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Go Bananas with Homemade Sweet Frozen Treats

Though National Ice Cream Day is in July, sky-high August temperatures might have you craving cool, sweet treats. Whether you eat a vegan diet, a dairy free diet or are simply trying to incorporate more fresh fruit into your diet, frozen bananas are a simple, healthy and unpretentious way to get your summer dessert fix.

At the Smorgasburg Market in Brooklyn NY, Rob & Anna’s (raw bananas- get it?) provides an organic, vegan, unprocessed frozen banana dessert that boasts the same consistency and flavor of ice cream, but with no dairy or added sugar. While New Yorkers are lucky to have this option at their fingertips, the rest of us don’t have access to frozen banana “ice cream.”

For those who are craving a homemade banana-based treat, there are a few ways you can enjoy frozen bananas as a dessert, whether it’s dipped in yogurt and granola or coated in your favorite cereal.

Frozen bananas are great in smoothies and milkshakes, but if you have a blender or food processor you can make one-ingredient ice cream that tastes rich, creamy and sweet, like decadent ice cream.


Add Yellow to Your Meals for Health and Bright Color

By Rebecca Scritchfield, RD a nutrition expert based in Washington, D.C. www.rebeccascritchfield.com.

March is National Nutrition Month and we are eating our way through the rainbow-ROYGBIV style. Today’s color is Yellow! What makes these foods the color of the sun? The bright yellow color shows you these yellow foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals. The bright yellow color in fruits and vegetables comes from flavonoids, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, which helps prevent against aging, cancer and build overall health!

Make sure to color your plate with these yellow foods!


One Family’s Experience: Feed Your Family for $15 a Dinner

Feeding your family both nutritiously and inexpensively can be a challenge. Are you up for one?

When I posted a link to the Whole Foods Initiative, Feed Your Family of 5 for $25, many readers suggested that the $25 threshold wasn’t that big of a challenge. Readers felt that it would be more difficult to feed either a large family with that figure or spend less money. I decided to try to do both, and went to my local grocery store with a week of dinners planned. I gave myself a budget of $75 to feed 8 people for dinner. I did not include charges for staples or spices that you should have in your house, like garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and honey. I was surprised to see that it was not as tough of a struggle as I had anticipated.  (more…)

Test Your Food Knowledge

MSNBC.com has an interesting food quiz posted online. Steak vs. salmon, apples vs. bananas… Test your knowledge of how these foods and others stack up against each other. You’re issued a score similar to a conventional school grade.