case someone flies over the handle bars on the way down (which has happened to a couple friends of mine).

Want to give mountain biking a shot? Or just need some new scenery to take it to the next level? Check below to find the best mountain biking trails around the nation. Good luck and have a blast!

Best mountain biking trails in the U.S.:

  • Trail 401 in Crested Butte, Colorado: This fourteen mile trail is an advanced difficulty level and the average time taken to complete the loop is around two hours and seventeen minutes.
  • Porcupine Rim in Moab, Utah: This fifteen mile trail is an advanced difficulty level and the average time taken to complete the loop is three hours and twenty-one minutes. (more…)