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Best Places to Run in Dallas

white rock lake dallasTexas, what a great state! I absolutely love Texas and have spent a lot of time in or around the Dallas area. The population of Dallas is over two million, but seems to be spread out rather well. Dallas is one of my favorite cities and it offers a fitness-friendly atmosphere as well. If you have never been to Dallas, Texas I totally recommend it. Below are the best and safest places to run in Dallas.

Best Places to Run in Dallas

  1. White Rock Lake: This is the most popular running place in Dallas. It consists of nine-plus miles of waterfront trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, fishing, and horseback riding. If you love to run and enjoy people watching, this is the place for you. It’s also home to the Dallas Marathon (White Rock Marathon). (more…)

Best Places to Run in Detroit

detroit belle isle parkMy folks were raised in Michigan and I visit there quite frequently. It is a beautiful state full of trees and big lakes. Although the weather is a little sketchy, running Michigan should definitely be on your to do list.

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan as well as the eleventh largest city in the nation. It is also home to some amazing running/walking routes full of beautiful views and tough terrain. Below are a few of Detroit’s best and safest places to run.

Best Places to Run in Detroit

  1. Belle Isle Park (Beautiful Island Park): Located close to the hub of downtown and full of many miles of trails and paths. The park is near America’s busiest inland waterway that provides breathtaking views of Detroit, Canada, and the Ambassador Bridge. (more…)

Best Places to Run in Washington D.C.

Photo by Flickr user French Toast

Photo by Flickr user French Toast

The capital of the United States, Washington D.C., is known for its history and humid subtropical weather. It definitely has four distinct seasons, thus making it a great location for running. Although D.C. is mostly flat, it offers several great places to run, walk, or bike. Below are the best and safest places to run in the Washington D.C. area.

Best Places to Run in Washington D.C.

  1. Rock Creek Park: Extends about 12 miles from the Potomac River to the border of Maryland. This urban park offers over 25 miles of trails and is a great place to enjoy the day. Either jog it or take the family out for a picnic. Safety is not an issue due to the fact that a park ranger is on staff. (more…)

Best Places to Run in Denver

denver cherry creek trailDenver, Colorado is among my top five favorite cities. It has something to offer everyone no matter what you enjoy. The Rockies are simply amazing and several ski resorts are just a short drive away. Denver is also a runner’s paradise. It offers hills and beautiful scenery along with fairly nice weather. Below are the best and safest places to run in Denver.

Best Places to Run in Denver

  1. Cherry Creek Bike Trail: Starts at Confluence Park and extends approximately 10 to 15 miles to the reservoir. Great scenery, but packed on the weekends. (more…)

Best Places to Run in Indianapolis

indianapolis skylineI visited Indianapolis last August for a few days and I absolutely loved this city. I went to a Colts pre-season game and did a little exploring around town as well. Indianapolis is known for its sports franchises and its annual Nascar races. Below are a few a best and safest places to run, walk, or bike in or around the Indianapolis area.

Best Places To Run In Indianapolis:

  1. Monon Trail: This asphalt trail extends over ten miles worth of fun and excitement. Monon Trail is home to lovely landscapes, White River views, restaurants, and other small shops. Definitely a “to do” if you are in the Indianapolis area. (more…)

Best Places to Run in Boston

Boston's Back Bay Fens Park

Boston's Back Bay Fens Park

I have been to Boston once and I absolutely loved it. If you have never been, you need to do so as soon as possible. The city of Boston has so much to offer and is known for its cultural facilities, sports franchises, and for being on the forefront of American history.

Boston is located in the heart of New England and hosts more than 12 million visitors each year. Boston is also home to some great running and walking trails, and below are the top three places to run in the Boston vicinity. By best, I am talking about the safest, best scenery, and most enjoyable paths. Good luck and have fun! (more…)

Best Places to Run in Wichita

wichita river walkYes, I said Wichita! I am from Wichita so I have to give it some love in our Best Places to Run series. To be quite honest with you, Wichita has some great places to run. The weather is hit or miss, but worth a trip if you have never been.

Downtown Wichita’s river walk is one of my favorites. It stretches for several miles and provides a fabulous view of the city. It is a great place to get some sun and people watch while you are jogging. (more…)

Best Places to Run in New York City

central park runnerI currently personal train in Los Angeles and it seems like more than half of my clients vacation to New York on a regular basis. So, New York City is the next stop on our Best Places to Run series. Wow! There are some beautiful places to run and soak up the scenery in the Big Apple. Again, safety is at the top of the list so I recommend running during the day and with a partner. Have fun!

First, the infamous Central Park, which happens to be the first public park built in America (mid-1800s). The park consists of a six mile run/walk loop, 21 playgrounds, 36 bridges and arches, and more than 9,000 park benches (which you hopefully won’t need!). More than 25 million people visit Central Park every year. The parks hours are from six in the morning until one in the morning. Plenty of time to get in a solid run. (more…)

Best Places to Run in Los Angeles

biggest losers at runyon canyon

Former Biggest Loser contestants Bill Germanakos, Coleen Skeabeck and Dan Evans run Runyon Canyon with our senior editor Brandi Koskie. (photo by Bill Germanakos)

Over the next few weeks, I am going to cover the best places to run or walk in the nation. By best, I am talking about the safest and most scenic places that take your breath away while you enjoy your exercise. I am going to start with L.A. simply because I live there and I am familiar with the best trails and such.

First off, Griffith Park, is the nations largest inner-city park (surrounded by cities). Griffith Park consists of three golf courses, several trails, horseback riding, and plenty of room to play sports or picnic. Simply amazing!! (more…)