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Corporate Fitness Benefits Help Reduce Healthcare Costs

In response to rising health care costs, numerous U.S. companies offer corporate fitness and wellness options to employees. “The most important thing a company can offer employees to advance wellness is a willingness to meet employees needs no matter what stage they are at in their wellness journey,” says Marianne Jackson, senior vice president of human resources at Blue Shield of California. “By keeping the healthy well, companies can lower health care costs and increase employee productivity.”

Weight-Loss Programs: Obesity is one of the greatest public health challenges of all time, and the annual medical costs associated with obesity are estimated to be as high as $147 billion in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data for 2009, more than 1 in 4 U.S. adults were obese. Obesity is an important driver of costs in the workplace, so companies offer programs that help employees lose weight. Lopez Negrete Communications, a Houston-based marketing agency, sponsored a weight-loss contest in 2010 in which the winner was awarded $1,000.


Workout at Work: Exercises to Try at Your Desk

working out at workEven if you workout frequently, spending the rest of your time sitting can have negative consequences for your health. Researches call this the trend of “exercising couch potatoes,” but desk jobs are a major cause of days spent sitting. Any amount of exercise that you can squeeze into your day is beneficial, so here to help are five exercises that you can do at your desk, no additional equipment needed.

1. Leg Lifts

Sit up strait in your seat, so that your back isn’t supported by the chair. Plant both feet firmly on the ground. Lift one foot up strait in front of you, and hold for eight seconds, then let the leg swing down for a moment without touching the floor and hold it back up for another eight counts. Do three or four reps and switch legs.

2. Arm Lifts

Lift your arms straight above your head, so that your hands are slightly wider than the shoulders. Pump your elbows down to the body and back up quickly for 30 seconds. Repeat two or three times.


Russell Simmons Says Yoga Speeds Up our Evolution

Depending on your connection to the music industry, fashion industry, philanthrophy, business or even fitness, Russell Simmons is someone different to all of us. That’s how you get the title of mogel, though, you excel in a variety of different areas. Simmons’ career includes being the co-founder of Def Jam Records, creating fashion labels PhatFarm, American Classics and others, writing several books, and making philanthropic efforts a priority.

Running an empire like Simmons does, as the third wealthiest person in hip-hop, takes a lot more than an efficiently planned calendar, it takes a lot of balance that has to come from within. Simmons strikes that balance by giving a lot of priority to a dedicated yoga practice, being a vegan and finding spirituality as a Buddhist.

He’s about to show the world how he does it all in a new show on Oxygen, “Running Russell Simmons,” which premieres November 2. Like any good man there’s a better woman behind him, and in the case of his company Rush Communications, there are several women behind him. The show will give an exclusive look into his team of assistants, available to him 24/7, and how they help him run the business, his professional life and his personal life.

We had a chance to speak with Simmons, and executive assistant Simone, one of the stars of the show, as they prepared for the premiere. He opens up about how yoga is a key factor in helping him manage his professional and personal lives. He and Simone also discuss the fit and healthy corporate culture of Rush Communications.

Click below to listen to the interview, and continue reading to learn more about how yoga influences his, and his company’s, life. (more…)

How Working at Home Can Yield a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s been nearly three years since I started working from home. It’s a career change that has been all for the better for me, and one that has allowed me to love my job more than any I’ve ever had, and also enjoy my life more than any job has ever allowed me to do. A combination of this job, editor for DietsInReview.com, and the information I’m inundated with day in and day out, plus being at home, has allowed me during the past three years to really reprioritize my health.

How so? You can’t edit, read and research dozens of health, fitness and weight articles a day and not take a second look at yourself, the food in your pantry and how many hours you spend comatose in front of a TV. Also, being at home for the majority of my day and week means I have more flexibility to do the things that are really imperative to living a healthier lifestyle.

