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Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 9 – Pay It Forward

We hope you’ve spent the past eight weeks working to better yourself – emotionally and physically. Now, Courtney wants you to give a little of that back with week nine’s Pay It Forward Challenge.

You don’t have to go out of your way, or even spend a lot of time or money, to pay it forward. Often it’s the littlest things that are the most noticed and appreciated. Pick up a friend’s coffee, give another friend a chance to talk through her concerns, or offer to give a ride to someone who needs it. The options are really quite endless.

One participant this week will be rewarded with some Wholly Guacamole, our sponsor, and a DIR T-Shirt.

Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 8 – Step it Up!

Last week Courtney pushed you outside of your comfort zone, and this week she’s pushing you in to a cardio zone! You guys asked for more activity and you’re getting it, in the form of step ups.

She’s not prescribing a set amount of step ups to complete each day, although she does recommend a set of 10. She is asking that you practice what you learned last week in the challenge yourself challenge and push yourself beyond your limits a bit. If you can easily knock out 10, do a couple more. Courtney says there are “no excuses,” because you can do step ups virtually anywhere. Try a step stool, a curb, stairs, or even a park bench. Just get them done!

One participant this week will be rewarded with a cooler full of Wholly Guacamole, our sponsor, and a DIR T-Shirt.

Check out the live Yackit video chat event with Courtney from last week.

Don’t miss the healthy back to school snack recipes Courtney shared on WGN last week.

Courtney’s Healthy Back to School Recipes from WGN

“It all starts and ends with your mind,” Courtney Crozier said on WGN’s Mid-Day News this morning. “If you don’t change your mind you’re not going to change. The moment that you do change your mind everything in your life gets better.”

Down more than 230 pounds since her journey began well before her time on Biggest Loser 11, Courtney is living proof that small changes add up to major changes.

Watch her appearance on WGN’s Mid-Day News to learn some of her favorite ways to keep hunger at bay with healthy snacks. These are all perfect to keep in mind as the kids head back to school. Whether packing their lunch, yours, or trying to get breakfast done in a hurry, these are healthy ways to stay full, satisfied, and give your body what it needs to perform.

Click here to watch the video and get the back to school recipes from Courtney.

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Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 7 – Ditch the Comfort Zone

Say farewell to the familiar! This week you’re going to break down your own personal barriers and challenge yourself to do something new.

Courtney’s challenge to you in week 7 is to go outside your comfort zone at least three times this week. Whether that’s at home, in the kitchen, at the gym, or at work, do something that scares you a little bit with a big pay off! You tell us what that looks like and you could be the winner who is rewarded with a DIR T-Shirt and some Wholly Guacamole this week.

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Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 6 – Eat Wholly Guacamole!

This is the tastiest challenge Courtney’s given us yet. Who wouldn’t want to take on a challenge that requires you to eat guacamole every day? And not hang out in the kitchen making guacamole, but buying it ready-to-go from Wholly Guacamole!

Well that’s your challenge in week 6 – to eat Wholly Guacamole (and/or Wholly Salsa) and report back how you enjoyed it. For Courtney that’s going to be as a salad dressing or topping a chicken breast. Replace mayo, use as a dip, or even use instead of sour cream on a breakfast burrito… either way, the options are endless!


Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 5 – Get Some Sleep!

We are one-third the way through this challenge. How does everyone feel? Hopefully you’re carrying any small change with you week-to-week, because, as guest challenge Marci Crozier advises this week, they all add up to big lifestyle changes.

As Courtney continues to recover from her skin removal surgery (Get Well Soon, Court!), her Biggest Loser teammate and mom has stepped in to challenge us this week. Do Not Mess with Marci! She is telling us to get six to eight hours of sleep each night, and it’s in the best interest of all of us to listen to Mama Crozier.

Congrats to our week 4 winner: LuvCombatBoots! She’s receiving a cooler stocked with guac and salsa from our sponsor, Wholly Guacamole, and a DietsInReview Tee!

