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Parade Magazine Dishes the Healthy Living Secrets of Top Chefs

It’s often assumed that a good chef is also a plump chef, right? It makes sense. How else can a chef test their masterpiece meals without sampling everything? This Sunday, PARADE Magazine will highlight tops chefs who have managed to break the rules and stay trim in the face of endless temptation.

Three of the big names being featured on Sunday are Curtis Stone, Cat Cora, and Art Smith. These culinary wizards, along with their colleagues, will divulge their secrets for staying fit and healthy in their industry.

Curtis Stone is a 36-year-old Australian known for his appearances on The Celebrity Apprentice and Top Chef Masters. He’s never had an issue with weight, but admits he has to make regular exercise mandatory in his schedule. Due to his love of food and his frequent TV appearances, Stone has reasons to hit the gym. And we can’t blame him for those reasons as exercise enables him to enjoy more food while staying TV-trim.

Stone shared a few tips about staying trim, the first being drinking plenty of water. He also implements some food rules, two of which being not eating fried foods, and not eating processed carbs after 3 p.m. (more…)

DietTribe Season Two Episode Four Recap

cat cora diettribeThe women of Lifetime’s DietTribe Season Two continue to lose weight with each passing week but not without recognizing just how far their weight struggles can reach.

The women, who are all also mothers except for LaNessa, are concerned that they will inevitably pass their unhealthy eating habits down to their kids. During episode four, chef Cat Cora stopped by to show the women how to cook for themselves and their families in a healthy way in order to prevent their eating patterns from being passed down to another generation. (more…)