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A Heartbreaking Elimination in Biggest Loser Recap: Season 11 Week 14

This week’s episode starts off with Courtney’s reflections of last week. She only lost two pounds while Jen lost nothing, causing her to be a team of one. She admits there were mistakes made by both of them relaxing too much, causing a disastrous weigh in. Now it is up to her to save herself as well as Brett, because who will he train if she goes home?

There’s a pop challenge right away and it seems pretty easy at first. What is a mile? The teams have fifteen minutes to pace a mile and plant their flag. To the winner goes a night out in Hollywood. The losing teams all have to scrub the ranch. It seems like no one has a clue what to do. They start measuring and what not, but no one is really sure. Turns out the winner was decided by only four feet! For the win, the black team! Hannah gets her night out! But we all know what happened last week when people got some pampering. (more…)

Win 2 Tickets to the Biggest Loser Season 11 Finale

Winner Selected 4/11/11: Sarah Gilda Khan

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve got two tickets to get you inside the Biggest Loser finale for season 11 in LA, Tuesday, May 25, 2011.

We’re going to make you work for it, though. After all, we only want to send the most die-hard and loyal of Biggest Loser fans to see the action in person and feel the winner’s confetti fall on their faces. (No one will stop you if you want to take some home as a souvenir.) So each day this week we’re going to post a Biggest Loser trivia question in our new Q&A Center. The answers can all be found on the site, but the true fans will automatically know the answers.

To win: You must answer all five questions correctly. Of those people, we’ll draw one to receive the tickets.

Ready to get started?!

Question 1: Which Biggest Loser contestant has won more challenges than any other?

Answer 1: Tara Costa

Question 2: Who is the heaviest contestant in the history of Biggest Loser, and what was his/her starting weight?

Answer 2: Michael Ventrella, 526 pounds

Question 3: Name all of the sets of twins to have competed on Biggest Loser.

Answer 3: Jim and Bill Germanakos, James and John Crutchfield, Dan and Don Evans

Question 4: In which Biggest Loser season did Jillian Michaels not participate?

Answer 4: Season 3

Question 5: Who was the first female at-home Biggest Loser?

Answer 5: Heba Salama

Click the link and post your answer on that page to be eligible.

We’d like it if you thank us, but really, Wholly Guacamole is generously providing these tickets. Isn’t that nice of them? They’re also giving away finale tickets plus a trip to the Biggest Loser Resort. Double down and enter their giveaway too!

Click to read the disclaimer with more information. (more…)

Jennifer Jacobs to Pursue Music Career after Biggest Loser Elimination

Few people leave Biggest Loser with as little drama as Jennifer Jacobs did in season 11’s week 13. With a weight loss of zero, and one of only two people on her team (lead by trainer Brett Hoebel), Jennifer was automatically eliminated from the game. She changed team shirts six times this season, she guesses more than anyone else ever has, and said when it came time for her to go home she wanted to be “tested based on merit.” When that option arose last night, that’s how she exited.

We spoke to Jenn following her elimination, and she shared with us a desire to pursue a music career. “Music is a big part of my life,” she told us, and she made it clear that in the coming months we should expect to see an album. She also told us about the new person she’s become thanks to her time at Biggest Loser. The outside now matches how she feels on the inside. Hear our entire interview now, and read on to learn more about Jenn’s journey.


Two New Contestants Shake up the Biggest Loser Season 11 Episode 13 Recap

The house is obviously still shaken from the loss of Justin in last week’s episode. Kaylee even steps up to apologize for what went down at the weigh in. Hopefully they all can recover from what transpired and move on with their journeys. What does this week have in store? Let’s find out…


SUBWAY Fit Kits Now Available Online

Bob Harper gave out SUBWAY Fit Kits to kids on this week’s episode of the Biggest Loser, and you can give them to your kids, too.

Previously only available to teachers and educators that ordered them through the SUBWAY website, the Fit Kits were in such high demand that SUBWAY is no longer able to ship them out to schools. But fear not, because you can now download all the information straight from the SUBWAY Kids website.


