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Tune In: Rachael Ray on Belly Fat

belly fatOn the Thursday, March 5 episode of the Rachael Ray show, she’ll have viewers trying some different weight loss products. They’ll find out which one of these is fab, or won’t cut the flab from your mid-section. Check your local listings for show times.

Men: Your Waist Size is a Big Indicator of Health

man measuring waist

The inches around your waist should be no more than half your total height.

Men and women battle different fat demons. Men usually have it accumulate around the waist, while women have problems in the thighs and rear end.

One thing I get a little jealous about is when guys are just naturally thin in the waist. But even the best of them lose that advantage with age. I’ve always been pretty naturally thin, but when I let myself go even a little, the only thing that is natural is the mid-section bulge that comes with slacking on my nutrition and exercise.

It doesn’t take a ton of weight gain around the waist to start inching toward serious health risks. So what’s the best way to tell? A great way is to check your waist size. (more…)

Extra Belly Fat Linked to Early Death

A pear-shaped build is “healthier” then an apple build. This is because extra pounds and fat in a pear shape are below the waist, or lower body/thigh area, versus above the waist and around your midsection in an apple shape. The idea behind this is that weight above the waist adds additional and unnecessary stress, inflammation, and padding around your internal organs.

An increased amount of abdominal fat has been linked to several health complications (diabetes, heart disease, and stroke). A recent study conducted added early death to the list of complications. (more…)