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Tasty Atkins-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

If you’re trying the Atkins Diet this year as part of your weight loss goals or New Years Resolutions, then you’re probably going to start missing carbohydrates pretty soon. As an admitted carb-addict, I could never go for more than a few hours without a tasty piece of bread or something like that, especially in the morning. Bacon and eggs for breakfast once a week sounds nice; bacon and eggs for breakfast every day of the week does not sound like such a good idea to me. Here are some different breakfast ideas that are still Atkins friendly and won’t send your blood sugar levels soaring.

Breakfast #1

Who would have thought it was possible? Pancakes and waffles without all the carbs? Score! Try these Low Carb Pancakes or Low Carb Waffles to see for yourself how tasty low-carb can be. And, of course, you’re going to want to top those pancakes and waffles off with some Low Carb Maple Syrup, aren’t you?


Top 10 Worst Foods for Your Workout

Below is a list of the top ten foods that you shouldn’t eat, especially if you exercise consistently every day.

Each food below is known to hinder the results of exercise. Most of the foods below will make you feel sluggish, fat, and will reduce your overall energy levels throughout the course of your exercise routines. Food for thought!


Genetically Engineered Salmon May Be Coming

I will preface what I am about to say with this: I know next to nothing about genetic engineering. Let me rephrase that; I know nothing about genetic engineering. So, when I say that I think that genetically engineered food seems like a very bad idea to me, it’s just a hunch.

Messing with Mother Nature rarely seems like a good idea to me. So, when I hear the news that the Food and Drug Administration is considering the approval of the first genetically engineered animal-based food for consumption, it worries me a little.


Wake ‘n’ Bacon

If you’re like me, you aren’t much of a morning person. My first thought, after taking care of my two-year-old daughter’s needs, is making my way to the coffee machine. My internal clock is good enough that I can pretty much muster enough energy, albeit grudgingly, to get out bed. But if you need an alarm, there is a much more pleasant option than blaring noise.

Being woken by your sense of smell is so much more appealing… especially when it’s the smell of bacon. Here’s a quirky little invention that will wake you with the scrumptious smell of swine. It’s probably not a good idea to eat it, since the pork will have sat at out all night. I would assume you could replace bacon with something else if you’re a vegetarian.bacon alarm clock

Top 10 Healthy Food Alternatives

If you talk to the average person about dieting, they’ll usually assume it’s about deprivation and misery. It may be difficult to reign in some of your nasty habits at first, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience in the long run. And you certainly don’t have to deprive yourself of good tasting, satisfying foods. It’s just a matter of a few simple substitutions, and you will be well on your way to weighing less.

The following are 10 food substitutions that will save you thousands of calories over the course of a year, and not be bland or boring in the process.

1. Instead of chocolate, try carob. Chocolate is first on the list because it’s first on most people’s list of guilty pleasures. I’m not here to tell you to do away with anything forever. Moderation is key to lasting health.

In fact, dark chocolate has gotten good press in recent years for having potent antioxidants that fight free radicals, destructive molecules that are connected to heart disease and other ailments. But if you like to do more than dabble in chocolate’s decadent sweetness, try to substitute the little known carob, a Mediterranean tree that produces pea-like pods that produce the sweet concoction.

It’s not that carob is superior nutritiously, but it has a couple things going for it: Carob has 51 calories per ounce to cocoa powders
98. But even more significant is that carob is naturally sweeter than (or, perhaps more accurately, not as bitter as) chocolate, so you don’t have to use as much sugar with it in recipes.

2. Instead of white bread, switch to whole wheat. I grew up on white bread, but have spent most of my adult life exclusively buying whole wheat. Once you go whole wheat, you wonder how Wonder Bread ever tasted like bread to you. Since it’s whole grain it has more nuanced and substantive taste. White bread is bleached flour (does that even sound close to healthy?) and is enriched with things like high fructose corn syrup. Whole wheat bread is unprocessed, so your body has to spend energy (calories) digesting it.

Be a wary shopper, because not all wheat breads are created equal.
Manufactures will try to trick you with fancy word plays on wheat. Make sure that the first ingredient is a “whole” grain.

3. Instead of a salad dressing, try vinegar. Salad dressings are a great way to kill a perfectly healthy salad with hundreds of useless calories. Use a balsamic vinegar and it will add nary a calorie to your salad.

4. Drop the dip and use salsa. Tomatoes, cilantro, onions, maybe garlic… have you heard anything that sounds unhealthy? Then I think you know why salsa is a much better choice than most chip dips. Chips aren’t exactly a healthy snack, but if you’re going to indulge now and again, the least you can do is cut out the fatty processed creamy dips.

5. of those aforementioned chips, you should try more air-popped popcorn. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like popcorn? Either do I. You’ll also like that a cup of popcorn has about 30 calories compared to 140 calories in an ounce of tortilla chips. And we all know an ounce of chips isn’t going to be where you stop.