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Cybex’s Arc Trainer Supports Two-Time Cancer Survivor’s Weight Loss Journey

I’m Andi Guthrie, a wife, mother of two and Naunie to one. I am also a two-time cancer survivor diagnosed first at the age of 22 when my children were 4.5-years old and six-months old. I’m a fighter that never gave up and never had pity upon myself. Thyroid cancer was my first cancer and it had spread into my lymph nodes and also my parathyroid. I went to the doctor because I was unable to lose the weight after the birth of our daughter and I had never had a weight issue before. This was when the doctor found a tumor in my neck and two weeks later I was having the first of two surgeries.

Since that time I have been battling to lose weight and have not been successful. I’ve used diet pills, I tried out for the Biggest Loser twice, then finally was approved for LAP-band surgery. It was at that point when I was picking up the phone to schedule my surgery that I could not rightfully admit that I had 100 percent tried to lose weight the healthy way on my own. Instead of scheduling surgery I cancelled all appointments and removed my name from the surgery list. On January 25, 2010 I started my journey of a happier, healthier me and have given this journey 100 percent of me! (more…)

Win a Biggest Loser Arc Trainer from Cybex

Giveaway Winner Announced: Andi Swanson Guthrie

See Andi’s inspired entry on our Facebook page. She’s a two-time cancer survivor and former athlete who plans to keep the BL Arc Trainer in her “inspiration room.” Congrats Andi!

It’s the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done at DietsInReview.com, and one of our deserving fans is going to be the winner!

Last month we told you about the all-new Biggest Loser Arc Trainer from Cybex, the first piece of home gym equipment by from the popular weight loss show. Research shows that this ski machine-stepper-elliptical-trainer all-in-one piece of equipment burns 16 percent more calories than working on an elliptical machine alone.

The results can be seen in Patrick House, season 10 winner of the Biggest Loser, who credits his win and 181-pound loss to working with this machine. “My win was literally powered by CYBEX. I especially love the Arc Trainer, which enabled me to burn more calories in less time. I spent hours on it every day on the Ranch.”

Are you ready to burn more calories in less time? Then visit our Facebook page to enter the Cybex Biggest Loser Arc Trainer giveaway!

To enter:

1. Post a photo on the DIR wall taken where you would place the BL Arc Trainer

2. In the description, tell us in 75 words or less why you need to have this machine

DietsInReview.com with Cybex will review the entries and announce the winner May 27, 2011. (more…)

Cybex Introduces the Biggest Loser Arc Trainer for Your Home Gym

Visit our Facebook page to win the Biggest Loser Arc Trainer!

There are a number of tools to help you live the Biggest Loser lifestyle at home. The brand has extended itself to books, DVDs, frozen food and a meal delivery service, kitchen appliances, and more. Less than 200 people have ever been able to set foot on the coveted ranch and train in the country’s most famous gym, but that doesn’t mean the millions of other people watching from home can’t train the way they do.

In April 2011, Cybex and Biggest Loser will unveil the first-ever piece of Biggest Loser-branded fitness equipment. The Biggest Loser Arc Trainer is a first-of-its-kind piece of aerobic equipment made for residential use and mirrors the Cybex Arc Trainer used on the ranch. Condense your home gym into one piece of equipment, as the Biggest Loser Arc Trainer combines all the benefits of a ski machine, stepper and elliptical trainer for an all-in-one aerobic workout with a serious calorie burning affect. In fact, according to university research, the Biggest Loser Arc Trainer burns 16 percent more calories than an elliptical. As crunched as we all are for time, who doesn’t want to get more out of their standard workout? (more…)