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Celebs Deny Baby Food Diet Use

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There has been a gossip buzz lately regarding the so-called Baby Food Diet, and what Hollywood celebrities are following the diet to keep their impossibly thin figures. The highest profiled celebrity to be associated with the Baby Food Diet is Jennifer Aniston. But, the former Friends star has adamantly denied the claims.

“I’ve been asked lately, ‘Jen, what’s this baby food diet all about?'” says Aniston. “I kept thinking: That’s the strangest question ever.”

The Baby Food Cleanse, created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, entails eating 14 servings of pureed food every day, with a normal healthy dinner to cap things off. So if the diet was created by a high-profile trainer, one would think someone is doing it. It’s just not Jennifer Aniston.


Chocolate Baby Formula Concerns Nutritionists

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding baby food recently. You have the Baby Food Diet, which has been linked to celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. And, now we have a controversy over baby food made, well, for actual babies.

Nutritionists and others concerned about the childhood obesity epidemic in the U.S. are crying foul over new chocolate- and vanilla-flavored baby food.

We already know that there has been research linking obese parents to the likelihood of obese children. But, do we have to make it even more of a certainty by getting babies attached to chocolate basically at birth?


Baby Food Diet Hot with Celebrities

Just when you thought you heard it all in diet fads, here comes the Baby Food Diet. That’s right, revisit your time as a newborn when all you ate was jars of whipped sweet potatoes, and mixed vegetable with chicken.

As is often the case with some fad diets, the Baby Food Diet is hot in Hollywood. There is talk of Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and even some of the cast of Desperate Housewives taking part in this back-to-the cradle weight loss plan.

There has been a particularly strong buzz surrounding Jennifer Aniston of late. She is still one of the few in the elite “America’s Sweetheart” club. And, even at 41, she still has the body of a twentysomething.


Baby food as diet food?

The latest craze to hit Hollywood is noshing on baby food to keep calories low, portions in control and ingredients pure. I must admit, this trend sounds a bit bizarre at first, but then again, we are talking about Hollywood where boundaries are known to be pushed when it comes to keeping the pounds off. Aside from dining on spoonfuls of mashed peas and blueberry delight as a way to stay lean, baby food is great to add to recipes that require pureed or mashed food (think ginger squash muffins or sweet potato scones). Pureed vegetables and fruits are also great substitutes for fats and sweeteners in many recipes, plus they deliver vitamins and fiber, too. It may cost a bit more to grab a few jars of baby food, but you save on time. When you’re clock-pressed, this kitchen secret is a stand by. Learn more about the Baby Food Diet here.