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Darrell Hough’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

The Biggest Loser certainly doesn’t know how to rip the proverbial bandaid off an uncomfortable situation quickly and painlessly. No, they like to let the pain linger. For Darrell Hough, his elimination wasn’t a dramatic five-minute segment at the end of the episode, instead, it was a dramatic five-minute segment that segued into a two-week cliffhanger that wrapped with another five-minute segment.

In one of those fateful twists of play Biggest Loser is known for, Darrell and Cheryl George fell below the yellow line, and then had to face-off in an awkward and painful final challenge to see who would stay and who would go. Last a little longer than six minutes balancing a torch on his head while maintaining a squat position, the pain got the best of him and Darrell was eliminated. He shared a tearful goodbye with his daughter and teammate Andrea Hough, but in speaking with him today there were no signs of the self-disappointment he expressed at the time. Instead, Darrell sounds confident and proud of the progress he’s making on his own. (more…)

Interview with Darrell Hough and Andrea Hough: Biggest Loser Season 9

darrell and andrea biggest loser“There’s only so much you can expect about something you’ve never experienced,” says one of Biggest Loser’s newest contestants during week one at the ranch. Andrea Hough is joined by her father Darrell Hough, who says just a few short days on the show has totally blown his mind!

It’s a big change for the daughter-father team, weighing 298 and 413 pounds respectively. Darrell says he had an idea of where his weight was, since he often steps on shipping scales at work. It was Darrell’s idea for the two to apply to the show, stating his motivation was to improve his quality of life and no longer be a prisoner in his home.

Listen now as Andrea and Darrell tells about the journey that lead them to Biggest Loser and how their first week on the ranch has been so far.


Darrell Hough: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 6

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Learn more about Darrell Hough now!

darrell biggest loserAge 46

Hometown Ann Arbor, MI

Occupation Press Operator/Mechanic

Team Color Black

Teammate Andrea Hough, Daughter

Starting Weight 413

Finale Weight224

Total Loss -189

Family Married, Two Adult Children (more…)