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O’Neal Hampton’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

On this past week’s episode of the Biggest Loser, O’Neal Hampton, the competitive yet paternal contestant was sent home. But only after an incredible and inspirational stint on the NBC weight loss reality series.

Hampton began his weight loss journey at 389 pounds. On his last weigh in, he came in at 265 pounds, 124 pounds less then when he began.

Listen here as O’Neal talks about his natural camaraderie with the others and how his no-nonsense and open approach to life earned him the name “uncle,” by his fellow contestants.

This Midwestern father of four is easy to lend an hand and does not shy away from the emotionality of connecting to others. Throughout his stay on the Biggest Loser, we saw O’Neal shed many tears over his own journey and through empathizing with his fellow contestants’ journey as well.

Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 15 with Amanda Arlauskas

The contestants are about to hit the road yet again! Alison tells them this time they will head to Texas to meet with some of the unhealthiest and unfit Americans. Upon their arrival, they learn that they will participate in a 5k with local residents.

The contestants each head to several different radio stations in order to promote the 5k event, to convince people to come out to the Cotton Bowl and to join in on the start of a healthier lifestyle. Daris George finished the event in a record time of 21 minutes. Inspiration just filled the atmosphere as many locals came out to run and/or walk the event. I know tears filled my eyes as I watched everyone cross the finish line.


Vicky Andrews’ Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

Vicky Andrews began her Biggest Loser weight loss journey at 358 pounds. She was eliminated during the beginning of season 9, then returned by the request of her fellow contestants during week 11 following a 30-pound weight loss that she managed all on her own in her hometown of Houston, Texas. She was eliminated for good in week 14.

Today, she is 230 pounds and is just 44 pounds away from her ideal weight loss goal, which she intends to hit before the Biggest Loser finale.

Listen here as Vicky discusses what she misses most about the Biggest Loser Ranch and why she feels the time she spent at home losing weight has equipped her with the tools needed to help her achieve her weight loss goal.


Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 14 with Amanda Arlauskas

Victoria Andrews of The Biggest Loser

With seven contestants left, the game is on more than ever. Alison starts the episode with an all day temptation. She presents a room upstairs that the contestants will have to choose breakfast, lunch, and dinner from. There are healthy and not-so-healthy options. Whoever consumes the most calories all day will win the only vote at elimination this week. For Koli Palu, this is a no-brainer; he will do whatever it takes to keep his cousin safe from elimination. He eats… a lot, and wins.

Dr. Huizenga comes to the ranch to visit with the contestants. He updates them on their current health status, and how far they have come from week one. For a player like Michael Ventrella to really see the changes is eye-opening, and makes it that much more worth it to continue working as hard as possible each week.


Andrea Hough’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

This past week, Biggest Loser 9 contestant Andrea Hough was eliminated. Returning home after her elimination, her saddened mood was quickly uplifted once she was greeted by her family and friends, who had not seen her since her stay on the Biggest Loser Ranch. It was here that she fully realized just how far she has come on her transformative weight loss journey.

Her elimination did not come as a surprise to her. She knew it was coming and as she packed up her things from the Ranch, she harbored no hard feelings towards any of her fellow contestants who collectively decided to vote her off.

Andrea started the Biggest Loser 9 series at 298 pounds. Now back at home in Ann Arbor, Michigan cruising around in her new 2010 Mazda, which she won on the show, Andrea is now at 206 pounds, but she is not stopping there.  

Since she has been home, she has learned that her hometown of Ann Arbor is actually a very healthy town with numerous outdoor areas that Andrea takes advantage of to stay in shape. Despite her new wheels, she is quick to lace up her running shoes and walk to the grocery store to do her weekly shopping for healthy eats.

Listen here to learn how Andrea plans to inspire others with her weight loss story in her home state, Michigan, which has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. She also discusses her future plans for her having a family of her own one day.



Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 13 with Amanda Arlauskas

As the contestants are enjoying their breakfast, they get a visit from Alison who tells them it is time for a pop challenge up in the gym. They each must balance a tray with one hand, and pile as many quarters as they can on to the tray. For whoever holds on to the tray the longest, however many quarters they put on their tray will then be equivalent to ten dollars. Michael Ventrella and Sunshine Hampton are the last two remaining. Michael ends up winning a total of $2,000, while Sunshine comes in second earning $650.

Melissa Morgan’s Second Biggest Loser Elimination

The message from the Biggest Loser ranch last night resonated loud and clear – they aren’t playing the game. The message meant an elimination for Melissa Morgan, her second this season, and the first at the hand of her fellow contestants. She earned a spot back on the ranch during a week 11 twist, and then quickly picked up where she left off by being the most competitive person in the house. The contestants were clear that that was not the motive of season nine.

Melissa argues though that there is plenty of game play going on without her help, and pinpoints Michael and Koli for being players. Listen now as she talks to us about the game play in the house, as well as her effortless preparation for the half-marathon she completed.

“Is that the craziest thing in the entire world,” squeals Melissa, as she reflects on running the half-marathon at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans. “Six months ago I was a fat girl who couldn’t get to the mail box and back without dying.” Melissa says she really didn’t prepare to run the 13.1 mile race (which she completed in 3:49), she simply worked out each day. Now she has her sights set on taking on the San Antonio marathon this fall. (more…)

Biggest Loser Season 9 Week 12 Recap with Amanda Arlauskas

This episode opened with Alison Sweeney standing in the gym alongside a podium with a big red button. Alison tells the contestants that they each have access to the scale all week, but only once. Each contestant has to compete in losing two percent of their body weight first, and once they are confident they have done just that, they have the chance to hit the red button, which alarms all across the Biggest Loser campus. The contestant will then weigh in, and if they hit the two percent they win immunity!


Stephanie Anderson’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

Biggest Loser 9 contestant Stephanie Anderson was eliminated this past Tuesday, March 30 after a week that was full of drama, drama and more drama.

Now that Stephanie and Sam’s relationship is public knowledge, Stephanie’s life continues to change and unfold before her.

Listen here to learn how stress has affected Stephanie’s weight loss and whether the drama between her, Ashley, Andrea and Koli has been resolved.


Wayne Vandenlangenberg’s Biggest Loser Weight Loss Story

Last night we met Wayne Vandenlangenberg, a man who at his heaviest weighed 674 pounds. He said his doctors warned him of the health concerns and even that his life expectancy was diminishing. Living life in a wheel chair, Wayne wasn’t ready to go down that easy.

He caught an episode of Biggest Loser, and after that he was hooked. Becoming so much more than a fan, he followed the lifestyle at home, changing his diet and exercise habits to reflect what he saw on the show. The changes worked. During a live weigh-in from the Biggest Loser ranch, Wayne stepped on that famous scale weighing 256 pounds. It’s a dramatic 418 pound loss than gives him a greater weight loss than any contestant in the show’s nearly 10-season history.

Listen now as we talk to Wayne about the one contestant who truly inspired him to change his life, and the topic of skin removal surgery.