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Four Fast Fixes for Your Sweet Tooth

Even though it’s my personal philosophy that if you’re going to have a treat, it should be a really good, high-quality treat in a smaller-than-average portion, especially if you’re trying to lose pounds or maintain a certain number on the scale.

Of course, there are times when a tablespoon of chocolate chips just won’t do and purchasing an entire pint of premium ice cream for just a few bites is more dangerous then it’s worth. For those times, I have a few go-to sweets to tide me over until I’m ready to go for a bigger splurge.


Just One Bite the Secret to Consequence-Free Indulgence

Melissa Craig is the author of Cupcake High, a quirky blog dedicated to high-altitude baking.  Check out Cupcake High for both ultra-indulgent and more health-conscious recipes, from cupcakes to quick breads–all altitude-tested and Melissa-approved.

People often ask me how I can stay somewhat thin while constantly baking for my blog, Cupcake High.  Being vegan certainly helps–after all, ruling out anything with dairy certainly trims the menu options.  Another motivating factor has been my recent move from Oklahoma, where everything is either deep-fried or smothered in gravy (or both) to Colorado, a much more health-conscious state.  Still, I think most of us are looking for that magic bullet–the elusive secret to health, wellness, and a supermodel physique.  Fortunately, I’m here to let you in on the secret.  Unfortunately, it’s no secret at all.  Put simply: diet and exercise.  Not what you were hoping for, I know, but it works.  Like a charm.  In every case, for everyone, every time. (more…)

Empty Calories Comic: Own Your Cravings

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Brain Surgery for Obesity: A Reality

In a follow up to yesterday’s post, I watched the Nightline episode in which Carol Poe’s amazing brain surgery to lose weight was profiled. During the surgery, in which she was awake and responsive, a local anesthetic was applied to her skull. Because the skull and brain contain no pain receptors, no other anesthetic was needed and Poe remained alert and engaged for the duration of the surgery.

The neurosurgeons, Dr. Michael Oh and Dr. Donald Whiting, decided to target the brain instead of the stomach to facilitate weight loss. They drilled through both hemispheres of the brain to a depth of about about 10 centimeters, through a pathway of tissue that does not affect other functions, and ended at a point in the hypothalamus, which controls the stomach. A wire was introduced that would eventually carry an electrical impulse, and when activated, the plan was to alter the level of electricity that’s generated by that region naturally, thereby giving Poe the sensation of feeling full.

“During this procedure, when we have the electrode in this target, we will be asking her about stimulation-induced responses, whether she has a feeling of hunger [or] whether she has any memory responses,” Oh explained on Nightline(more…)

Crave Control: Three Tips to Beat Snacking

Healthier Snack AlternativesSnack foods are a major diet downfall. You may get cravings late at night, after work or in the early afternoon, but no matter the time of day, the caloric consequences can be high. Here are three tips to talk yourself out of a craving.

Take Ten. Make yourself wait ten minutes after that craving hits. Think about how you’re feeling. Are you grumpy? Tired? Anxious? Sad? Try to find something that will alleviate these feelings without food. Instead of a snack break, try taking a short walk, meditating, or stretching. Or consider having a chat with someone who cheers you up.

How to Healthfully Handle Food Cravings

eating chocolateEver want to eat something so badly you felt overpowered by it? If so, you’ve experienced a food craving. Wanting something is natural, but our “inner voices” sure know how to get in our way of having it. Instead of actually enjoying the taste of a food – be it fresh, cold watermelon or a piece of lovely dark chocolate, we can get caught up in that emotional feeling of satisfying a craving. There’s no freedom in this kind of eating.

Cravings in general do not have to necessarily be “bad” things. It’s all in how you respond to them. In this post, I’ll explain how to healthfully handle cravings. (more…)

Contrave is a New Weight Loss Drug Promising to End Cravings

prescription drugsIn a clinical study that has left researchers baffled, the new weight loss drug Contrave exceeded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s requirements to prove a weight loss drug’s efficacy. Contrave is actually a combination of two different drugs: bupropion and naltrexone, which are used to fight depression and smoking addiction respectively. This combination of pharmaceuticals is often prescribed in the treatment of alcohol and opiate addiction.

Its method for working its power impacts the brain’s craving and reward system. It is here that it unleashes its ability to block the craving drive that leads to overeating and binge-eating. (more…)

My Dirty Diet Secret

secretAs I dumped the cheapo brownie mix into the mixing bowl, adding just enough water to give it a nice consistency, and started eating straight out of the bowl – after midnight no less, I was thinking that if anyone who reads my articles knew about this, I might lose my credibility.  Unfortunately, I’m going to share this dirty little secret because I think it can be an excellent example of how we can develop some very strange dietary habits. Fortunately, my stomach has never really liked much sugar and grumbles until I put away the brownie mix after just a few bites. Unluckily, it will sit in the refrigerator tempting me and creating stomach aches for several days.

Why in the world would I do this to myself with everything I know about nutrition, processed food, and metabolism?!? On the one hand, I was probably craving something sweet as I was trying to get a few more things accomplished before going to bed and starting the next work week. The real reason goes slightly beyond bad habit, unfortunately; it is learned behavior. (more…)

Pregnant Hollywood Stars’ Food Cravings

Pickles and ice cream? Green olives and cupcakes? Even though Tinsletown A-list moms-to-be may wear couture maternity wear, when it comes to food cravings they are just as bizarre as the rest of us regular moms.

US magazine polled some of Hollywood’s most famous moms for which foods they couldn’t eat enough during their nine months of pregnancy. The cravings seem to fall into two categories: sweet or salty. Here’s a look at who fell into which category.

Pass the Salt!

New mom Ashley Simpson confessed to eating green olives with everything as did Minnie Driver, while Jessica Alba ate ham and cheese sandwiches almost every day of her pregnancy. Halle Berry noshed on bread, salt and pickles while she was pregnant with daughter, Nahla. (more…)