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Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Week 11: The Contestants Return to the Ranch

This was one of the most intense, nail-biting episodes of the season. Emotions ran high for everyone with the constant threat of going home, plus the reunion with all of their eliminated friends and foes. The episode opens with Alison revealing a table with everyone’s colored shirts. No more black versus blue; it’s individuals. Everyone was excited to put their shirts back on and ditch the tension of team animosity.

The surprises didn’t stop there, though. Alison then turned to see a wall open and all of the eliminated contestants were standing on the stage. They were there to earn their place back on the ranch. In previous seasons the contestants had to weigh-in and the person with the highest percentage of weight loss would be welcomed back to the competition. However, this time, they would be chosen by a vote. This took everyone off guard, with John commenting that it would likely come down to a popularity vote.

The contestants still weighed in, revealing some impressive work done by many of the them at home during the past ten weeks. After that, each of the remaining contestants took their turn announcing their vote and why they were choosing that person. It really wasn’t a popularity contest, more than anything it was an opportunity for everyone to show they were all there for the right reasons, as it was a head-to-head competition between John and Victoria, two people who desperately needed the opportunity to return. In the end, Michael cast the final vote and said he was proud to be the first person to welcome Victoria back to the ranch. (more…)

Tune In: 400-Pound Weight Loss Story on the Biggest Loser Couples

Tune in this Tuesday, March 30 to the Biggest Loser for a must-see episode when a remarkable man, formerly 674 pounds, lost an unfathomable amount of weight on his own at home and is revealed live on this week’s episode.

Alison Sweeney introduces viewers to the incredible Biggest Loser fan named Wayne Vandenlangenberg.

After a near-death experience at a hospital, Wayne was inspired by The Biggest Loser and started his own weight loss journey at home, eventually losing 400 pounds – almost twice as much weight on his own as any contestant in the series’ history.  (more…)

Lance Morgan’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

He started out as one of the most controversial contestants this season, thanks in part to alleged game play by his wife, but Lance Morgan quickly proved that he was at the Biggest Loser for all the right reasons. Primarily, Lance was ready to regain all the things that his weight had taken from him, including rebuilding his marriage and getting his career back.

It seems as though ten weeks on the ranch and a current weight loss of 105 pounds has done that for him. Lance says the marriage woes that he and wife Melissa Morgan spoke of at the start of the season have begun to mend themselves. He says “things are wonderful!” and that the weight loss has helped a lot. Their communication is even better than it was before.

Listen Now as we speak with Lance about how this weight loss journey is influencing his 10-year-old and 14-year-old children, as well as what his career looks like now that he’s about 50 pounds shy of his goal.


Biggest Loser Season 9 Week 10 Recap with Amanda Arlauskas

One of the biggest challenges these contestants will face will come when they must return home, and this week presented a sneak preview of that. Alison surprises each with an unexpected week-long visit home. As most are excited, they have to keep in mind that it is not a vacation, it is merely time away from the ranch where they must continue on their strict diet and exercise regimens mixed in with family, friends, and other distractions. (more…)

Biggest Loser’s Sam and Stephanie are Dating [UPDATE: They’re Engaged!]

UPDATE 10/6/10: While shooting the upcoming “Where are they Now,” set to air during Biggest Loser 10, Sam proposed to Stephanie, and she said yes! (via E!)

Most people don’t arrive at the Biggest Loser ranch looking for love, they’re looking for a solution to their weight loss woes. However, cupid has descended upon that famous weight loss oasis a few times and delivered lasting relationships. In fact, Biggest Loser has a much better track record in the match-making department than The Bachelor. Examples include Matt and Suzy from season two and most recently Antoine and Alexandra from season eight.

For season nine, the love bug has taken a bite of Sam‘s and Stephanie‘s hearts, and they confess they are dating. In fact, the adorable duo has been flirting since they were in the final stages of casting, and made it “official” around week three. (more…)

Sherry Johnston’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

“Last mom standing!” proclaimed Biggest Loser 9’s Sherry Johnston in her post-elimination interview. In a season full of moms, six to be exact, Sherry made it the longest and left with her head held high, confident her daughter Ashley Johnston would continue to do well and 55 pounds left behind on the gym floor.

Sherry started at the ranch weighing 218 pounds and boasted a sunny disposition that she maintained throughout the competition. If anything, it only got brighter with each pound she lost. She says her elimination wasn’t really as a surprise. Speaking to concerns about ageism on the ranch, Sherry said that she and fellow contestant and mom Cheryl George (the two have become great friends) had discussed the topic and knew the younger players would stick together.

Listen Now:

Nicknamed “Little Mama” by trainer Jillian Michaels and “Mama Sherry” by her fellow black team members, Sherry stepped into a motherly role for many of those younger players who would eventually vote her off the ranch. When Stephanie and Sam began “dating” in week three, she said she offered friendly advice to not forget the reasons she was at the ranch and said that Stephanie was appreciative. (more…)

Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 9 with Amanda Arlauskas

Now that Daris George‘s mother is gone, he is going to have the opportunity to really grow up and shine. You can see just how much his mother meant to him, but with her being eliminated he will have to face the rest of his journey alone. (more…)

Cheryl George’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

She might have arrived at the Biggest Loser ranch appearing quiet and meek, but that side of Cheryl George didn’t last long. Only as long as it took trainer Jillian Michaels to get her in the gym and force her to face her inner demons. The result? A banshee-like scream from Cheryl asserting “I’m ready!”. She hasn’t backed down since, making her healthy new lifestyle a priority, especially now that she’s at home.

“I don’t think I’ll have any problem [maintaining at home]” says Cheryl, following her elimination in week eight. She says she knew it was going to be her week to go home, due to the alliances and relationships existing on the black team. But she was OK with it then and she’s OK with it now.

Listen now as Cheryl tells us how she manages in the real world, and how she seeks “enjoyment classes” at the gym.


Biggest Loser Season 9 Week 8 Recap with Amanda Arlauskas

Eliminated last week was Miggy Cancel, scoring O’Neal Hampton a spot on the blue team with his daughter. The two of them seem inseparable and to really need each other on the ranch.

Alison tells the contestants that this week is “work week.” This means that each contestant will be working a full-time, 40-hour job this week. Each team will be transported to downtown Los Angeles for one week to help with local food banks and Feeding America. Not only does this take away from precious workout time, but the gym will also go from being open 24 hours a day to only open from 6am-7:30pm. (more…)

Darrell Hough’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

The Biggest Loser certainly doesn’t know how to rip the proverbial bandaid off an uncomfortable situation quickly and painlessly. No, they like to let the pain linger. For Darrell Hough, his elimination wasn’t a dramatic five-minute segment at the end of the episode, instead, it was a dramatic five-minute segment that segued into a two-week cliffhanger that wrapped with another five-minute segment.

In one of those fateful twists of play Biggest Loser is known for, Darrell and Cheryl George fell below the yellow line, and then had to face-off in an awkward and painful final challenge to see who would stay and who would go. Last a little longer than six minutes balancing a torch on his head while maintaining a squat position, the pain got the best of him and Darrell was eliminated. He shared a tearful goodbye with his daughter and teammate Andrea Hough, but in speaking with him today there were no signs of the self-disappointment he expressed at the time. Instead, Darrell sounds confident and proud of the progress he’s making on his own. (more…)