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We Love Brita’s Bottle Water Filtration System

We’re an earth-friendly bunch over here at DietsInReview.com. We participate in Meatless Monday, we walk over driving when we can, our offices are paperless, and we rarely buy disposable water bottles.

Isn’t it funny how the things that are good for the earth are also good for your health – eating more vegetables, walking, drinking more water?

Well Brita fits in to that equation more than ever with their new Bottle Water Filtration System. It’s genius, really. Drink tap water from anywhere because the cap of this reusable water bottle has a built-in Brita filter. If you complain that you don’t like the taste of tap, and that’s why you’re burning through cases of plastic water bottles, then your excuse stops here. The Brita Water Filtration System makes the water taste and smell better, reducing the chlorine that makes it from the tap to your mouth. (more…)

Do You Know What is in Your Water?

Did you know that your water may not be as clean as you think? I recently had my routine physical with standard testing and blood work done and when the results came back I was surprised to learn that I had elevated lead levels. Chatting with my doctor, we discussed the sources of lead, which can be the following:

  • Paint
  • Dust
  • Soil
  • Drinking water
  • Children’s toys
  • Lead-glazed ceramics
  • Car batteries
  • Radiators
  • Some inks


Biggest Loser and Brita’s Filter For Good Partner for Season 8

brita filter for goodOnce again, you’ll see Biggest Loser contestants staying well-hydrated on campus, but not with disposable water bottles. For several seasons the contestants have relied on a partnership with Brita’s Filter For Good program to help them hydrate and save the planet.

All contestants, trainers, and other Biggest Loser staff receive Filter For Good Nalgene bottles (BPA-Free!) and keep those filled with refreshing water via Brita pitchers and faucet mounts found throughout the house and gym. This helps the campus save literally tens of thousands of bottles of waters each season, and prevent all that waste from hitting our landfills. (more…)

Filter For Good and Biggest Loser Giveaway


Go Green! Lose Weight! These are two anthems we hear being sung everywhere we go these days. A partnership between Biggest Loser and the Filter For Good campaign (by Brita and Nalgene) is making it possible to do these two things at once.

During November, you have an opportunity to win a prize that will help you accomplish both of those goals.

1. Visit FilterForGood.com and pledge to reduce plastic water bottle usage.

2. Type “DietsInReview.com” in the comments at FilterForGood, and be entered to win one of four prize packs.

3. On Dec. 1, four readers will be drawn and notified by DietsInReview.com.

4. Then, sign-up for our DietsInReview.com Newsletters and don’t miss any of our monthly giveaways. We’ll giveaway five DietsInReview.com reusable grocery bags in November.

Grand Prize
One winner will receive a FilterForGood package valued at $120.99, to include:

– 1 Brita Pitcher
– 2 FilterForGood Bottles
– 1 Exclusive Biggest Loser Crew T-Shirt
– 1 The Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter
– 1 “Biggest Loser: The Workout Volume One
– FilterForGood magnets and coupons