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Interview with Sione Fa, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 14

sione-faFor Sione Fa, there was never a question about why he was at the Biggest Loser. His heart and mind were in it to regain his health and his life from day one. Sione lost 116 pounds on the Biggest Loser ranch (down from his starting weight of 372), and says today he’s lost about 135 pounds total. His weight loss has inspired his family and Tongan community. Sione explains that the Tongan culture is typically overweight. He says that now they’ve watched him, and cousin Filipe Fa, lose weight on national TV and it’s opening their eyes. His own family has come to him for advice, and Sione shares his breakthroughs with them. Recently he attended a luau where brown rice and baked chicken were served, which he says is unheard of at those events. He’s proud that he and Filipe have been able to influence their culture to make healthier choices. He’s even thinking about creating a “Polynesian workout” video!

Listen now as Sione talks with us about his training style, the traditional New Zealand war chant “Maori Haka,” the emotions of leaving Filipe, and his relationship with Tara.


Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-13

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The Biggest Loser’s Season 5 winner, Ali Vincent dropped by the gym on tonight’s show to tell the contestants that Alison Sweeney had to step out for a minute… to have her baby that is! As Alison welcomed her bundle of joy, the contestants welcomed a few of their former competitors, eliminated contestants David, Estella and Nicole. (more…)

Interview with Nicole Brewer, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 13

nicole brewer biggest loserThe Biggest Loser contestants were terrified when Nicole Brewer won a spot back on the ranch. Coming back into the house in the number two slot automatically put a big “X” on her back. “It was clear within minutes of Ali Vincent announcing that I was number two, that I was a target,” Nicole said about finding out that her weight loss at home had her at a good standing in the game.

Even though her return to the ranch was a short one, Nicole feels that she was on that ranch for a week for a reason. She’s realizing that she is a strong woman and she is happy to be the person inspiring millions of Americans that they don’t need a “magical ranch” to lose the weight. When Nicole stepped on the scale during Tuesday night’s weigh-in, she was shocked and speechless with the results – five pounds gained. She couldn’t even begin to explain the emotions and stress from the week. Her return to the ranch was right as game play became a huge topic for everyone. She was greeted with warm welcomes and bombarded with scenarios of percentages and other game play issues. The stress of the week took a toll on her body and caused her to gain five pounds from fluid fluctuation. (more…)

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-12

When the contestants meet up with Ali Sweeney in the gym, she breaks some news. The teams are going to individuals. Ali tells everyone that you are the only person who controls your future and that they’ll be selecting which trainer they want to train with for the rest of the game. When the teams meet back, Jillian finds out that Mike, Tara, Helen and Laura will all stay with her, while Kristin, Filipe, Sione, Ron and Aubrey will train with Bob. (more…)

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-11

After eliminating Mandi, Ali calls the black team in to join her with the blue team. She reminds them to “expect the unexpected” and let’s them know that Mandi isn’t the only person heading home. All of the contestants are going home for a week and will be back to the ranch for the next weigh-in. (more…)

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-10

Last week on The Biggest Loser, we were left waiting to hear the result of whether Mike had lost enough weight to win immunity for all the contestants. With eleven pounds lost, Mike has kept everyone safe. (more…)

Biggest Loser’s Pound for Pound Challenge

The Biggest Loser and Feed America have teamed up to make a difference. The Pound for Pound Challenge is a great way to get healthy and help feed families across America. For every pound of weight you pledge to lose, Pound for Pound will deliver a pound of groceries to a local food bank. (more…)

Interview with Shanon Thomas, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 7

shanon thomasSince being eliminated week 7 on the Biggest Loser, Shanon Thomas has begun to live a healthy and happy life. Before the Biggest Loser, she was doubtful about losing weight and being successful. Now Shanon believes in herself and sees that losing weight is possible with the right lifestyle changes. With her goal dress already too big, she’s having fun shopping for new clothes and loving going to the gym to workout. Being active is a major part of Shanon’s new life. Whether it’s roller derby practice or moving on the elliptical, Shanon has taken the advice to “just keep moving” from her trainer Bob Harper. (more…)

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-7 Recap

Tonight on the Biggest Loser, Ali surprised the contestants with yet another pop challenge. This weeks pop challenge had the contestants searching for the keys to success. Among 130 keys pinned to a board at the top of the hill were the only two keys to the gym. Since there were only two keys, this mean that only those two people had access to the gym this week. No key meant no gym, so the contestants were off hiking up and down the hill over and over again until finally the pink team found one that fit the lock and the brown team with “lucky try number 9”. The brown and pink teams will have the gym all to themselves this week. (more…)

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-6 Recap

Nothing like a surprise visit from Alison Sweeney! In the Biggest Loser house it can only mean a few things… challenge, temptation or weigh-in! In this case, it was time for a “pop challenge.” Alison brought the teams outside by the pool where they found team colored blocks set up. She informed them that their task at hand was to be the “last person standing.” Standing like a flamingo that is. The object of the game was to prove your balance and mental stability by staying up on one foot. With the chance to reconnect with a loved one for 24 hours at stake, the contestants concentrated hard. (more…)