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What’s Really Lurking in Your McDonald’s Combo Meal [SLIDESHOW]

A cheeseburger is a rather simple food, right? You probably make these a few times every summer on your deck. Ground beef, slice of cheese, few veggies, condiment or two and boom- a juicy burger. No, not the healthiest, but there are far worse things for you, and you can always do a lot to make it healthier — lean beef, reduced fat cheese, top with roasted peppers and avocado instead of mayo. You get the idea.

However, that seemingly same burger at a fast-food restaurant, like McDonald’s, is no where near as simple and is the epitome of junk food. Calling it food might be a compliment.

While we’ve singled out the largest fast-food chain as an example, much of what you’ll learn in this slideshow, provided by FoodFacts.com, is replicated in restaurants across the country.

Do yourself, and your body, a favor and educate yourself on what you’re eating. Knowing what’s in your food, and opting not to eat it, is your way of casting a vote that says “no, I do not want this,” and the only way food producers will hear your message.

View What McDonalds is Hiding in its Food Slideshow

Do You Know What’s Really In Your Food?

By Descygna Webb

Last week there was a particularly interesting episode of the TV show The Doctors that I had a chance to view. They were discussing what’s really in the foods you’re eating. An in depth view of some of the common chemicals in foods was featured, and the results were both shocking and a bit disgusting.

The Doctors reviewed several different products that are commonly eaten by people and some products that are targeted at children. The show revealed that there are toxic ingredients lurking in many of the most common grocery items you may be purchasing each week. Everything from potato chips to donuts to produce is under attack in this show.


Fast Food Wrappers as Bad For You as The Food Inside

We all know that cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches and the like are not good for your diet. Up until now, we’ve thought that the food inside the wrapper was the worst part – and it still is, but new research has proven that the wrapper, used to contain the grease in the sandwich and keep it from spilling out, is equally hazardous to your health.

The wrappers are coated with Perfluoroalkyls – stable chemicals that work to repel grease, oil and water. They are most commonly used as coatings for packages and to protect surfaces – and to coat fast food wrappers. These chemicals are being ingested by people through their food and showing up in high concentrations in their blood.