As the number of work-at-home business owners and professionals continue to increase, and the trend becomes a mainstay, I thought I’d share a few tips, tricks and secrets for doing so successfully, and using it as an opportunity to overhaul your health while reinventing your career. These are all things I’ve done myself that I hope you find helpful, too. (more…)

Turn Your Office into a Healthy Hideaway

A common complaint amongst time-squeezed Americans is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. The solution? Make the most of the hours we have.

Most people spend eight or more hours sitting on their butts in an office or cubicle in front of a computer. Eight hours of inactivity, five days a week, is a recipe for weight gain. If you use your time wisely, however, and do a little planning, you can turn your home away from home into a weight loss mecca.

  • Prepare for afternoon cravings and mindless eating by stocking your drawers with green tea and gum.
  • Buy a cheap mini fridge for your workspace and fill it up with low-fat yogurt, bottled water, and cut veggies. If you can’t do a fridge, keep your stash in the break room fridge, just be sure to label your food clearly. (more…)

Healthy Office Tip: Try a Salad Potluck

Office Tip: Salad PotluckThe most successful diets all have some kind of social support, whether it’s exercising with friends, eating healthy meals with your family, or going to meetings to share strategies. Staying healthy at work can be challenging, particularly when you’re feeling stressed out.

At our office here in the Brooklyn Creative League, we have a fun way to eat healthy together: “Salad Wednesdays.” For this potluck-style lunch, everyone brings in salad ingredients. The building management provides the greens, and the rest of the office brings in toppings, from garnishes of meat and cheese, heirloom tomatoes, to dressing and sauces. (more…)

Why You Should Care that Your Employees are in Good Shape

Life has its many lessons and journeys that we go through and right now Robbie Ray‘s is to bring health and wellness to as many people as he can. He’s passionate about being a personal trainer and looking forward to working with anyone who wants to change their life. “DARE TO BE GREAT AND YOU WILL BE!”

I’ve been in the United States Army for seven years. But it didn’t take me nearly as long to learn this golden rule: if you take care of your soldiers they, in turn, will take care of you.

Increasingly, corporate America is embracing this same concept by getting serious about health and wellness programs. Companies of all sizes have realized the many benefits of educating and coaching their employees on how to live healthier lifestyles. With the integration of concepts designed to focus on the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, employees are:

  • more attentive
  • experiencing increased energy throughout the day
  • missing work less due to health related issues
  • bonding with their co-workers
  • managing stress better (more…)

Yoga for Work

While most of the downward dogging that takes place in this country occurs in yoga studios before or after work, performing a few yoga postures while at the office has many of the same benefits as rolling out your mat in class.

Yoga at work can provide instant and on-the-spot stress relief, which is great just before a big presentation or immediately following a challenging meeting with your boss. In addition, yoga postures done at work don’t require a mat or cute yoga clothes. You can get your yoga on in your work attire without even having to take off that new pair of pumps you scored on Zappos.com.

Here is what you need to know about yoga for work:


4 Ways to Improve Your Health at Work

Guest blogger Amy Applebaum is a success coach whose work includes the Release Your Inner Millionairess coaching program designed to create life-changing breakthroughs in her clients. Amy’s groundbreaking six-step process has helped thousands of female entrepreneurs accomplish goals they never imagined possible. Amy’s coaching success has led to appearances on ABC News, CNN, TLC, and Martha Stewart, to name a few. For more information on Amy’s coaching club, go to AmyApplebaum.com.

Just because you spend 480 minutes a day in your cube doesn’t mean you have to be Jabba The Hut. When it comes to staying healthy on the job, a little goes a long way. Try these surefire solutions for maintaining awesome mental and physical performance at the office:


Consider a Corporate Wellness Program in 2010

corporate wellnessWell, another year has vanished into thin air, and it’s time for everyone to start talking about their New Year’s resolutions. While resolutions are often difficult to fulfill, it’s the early days of 2010 when you will have the most enthusiasm for your goals.

If you are considering getting fit as a resolution, try attacking it from a different angle, with a corporate wellness program. If your company does not participate in a wellness program, maybe part of your New Year’s resolution can be to lobby your human resources department to consider one. (more…)