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Boomers, Get Your Groove Back! 5 Ways to Enjoy the Active, Healthy Retirement You Want

A recent study by Prevention Magazine and Kellogg’s found that Boomers (ages 48-67) are looking forward to an “active, healthy retirement,” yet one-third of them don’t know where to start, while a full half of those surveyed would make positive changes if they knew how those changes would affect them.

As an active, healthy Boomer, I am going to share some simple steps you can take to come over to the two-thirds light!! But first, why the heck do 81% of you know your credit card balance, while only 49% of you know your body mass index (BMI) or cholesterol levels? You cannot buy better health with that credit card!!


1. Add in one healthy food to your daily diet and cut out one unhealthy food. Rather than look for fat content (some fats are healthy), look for the number of ingredients. The fewer, the better. The closer to the ground, the better. Think of the difference between an apple sprinkled with cinnamon (two ingredients) versus an apple-cinnamon toaster pastry (more than 25 ingredients). Do this once a week and by the time you’re one year older you will have completely revamped your diet.

2. Move a little more than the day before. Not only does movement keep you fit, it makes you smarter. Can you walk just 22 minutes a day? Or dance? Some laps in the water? It’s common knowledge that movement helps you lose weight and stay heart healthy, but being able to outsmart your kids, grandkids, friends, partner and cat (you can tell who’s boss in my house), well, that’s pretty motivating! (more…)

Geraldo’s Semi-Nude Selfie: Bad Move or Boomer Beefcake?

Early Sunday morning, veteran reporter Geraldo Rivera tweeted a picture of himself wearing nothing but a pair of rose-colored glasses, a very low towel and a smile. On Monday morning he quickly offered up an explanation for the random selfie on his syndicated radio show saying tequila and loneliness made him do it and, “It seemed like a great idea at the time.”

geraldo selfie

The photo was taken down the next day, reportedly at the request of his employer, Fox News. Oh, Geraldo, you silly, you just learned a valuable lesson. Once you post something on the internet it never goes away – ever.

Once the revealing picture, accompanied by the caption “70 is the new 50,” started making the rounds on Twitter, the immediate reaction was something akin to what Geraldo’s own 18-year-old son was texting to dear ole Dad the next morning, “TAKE THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW.”


Honestly, once we got over the shockingly low towel position in the photo, we applauded Geraldo for his obvious commitment to diet and fitness. Other men his age might be frail, thin and withering or suffering from obesity, but Rivera is clearly making the health of his body a priority. The photo would be far more troubling if the towel were obscured by a front paunch. (more…)

Jane Fonda is a Fitness Expert Doubling as an Actress and Activist

Jane Seymour Fonda was born on December 21, 1937 in New York City to Henry Fonda and Frances Seymour Brokaw. Jane’s parents were highly recognized in the public eye at that time, as her father was a legendary actor and mother was a New York socialite. Her childhood was normal except she was subjected to the limelight at an early age. The first production featuring Jane was “The Country Girl;” she was acting with her father by her side. In 1958, she joined the Actors Studio and debuted in the production “Tall Story” in 1960. She briefly attended Vassar College, then her film career started to take off and soon enough she was nominated for multiple Academy Awards and Oscars.

The Vietnam War took Jane Fonda‘s career to another level. The actress was very outspoken about her views on the war. She went on tour to cities along the West Coast to interview soldiers before they were deployed. The American public was upset with Fonda when photos surfaced of her on an anti-aircraft battery surrounded by Vietnamese soldiers. After the Vietnam War, Jane apologized to veterans and others who were upset by the photo.

During the 1980s, Jane found a new calling: exercise videos. As a child, she took ballet classes, then in her adult life she would do ballet to stay fit. However, a foot injury during the filming of “The China Syndrome” she had to find a new workout. Jane started aerobic and strengthening exercises, and wanted to share her new exercises with other baby boomers approaching middle age. (more…)

Exercise Trends Catering to Different Age Groups

Scarves and ponchos are among the things I would expect to boast a ‘one-size-fits-all’ label. Fitness clubs simply cannot. They are finally starting to realize that exercise classes don’t possess universal appeal and that they have to target their demographics very specifically. This is bringing about a booming trend for 2011: age-tailored exercising.

The fastest growing market, with the most expendable time and money, is the baby boomers. Men and women of this generation are dominating health clubs which is bringing about a rise in activities that appeal to them. The second largest demographic is kids, ages six to 17. As Meredith Poppler of the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association says, “Youth programming is a hot topic.” We must stop the rise of obesity now and the only way to do that, to truly eradicate obesity, is to educate and motivate our children. People are clearly understanding this message and gyms are responding with more family-friendly activities.