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Biggest Loser at USMC’s Camp Pendleton in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 7 Recap

The week starts off with a very new twist! After the last elimination (of my fav Adam *grrr*) Ali announces two guests into the room, both of whom are United States Marines! They don’t waste any time gearing up and shipping them off to Camp Pendleton for a week of basic training!


Biggest Loser as Marines at Camp Pendleton

The Biggest Loser is leaving their fancy gym and state-of-the-art fitness equipment at home when the contestants head to Camp Pendleton to live and train like some of the most fit and motivated people in this great country: the Marines.

Tonight’s episode, which is only one hour, wastes no time as two Marines pile the contestants into military trucks and the gang embarks on the fitness test of their lives at the largest Marine training facility on the west coast. The week’s workouts are led by a select group of Marines that takes the contestants, including Frado, a former Marine himself, on grueling hikes with loaded backpacks, forces them to complete early morning rifle exercises and intense obstacle courses that build their physical and mental strength and endurance. (more…)

Adam Hurtado Pays it Forward to Atchison, Kansas Community after Biggest Loser Elimination

The gentleness that Adam Hurtado exuded on screen during Biggest Loser shown through in our elimination interview with him. Many were devastated by his untimely exit from the game, except Adam. He says things happen for a reason, and is confident that this was the right time for him to leave, calling the silver lining returning to a supportive family and community.

Adam was one of the biggest targets in the game, having won a challenge that awarded him a progressive pound-off advantage. When the blue team tied their elimination votes in episode six, the black team took full advantage of the opportunity to oust one of their strongest competitors. He says he doesn’t hold the vote against anyone and understands they had to do what they had to do. In fact, he says that while on the ranch he developed what will become life-long friendships, noting a lot of respect for those responsible for his exit.

Listen now as Adam talks to us about his “pay it forward” efforts with the Atchison, Kansas community and YMCA, where he’s volunteered to be the chairman of their weight loss competition. He also talks to us about the varied workouts he does with brother and trainer Ryan, as well as how the Biggest Loser Meal Plan has helped him find weight loss success.


Black Team Controls the Elimination in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 6 Recap

WOW what an episode! This week, instead of the notorious face-off week, only ONE player’s loss will count for each team! Talk about pressure! Of course the strategizing starts at the very moment that Ali gives this news to the teams. The real kicker is that the opposing team gets to pick who weighs in! That is just asking for game play. Oh don’t you just love how Ali brings her Days of our Lives drama to Biggest Loser!

At the glorious four seasons, the teams compete in a cooking challenge! I love that! I wish we could have had a cooking challenge. I love to experiment in the kitchen. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love cooking with Curtis Stone by your side? The Blue team takes the win, over the black team supported by Chef Lorena Garcia, which gives them a 10 second head start in the next challenge.

Try the Grilled Tuna with Herb Tapenade and Succotash and Salad of Green Papaya with Peanut and Grilled Shrimp prepared by the blue team. (more…)

Chef Lorena Garcia’s Guest Appearance on Biggest Loser

Primetime America got a brief introduction to Chef Lorena Garcia on tonight’s Biggest Loser. One of the leading Latina chefs in the country, she helped the black team prepare a healthy and flavorful meal.

Veteran Biggest Loser Chef Curtis Stone introduced Lorena, bragging on the 60 pound weight loss she’s achieved by switching to healthier foods. She shows off her culinary talents for bold, flavorful food that is also calorie conscious as the host of “Cocinando con Nestle” with Univision’s “Despierta America.” (more…)

How Rick de Roque Lost 120 Pounds Since Biggest Loser

In one of the most shocking, and frankly unnecessary, eliminations in all of Biggest Loser, Rick de Roque was sent home last night. “I was definitely blindsided,” he said about the outcome. No one watching or likely in that room expected to see Rick leave so soon.

He lost 63 pounds in the five weeks he was on the ranch, and since going home has dropped a total of 120. In the name of game play, the big guys are probably glad this contender isn’t in their way anymore. And the elimination did not slow down Rick. He’s doing better than ever at home.

We talked to Rick following his elimination. He told us the most important thing he learned from Bob and Jillian – that he’s able to push himself harder than he ever knew. He also talks to us about what happens at the ranch that makes contestants so confident in taking on their weight loss on their own at home.


Shay’s Calling Out the Game Players in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 5 Recap

It’s family game night on the Biggest Loser this week!


Bob Harper’s Vegan Recipes from Biggest Loser

In an unprecedented move on Biggest Loser, Bob Harper invited contestants to his home for dinner. The few who had fallen below the yellow line in season 10’s fourth week needed some cheering up, and Bob offered that in the form of a beautiful patio dinner at his LA home. The contestants, who typically prepare their own meals on campus, were no doubt excited by the prospect of a night off from the kitchen.

Upon arriving at his cool bachelor pad in the hills, Bob gave contestants a tour of his refrigerator. The contents included a whole watermelon, carrot sticks, a door full of condiments, his no-doubt sponsored Brita pitcher, and what appeared to be Pacifico beers. He said his rule is never keep anything that has a shelf life shorter than two weeks. In other words, fresh food goes bad and you should only be eating fresh foods.

Continue reading for recipes. (more…)

Positive Attitudes Drive Burgandy and Sophia Following Double Biggest Loser Elimination

You’d think earning the chance of a lifetime to be on Biggest Loser and then being forced to leave because of a “red line” elimination just four weeks in would knock the wind out of your sails. But not for Sophia Franklin, the first of two eliminations in week four’s episode. Not only was she OK with leaving, she was ready to go, positive she could do the work at home. Of the mere two pounds she lost that sent her packing? “None of my weight loss was disappointing. I was ecstatic for every pound I lost,” she says.

Her upbeat and positive attitude was shared by Burgandy Keel, who fell below the yellow line and then lost the vote after a carpet-rolling challenge. Similarly happy despite being forced out of the ranch, Burgandy says she was constantly inspired by her fellow contestants, who could sometimes be seen on treadmills at midnight.

The recent Biggest Loser castaways talked to us following their eliminations. Burgandy shares the unique experience of a vegan dinner at Bob Harper‘s home, a first for the show’s contestants. And Sophia tells us all about her “very clean, very lean, extremely green” diet at home. Listen now to hear the interviews!



Curtis Stone’s Cupcakes and Vegan Dinner at Bob’s in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 4 Recap

Oh cupcake-dness temptation! Our first temptation (as you saw in the cameo with Jillian admitting to plotting to kill Tracey) was a cupcake challenge! What is with the cupcakes already? I would have been more tempted by cheesy pasta back then! Just FYI, Bob and Jillian totally hate the temptations! I think because it is reinforcing that bad eating behavior based on feelings (i.e. in this case fear, as you saw with Elizabeth). They want us to recognize that you can do bad all by your … work ethic! But they also know that the game gets crazy and it gets in your head and sometimes you play the game just to keep the game players from the game. Confused yet? Good, now you know what it’s like to be on the ranch!

Try Curtis Stone’s Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe and Bob’s Vegan Recipes from tonight’s show. (more…)