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Charlie Sheen’s Winning Diet

Charlie Sheen DietEveryone seems to be talking about Charlie Sheen’s recent interview with Andrea Canning for ABC, in which he coined the phrase “bi-winning.” Although he sweats through a workout every morning at five AM with a personal trainer in his home gym, it doesn’t look like the rest of his diet is quite so admirable. “If you want to meet me for one of my workouts at 5 a.m., you’re going to find out that smoking cocaine just does not fit in with that snapshot,” he told Pat O’Brian.

Illana Diamon of TV.com
pointed out Sheen eating Oreos and drinking some sort of orange liquid that appeared to be Tang or perhaps orange soda. Sheen also recently tweeted a photo of himself holding a large bottle of chocolate milk. He also smoked cigarettes constantly during his interview. “Dying’s for fools,” Sheen scoffed when asked about his drug consumption, which he might also apply to his sugar-fueled diet.