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Single Mom and Student Conda Britt Tackles a Healthy Lifestyle on Biggest Loser 13

By Dani M. Stone

Conda Britt works as a nutrition technician for a large hospital in Rockford, Michigan. Every day she’s responsible for making sure patients follow their doctor’s orders in regard to nutritious diets and healthy eating. At 294 pounds, she sees weight loss success stories all the time and she’s ready to be one of them. Conda, 24, and her younger brother Jeremy Britt, 22, teamed up to be Biggest Loser 13 contestants to learn new eating habits and get fit while they’re still young. Conda has another inspiring incentive, her 2-year-old daughter.

As a single parent, Conda keeps very busy taking care of her daughter, working and even attending courses at Montcalm Community College. She knows she needs to take time for herself and that includes starting a healthy routine for the first time ever. In the past, eating right and getting exercise were not a priority. (more…)