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Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 4 – Write Your Proud Moment

We’ve just finished our third inspiring week of Courtney’s Summer Challenge, and we’re ready for week four!

This week, Courtney is challenging us to think positively and take time to not only reflect but also to write a “Proud Moment” each day. Watch the video to hear why this is so important:

Courtney Crozier's week 4 summer challenge

Congrats to our week 3 winner Jenn! She’s receiving delicious guacamole from our sponsor, Wholly Guacamole and a DietsInReview Tee!

Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 3 – Get Your Hydration On

We are so proud of everyone who is taking on Courtney’s Summer Challenge! Two weeks down, ten to go, can you handle it? The answer is yes!

The week 3 challenge is just what we need for this heat wave. Courtney’s got three words for you: “Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!” Watch the video now to get started:

A special shout to TRICIA, who wins the week 2 prize! She’ll receive a DIR T-shirt and some free guac from our sponsor, Wholly Guacamole.

We are so proud of everyone who is taking on Courtney’s Summer Challenge! Two weeks down, ten to go, can you handle it? The answer is yes! 

The week 3 challenge is just what we need for this heat wave. Courtney’s got three words for you: “Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!” Watch the video now to get started:


A special shout to TRICIA, who wins the week 2 prize! She’ll receive a DIR T-shirt and some free guac from our sponsor, Wholly Guacamole.

Join Courtney’s Summer Challenge for 12 Weeks of Motivation and Prizes

It’s the first day of summer and we couldn’t be more excited about kicking it off with our new Biggest Loser Correspondent Courtney Crozier! You’ll remember her as a fan favorite from season 11 who dawned the aqua shirt and a whole lot of self-confidence. You might also remember that Courtney lost 120 pounds on her own prior to joining the show, and then posted a 110 pound loss during Biggest Loser.

We promise no one can motivate like this girl can! That’s why we’re launching Courtney’s Summer Challenge. The challenge is a 12-week program fueled by a new video post each week from Courtney. She’ll update on her own progress, as she continues working toward her own weight loss goal, and pose a challenge to everyone for the week. For instance, in this week’s kick-off challenge, she is asking everyone to get out and take a walk once a day.

Win Prizes from Wholly Guacamole and DIR

Share your successes, hurdles, and encouragement for others by posting on each video’s page. At the end of each week, we’ll select one participant to win the weekly prize of a DietsInReview.com T-Shirt and coupons for free Wholly Guacamole, the official sponsor of Courtney’s Summer Challenge!

Once a month, we’ll select one participant who’s really giving it their all to win a cooler full of Wholly Guacamole; and then at the end of the 12-week challenge, one lucky participant will win a year’s supply of Wholly Guacamole! (more…)

Courtney Crozier Says You Don’t Need the Biggest Loser Ranch to Lose Weight

Who didn’t gasp last night when Courtney Crozier posted the one-pound loss that would send her home? One of Biggest Loser 11’s strongest competitors, Courtney’s body went in to what she’s calling starvation mode; she was not eating enough to meet the physical demands being put on her body. Not even the typically neutral host Alison Sweeney could hold back the tears as contestants and trainers objected to her elimination. The only dry eye in the house was Courtney’s, and with a genuine smile on her face, she assured everyone it was OK that she was going home. “I’m going to finish this strong at home,” she said.

She gives no reason not to believe her. Once weighing 435 pounds, this 22-year-old lost 120 pounds on her own before being cast for season 11. “I never needed the show to do this,” she said. “I did it to accelerate my weight loss.” And accelerate she did. Courtney lost 92 pounds on the ranch, sending her home with more than 200 pounds lost. She is very proud of her accomplishment, as she should be.

We spoke with Courtney following her emotional elimination and she talked to us about her advocacy for Dairy Queen, the family-run business, to make a fat-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt available. She also talks about how the weight loss on this side of Biggest Loser is different than her initial push. “It’s a huge process.”