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What is Active Meditation?

Relaxation is a calm mind and a calm body. Meditation is a technique that is often used to help achieve relaxation; however, meditation is primarily about creating a calm mind.

If you are chronically multi-tasking, if your mind jumps from topic to topic, or if your to-do list is never-ending, you would probably benefit from meditation. Ok, everyone can benefit from meditation. If you are chronically multi-tasking, if your mind jumps from topic to topic, or if your to do list is never-ending, you will probably find the stereotype of meditation pretty difficult. If you sit with your legs crossed and your eyes closed, you’re either going to fall asleep or make a shopping list, draft a blog, and practice a conversation with your child all in under ten minutes, right?

If that sounds familiar, active mediation might for you. Like all things, learning to focus your mind takes practice (practice, practice). Focusing on nothing is much more difficult than focusing on one thing. We have to start with getting our minds to focus on one thing for a short amount of time before we try to get it to focus on one thing for a longer period of time. (more…)

Yoga Eases Pain of Breast Cancer

Breast CancerFor the almost 200,000 American women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer every year, yoga may offer respite and rejuvenation during their arduous journey with this most common form of cancer (excluding skin cancer).

A recent study from Duke University Medical Center suggested that when women with breast cancer engaged in yoga postures, meditation and breathing exercises for two months, they experienced less pain and fatigue and were significantly more relaxed.

Although this study was small, just 13 women who have advanced breast cancer,  it does provide the first, tentative evidence for yoga’s potential benefits in this vulnerable population of women with limited life expectancy, says lead author of the study,  Dr. James W. Carson. (more…)

Do Yoga, Breathe Easier

yoga-poseYoga is a wonderful alternative to traditional Western exercise routines. The many benefits have been well documented here at DietsInReview. Yet, there’s more. According to research presented this week at the 56th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in Seattle, people can breathe easier when they do yoga.

After 10 weeks of yoga, people with asthma found relief from their symptoms.

The study followed 20 people between 20 and 65. They were all beginners at yoga. The subjects did yoga with an instructor for an hour, twice a week. They were also asked to do a half-hour session at home each week. (more…)

3 Ways to Fight Fatigue with Yoga

Most Americans don’t get enough sleep. Even though we should get between seven and eight hours each night, most of us get about six. Approximately one-third of Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder.

Whether it’s stress that keeps us up at night, crying babies, a hectic schedule or a combination of any of these factors, yoga can be the caffeine jolt you need and it can help you rest your head more soundly. Here’s how:

A Little Goes a Long Way

Just 20 minutes of yoga each day can revitalize your tired soul as well as prepare you for sounder sleep. Start your day by going through five to ten sun salutations. (more…)