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Nothing Funny About Chelsea Handler’s Remarks Regarding Mariah Carey’s Weight

Even the thickest-skinned among us tend to cringe when someone gets picked on for their weight. Recently, comedian Chelsea Handler slammed Mariah Carey for all her weight fluctuations and it doesn’t look like anyone’s laughing.

Mariah Carey, the pop superstar and new mother of twins, has publicly shifted in size throughout her career. Most recently she became the celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig and showed off her stunning postpartum figure. While the star’s weight has been a focal point at times, it has never been controversial until now.

Apparently Chelsea Handler had strong opinions about Carey and shared them openly this week on Howard Stern’s radio show. “…She’s just so ridiculous with her body. You see her one day and she’s 50 pounds heavier or light…there’s nothing real about her…”

Handler has used her brash comedy style to slam both Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, over the last year.

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