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5 Best Diets for Teen Weight Loss

Weight loss for kids is a touchy topic. It’s a polarizing issue with almost no middle ground, but rarely is it cut and dried. With obesity rates ever climbing and adult diseases appearing in younger and younger children, it’s become apparent that these are areas of concern that need to be addressed.

One of the most visible age groups to struggle with their weight would be the teenager. If you have a teenager struggling with weight issues, it may be a discussion that your child doesn’t want to have with you. How can you face this problem without alienating your child?

Weight loss for teens is challenging, as their bodies are constantly growing and changing and height has not yet finished in many cases. An extensive review of your child’s height and weight with their doctor is essential. The most effective weight loss plans for anyone involve a combination of diet, exercise and healthy living and place emphasis on creating a healthy lifestyle change. There are many diet plans that are geared towards teenagers; here are a few of the best.


Reality of Teen Weight Loss Camps is Slightly Different than Huge Portrays

David Ettenberg is the founder and president of Camp Shane, the leading and longest running children’s weight loss camp in the United States and abroad. Camp Shane is celebrating its 42nd year at its original location in New York’s Catskill Mountains. David is a Certified Camp Director, National Camp Association Member and New York State Camp Director’s Association Member.

At Camp Shane, the real longest running teen weight loss camp in the country, we are glad that ABC Family’s new hit show “Huge” is shedding new light on the problem of teenage obesity. It is getting more people involved in the conversation about being overweight and what it can do to a teen’s health and self-esteem, and we are glad of that.

After the first episode, though, we were a little concerned that — in order to add drama to the show– teenage viewers who would benefit from time spent at a weight loss camp might get scared off by some of the situations portrayed.

For example, at Camp Shane, unlike the fictional Camp Victory: (more…)

Create Healthy Habits for Kids with Ziporah Janowski of Camp Shane

Camp Shane is the world’s longest running weight-loss camp for children. In business for more than 40 years, Camp Shane provides a friendly and supportive environment that helps campers learn to eat healthfully and have fun doing it. “As someone who has seen thousands of parents struggle with how to continue their child’s weight loss at home, I’ve learned that cooking and eating with your kids at home is one of the simplest and most effective weight loss tools that parents can adopt,” said Ziporah Janowski, co-owner of Camp Shane.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask Ziporah a few questions about healthy habits to instill in our children. Read below for her answers, and check out the amazing smoothie recipes she’s shared with us – Banilla Shake, Blueberry-Orange Whirl, and my favorite, Very Berry Smoothie.  All are less than 175 calories and will help your kids achieve the recommended servings of fruit every day.

What do parents need to know about the basic nutrition needs of children? (i.e. RDA fruits/vegetables) (more…)