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Blogs Against Breast Cancer

breast cancer donationWe’ve decided to up the ante and make an even bigger impact on finding a cure for breast cancer. During the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, if your site or blog publishes this “My Blog Cares” button, or a link to the DietsInReview.com Diet Blog, we’ll donate $5 for breast cancer research in honor of your site.

To participate follow these 3 steps:

  1. Copy this code
    <a title=”Health News” href=”https://www.dietsinreview.com/diet_column”>
    <img src=”https://www.dietsinreview.com/images/breast-cancer-donation.gif” alt=”breast cancer donation” border=”0″/></a>
  2. Place the HTML on your blog
  3. Contact us here with a link to where your My Blog Cares button is placed


ABC Asks You to Do Nothing for a Week

ABC is in an altruistic mood. They’re looking out for you, and the global warming crisis. For the week of September 21 they have proclaimed it “National Stay-at-Home Week.” This way, you don’t use gas and send us all into an environmental apocalypse.Ugly Betty

Or, maybe it has something to do with promoting their premiere week for the fall schedule.

Either way, it’s not a bad idea. You’ll save a few bucks on gas, and a little less CO2 in the atmosphere. Not that they’ll be guaranteed that you will watch Ugly Betty or Brothers & Sisters. And never mind that you may gain a few pounds in the process, because they’re encouraging all of us to sit at home on the couch. But it’s all for a good cause, right?