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The Best Calorie-Burning Winter Activities

Many people look at the winter season as a time to let up on their outdoor exercise because the weather is too nasty. But there’s no reason to hibernate. There are plenty of things to do that aren’t just fun, but can also burn some serious calories.skiier

Here are some winter activities and the calories burned. The number of calories will vary depending on your weight. So, for the sake of simplicity, this will be based on someone who is 160 pounds:

Downhill Skiing – Skiing isn’t just fun, it’s a great way to burn calories and workout your entire body. Make sure you warm up and stretch before you head out on the slopes. You should also stretch after skiing to minimize the pain. If you don’t, be prepared to feel like your thighs are on fire. If you ski for an hour (and who doesn’t ski longer?), you will burn about 740 calories. (more…)

Restricted Calorie Diet: What You Need to Know

strawberriesCalorie restriction diets may not sound fun but these very reduced calorie diets are all the rage right now, particularly as Americans look to the starting line of the New Year to make 2010 the year to finally the lose weight.

Calorie restriction diets, or CR for short, not just promise weight loss, but also recent research has suggested that reducing calories over the long-term may slow the process of aging, reduce risk of certain diseases and cancers and extend lifespan. In fact, the science is so potentially powerful and hopeful that one of largest studies investigating this eating plan, the CALERIE study, just wrapped up a two-year investigation of the prolonged effects of calorie restriction on adult Americans.


The Mathematics of Weight Loss

Weight loss is often shrouded in mystery. Thousands of diets with variations on what it takes to lose weight proves this. While it’s not necessarily quite as simple as calories in, calories out, that is a very important starting point to getting yourself to your weight loss goals.weight scale

So much of weight loss comes down to simple math. We already know that Americans consume too many calories every day. I came across data for the period of 2000-2002 that states Americans at that time consumed 3,790 calories a day (UN Food and Agriculture Organization). When you consider the fact that the average man only needs about 2,000 calories to sustain his weight, slightly less for women, it doesn’t take a mathematician to see the dilemma.

There are approximately 3,500 calories in a pound of stored body fat. So, if you create a 3,500-calorie deficit through diet, exercise, or a combination of both, you will lose one pound of body weight. (more…)

Daily Burn’s Food Scanner iPhone App is an Essential Food Journal Tool

daily burn iphone appIf you count calories, food journal, or are simply concerned with keeping track of what exactly you’re consuming each day, then you must try the Daily Burn Food Scanner app for the iPhone. This hot new app might be the best new thing to happen in dieting and weight loss. Using the camera in your iPhone (any model), you can scan the UPC code on packaged foods, and within seconds have the complete food label in front of you. The best part, it will also log all of those nutrition facts for you.


How Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Fits in Your Diet

starbucks pumpkin spice latteFall is a special time. Lots of great things occur. My kids go back to school. Football season starts again. I can finally stop wearing shorts and can (hopefully!) get back into my favorite jeans. But, even more important to an entire legion of my friends is the return of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I have friends who wait all year long to be able to order this drink. It’s immensely popular and stores have a tough time keeping the syrup on the shelves. Have you ever wondered if this drink was worth it? Let’s take a look. (more…)

TwoFoods: Your Diet’s New Best Friend

How come someone hasn’t thought of this diet tool before? TwoFoods is a free website application that allows you to compare two foods at once to determine which one better fits into your eating plan.


For instance, you can compare a McDonald’s grilled chicken salad to Panera’s grilled chicken Caesar salad, to find that the McDonald’s version is a better choice; or you can compare generic potato chips against Baked Lays and receive a complete nutritional analysis of calories, fat, carbs and protein grams. (more…)

How to Cut the Sugar and Sweets from Your Diet

bag of sugarThe American Heart Association recently released recommendations for added sugars – and they say “slash slash slash” it way down. According to their position paper, the usual intake of added sugars for Americans was 22.2 teaspoons per day (355 calories per day) in 2001-2004. American Heart Association would like to see American women consume no more than 100 calories per day and men no more than 150 calories per day from added sugars. Why? Excessive consumption of sugars has been linked with several metabolic abnormalities and adverse health conditions, as well as shortfalls of essential nutrients.

Translation: Basically, Americans are overdrawing the “calorie funds” in their “discretionary calories” bank account. Discretionary calories are what’s left over in the budget AFTER you have prioritized healthy, nourishing foods to meet nutrient needs (the ole fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans). While your bank would charge you an overdraft fee, unfortunately your body can’t do that. (more…)

Calories Versus Exercise: Can’t They Both be Friends?

exercise and dietThanks to the article in Time magazine last week, there has been a lot of attention paid at the controversy surrounding the actual benefits of exercise when it comes to weight loss. While author John Cloud sure got people defending both sides of the argument, a closer look at this ensuing discussion in the weight loss and weight loss maintenance world is needed.

Cloud may have created a more convincing and less dangerous argument had he recommended the function and usefulness of maintaining a regular, moderate-intensity workout routine rather than suggesting that exercise and reduced caloric intake are perhaps not required to lose weight. (more…)

Designer Coffee Brimming with Calories

coffee cup with coffee beansThe cost of a cup of coffee ain’t what it used to be. But diet-wise, a cup of joe will only cost you about 5 calories. That is, until you start adding flavors to it. Then the calories start racking up.

In fact, some fancy coffee drinks amount to the same caloric intake as an entire meal.

The largest size of Starbucks’ Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino, a limited for summer-time offer, contains a whopping 561 calories. Speaking of whoppers, a flame-broiled Whopper from Burger King isn’t much more at 670 calories. (more…)

How to Determine Your Daily Calorie Needs

counting caloriesI have to say as a dietitian, I don’t like focusing on “how many calories do I need?” with my clients. I think there’s a certain value in knowing what you need for daily activities and exercise and determining how many calories you should cut to lose weight safely.

However, my clients have been very successful with losing weight with behavioral changes that don’t involve counting calories. In this post, I’ll give you a few tips for calculating your calorie needs (because I know you want to know) and I will give you a few suggestions that have really helped my clients drop a few pounds without needing a calculator and a math degree. (more…)