Vance and Leann are Biggest Loser 11’s Secret White Team

Last fall, Alison Sweeney had the pleasure of informing the eleven teams that make up Biggest Loser season 11 that they were being invited to the ranch. She also had the task of informing Vance Jackson and Leann Jackson that they were team number 12 on the list, and would not be venturing to the ranch. However, she said that it raised an interesting question: what happens to team 12? Do they give up? Do they go ahead and start they journey on their own?

Alison gave Vance and Leann the news that during this season they would have a chance to earn their spot on the ranch. And tonight, in week 13, that chance came.

This mother-son team, who became this season’s white team, live in Ogden, Utah. At age 20, Vance is a certified nurses assistant pursuing a career as a life flight technician. But at 379 pounds he says he’d take up too much space in the helicopter. “I want to make my quality life a whole lot better,” he says. Leann, a 52-year-old teacher, said she applied for the show because her son asked her, too. (more…)

Justin Pope Finds a New Purpose for Himself at Biggest Loser

It took Justin Pope a while to reconcile himself to being “obese.” He says he knew he was overweight, or even fat, but obese felt like a label that belonged to someone else. A starting weight of 365 pounds on Biggest Loser season 11 made Justin face that fact, as well as some of the things that just weren’t working in his life.

“I’m educated now,” says Justin. “I know what I need to do to make myself better.” He says he found himself during his 12 weeks on the Biggest Loser Ranch, a self he had lost. He also discovered the joy he gets out of helping others.

In our post-elimination interview with Justin, he talks to us about the “Justin Callout Shirts,” something he started to help motivate some friends. They workout together at 5am and 8am, and he introduces them to self-confidence, better dietary habits and a fitness regimen. He also talks to us about the key differences between training with the new trainers, Brett and Cara, versus the tried-and-true regimen of Bob and Jillian.


Jay Returns to the Competition in Biggest Loser Recap: Season 11 Episode 12

As this episode opens, the contestants are not found in the elimination room, but instead in the gym with the trainers. Be it as it may, Alison is also in the gym so you know something is going on. The collective blue team is now being broken up into four teams, one for each trainer.

  • Red is Justin, Jen, and Courtney being trained by Brett.
  • Green is Austin, Ken, and Kaylee being trained by Cara.
  • Blue is Moses, Irene, and Olivia with Bob.
  • Black is of course Jillian with Rulon, Hannah, and who?

Apparently a player who has been eliminated will rejoin… black team’s choice! We’ll find out more later… (more…)

Time Management Key to Marci Crozier’s Success After Biggest Loser


Marci Biggest LoserOne of the major success stories of The Biggest Loser season 11, Marci Crozier was actually able to reach her goal weight before being eliminated in week 11. Besides her daughter, many on the ranch saw Marci as a motivator and surrogate mom. However, she did not let her compassion for others sidetrack her from reaching her own goals, and attributes this success in part to her earlier life as a collegiate athlete.

At the ranch, one of the most important lessons that Marci says she learned is the importance of motivation. She says that for her, losing weight was about more than just food and exercise, but also about finding a balance between mind, body and faith. Marci says her faith has also been a big part of helping her find the strength to  reach her goals.


Rope and Cooking Challenges on Biggest Loser Season 11 Episode 11

Here we are again in the elimination room. Come on Ali, where’s the news? Where’s the mysterious twist? Come on in red team and join up with black. There will only be one team this week, the blue team! Here’s the kicker, if they lose combined more than they did the previous week, 64 pounds, then they are ALL safe.

Dr. H gives a little status update to some of the remaining contestants on their health. This is always a better conversation than the first one they had. Courtney and Marci are doing beyond well. Courtney’s body fat has dropped to that of the average woman and Marci is pretty much already at her goal! Moses had death looming upon him and that date was squashed. Rulon is also starting to regain some of his former athleticism.

Biggest Loser 11.11Interesting little pop challenge here–one I always enjoy, cooking! Bring in Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia. They will be judging a cooking competition between everyone who is split into groups of two. They have 30 minutes to whip up a great healthy dish. The prize is the biggest loser meal plan for free through the finale. While there were some great dishes and some, interesting, dishes the two favorites were made by the Jen/Kaylee and Moses/Olivia teams with the latter getting the victory from the chefs!