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Interview with Shanon Thomas, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 7

shanon thomasSince being eliminated week 7 on the Biggest Loser, Shanon Thomas has begun to live a healthy and happy life. Before the Biggest Loser, she was doubtful about losing weight and being successful. Now Shanon believes in herself and sees that losing weight is possible with the right lifestyle changes. With her goal dress already too big, she’s having fun shopping for new clothes and loving going to the gym to workout. Being active is a major part of Shanon’s new life. Whether it’s roller derby practice or moving on the elliptical, Shanon has taken the advice to “just keep moving” from her trainer Bob Harper. (more…)

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-7 Recap

Tonight on the Biggest Loser, Ali surprised the contestants with yet another pop challenge. This weeks pop challenge had the contestants searching for the keys to success. Among 130 keys pinned to a board at the top of the hill were the only two keys to the gym. Since there were only two keys, this mean that only those two people had access to the gym this week. No key meant no gym, so the contestants were off hiking up and down the hill over and over again until finally the pink team found one that fit the lock and the brown team with “lucky try number 9”. The brown and pink teams will have the gym all to themselves this week. (more…)

Coleen Skeabeck’s Interview at GirlAWhirl

Coleen dresses for '80s week on Biggest Loser 6.

Coleen dresses for '80s week on Biggest Loser 6.

It seems everyone wants to know what Coleen is up to these days since leaving The Biggest Loser. GirlAWhirl wanted to know what her favorite exercises are, her favorite healthy foods and what supports she has in place to make sure she doesn’t gain the weight back, as Erik Chopin recently announced he did.

Here’s a sneak peek. GirlAWhirl asked:

What does your current exercise routine consist of?
Cardio, cardio, cardio, with of course a bit of strength training thrown in there. I like to do as much cardio as I can. I switch it up between the treadmill, Stairmaster and elliptical. My all time favorite is spin class!! Lately it’s all about swimming due to a double knee injury!

See Coleen’s GirlAWhirl interview.

See Coleen’s answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-6 Recap

Nothing like a surprise visit from Alison Sweeney! In the Biggest Loser house it can only mean a few things… challenge, temptation or weigh-in! In this case, it was time for a “pop challenge.” Alison brought the teams outside by the pool where they found team colored blocks set up. She informed them that their task at hand was to be the “last person standing.” Standing like a flamingo that is. The object of the game was to prove your balance and mental stability by staying up on one foot. With the chance to reconnect with a loved one for 24 hours at stake, the contestants concentrated hard. (more…)

Coleen Answers YOUR Questions

After sorting through the questions left on DietsInReview.com, Myspace and Facebook, I narrowed it down to the top few and did my best to answer. Although I was unable to answer every single one, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to write me and look forward to answering as many of your burning questions as I can! Questions about motivation, food, cardio and goals. Let’s continue to ask and I’ll work on sending in my thoughts, answers and suggestions for you. I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you’ve all been sending my way. It means a lot and I can’t wait to hear more from you!

Interview with Biggest Loser’s Eliminated Contestants Carla and Joelle

With four votes against them, the Silver Team was eliminated from the Biggest Loser Ranch. Carla and Joelle may have been sent packing to their homes in Michigan, but both are in it for the long haul and ready to make some amazing changes.

Carla and Joelle were not able to attend the interview together, but you can hear them separately below.

Listen to Joelle’s interview now.

Listen to Carla’s interview now.


Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-5 Recap

The day has finally come for the eliminated contestants to show what they’ve done after thirty days away from the ranch. The contestants learn that immunity is up for grabs to the team with the player that has the highest percentage of weight loss while they were away. Carla hit it big with a 20 pound weight loss at home but her parade was rained on when Sione lost a stellar 25 pounds!! Home run for the blue team as they take the immunity ticket into this week’s weigh-in.

Biggest Loser Q&A with Coleen Skeabeck

Hey guys! I’m taking your questions about Biggest Loser, losing weight, staying fit, finding motivation and any other burning healthy living questions you might have. Leave a comment below in this blog post, and look for a follow-up video soon.

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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-4 Recap

Cue the NFL intro music… it’s Super Bowl Week on The Biggest Loser!

The contestants are greeted by Ali who informs them they will be playing a Super Bowl snack trivia game with Australian hottie, I mean– chef, Curtis Stone. The contestants test their knowledge of how many calories are in each common Super Bowl party food. Winning means a visit to their partner at home from Chef Curtis and a 2 pound pass at the next weigh-in. Daniel wins the game for the orange team and David gets a surprise visit from the Take Home Chef himself. (more…)

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-3 Recap

Cupcakes, pizza, tacos… oh my! That could only mean one thing on the Biggest Loser — TEMPTATION! The contestants are teased with the sweet scents of comfort foods such as cupcakes, pizza and peanut butter cups. The team that eats the most calories in five minutes will win a visit home with their trainer. Mandi had a slice of pizza, but is beat by Sione who munches on a pizza and a taco. At home, contestant Carla wins it for the silver bullets with over 2,000 calories consumed. This victory will send Joelle and Bob Harper off to Detroit for a visit home and an unforgettable workout. (more…)