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Delicious Atkins-Friendly Lunch Ideas

The Atkins Diet is a popular, yet controversial, diet that helps users shed pounds while eating all of the protein they want. What’s the catch? The Atkins diet requires users to eat a low-carb diet, which is not known for long-term effectiveness. However, if your New Years Resolution is to lose weight with the Atkins diet, then you’re going to want to check out all of the Atkins recipes DietsinReview has to offer. You can also take some of the stress of meal-planning out of the way by trying two of our yummy Atkins lunches!

Lunch #1

This lunch is quite tasty and everything can be made the night before to take to work with you. Start by sipping on a frothy Italian Cream Soda (1.4g carbs). Your main entree will be Spinach with Chicken and Apricots (3.7g carbs), which combines the sweetness of fruit with the zing of balsamic vinegar for a taste explosion. For dessert, get to know the tempting step-sister of your traditional brownies, a low-carb version of Blondies (2.3g carbs). This lunch will have a total of 7.4g carbs. If you are allowed 30g carbs every day, this means you will save 2.6g carbs from your lunch meal to use at snack time or dinner time.


Potatoes are a Smart Food Choice for Weight Loss

Potatoes get a bit of a bad rap. Lately, I’ve come to realize how much I love a baked potato now and again as a satisfying side dish to a lean protein and tossed salad. But, in a post-Atkins world, that would seem like a diet taboo. Not so, says a new study.

“When it comes to weight loss, it is not about eliminating a certain food or food groups. Rather, it is reducing calories that count,” said study leader Britt Burton-Freeman of the University of California, Davis.

The study’s leader went on to say that not only is there no evidence that a healthfully prepared potato is bad for your diet, it can actually be a part of your weight loss plan. (more…)

Introduction to the Specific Carb Diet

Honey: The only sweetener allowed with the Specific Carb Diet

The Specific Carb Diet was originally created by Dr. Sidney V. Haas more than 60 years ago to treat digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, chronic diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is now being used to treat autism spectrum disorders, celiac disease and cystic fibrosis. It is not a low-carb diet like Atkins. Many find it very restrictive; however, those who experience the health benefits are committed to strict adherence. It is more restrictive and specific than a gluten-free diet. Because it can be overwhelming, I think it is helpful to present the “allowed” foods first.

The New Atkins for a New You Diet: Healthy or Unhealthy?

The Atkins Diet is one of the most well-recognized, yet controversial, diet plans. Started in 1972 by Dr. Robert Atkins, the Atkins Diet is credited for starting the low-carb craze that has helped thousands lose weight, only to stuff themselves with bagels, fettuccine Alfredo and Krispy Kremes once they completed the pre-maintenance phase and unfortunately gain all the weight back.

While there is no denying that the Atkins approach, which is modeled on the ketogenic diet, will strip away pounds, its high fat content and potential to increase cardiovascular disease and kidney stones has made it a target for health and nutrition experts. But in an attempt to polish its tarnished image, and provide dieters with a more flexible Atkins eating plan, The New Atkins for a New You was created.


J Lo’s Post-Pregnancy Diet Secret

A new diet, based on the book, The Dukan Diet, by Dr. Pierre Dukan, is said to be the secret behind J Lo’s post pregnancy weight loss. Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Szohr, the star of TV teen drama Gossip Girl, also credit the Dukan Diet for dramatic weight loss.

The Dukan Diet is said to be the “real” secret behind why French women don’t get fat, with an estimated 1.5 French households participating with a great deal of success.

The Dukan Diet has four stages. Phase one, the Attack Stage, is a high-protein, no-carb approach. There is a list of 72 protein-rich foods to choose from during this week of dieting. This phase lasts from 2-10 days.


Undereating Equals Undercutting Weight Loss Results

frustrated dieterFor all those who have tried to lose weight, you know that it is a constant battle. Calories in calories out, low-carb, no-carb, Atkins, South Beach Diet, the Biggest Loser Diet, and this list goes on. There are so many choices, and all we want are results. Some go to extreme measures to lose weight, and in affect, are counter productive. One of the biggest mistakes made on any diet program, believe it or not, is undereating. You may be asking yourself how is that possible? If I take in fewer calories than I eat I’ll lose more weight. Wrong idea.

That may work for maybe a week, but eventually your body will go into starvation mode. Your body will hold onto every single morsel you put into your body, you will stop losing weight, and possibly gain weight.
I have made that mistake many times. The best plan is simply to live in balance. Eat a good variety of foods, and count your calories. Now, how many calories should you be eating? (more…)

25 Most Popular Diets of 2008

In 2008, diet-related searches online continued to be a hot topic. It seems Americans are wising up about their health and making more of an effort to get fit to reverse the concerning obesity epidemic that has begun to plague both young and old in our country.

In DietsInReview.com’s 2008 Most Popular Diets of the Year list, there were some tried and true plans that made the cut, not surprising any of us. Then there were those that seem to have a more fad-feel that left us scratching our heads, and some of you likely yo-yoing. Here are the 25 Most Popular Diets of the year, one of which might be the solution for you in the new year.

1. Weight Watchers
A 45-year veteran of dieting that is one of the most proven plans on the market. They not only help you to lose weight, they teach you how to keep it off for life. With the new year they introduce their new plan, Momentum.

2. 21 Pounds in 21 Days
Made popular by Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers, the book introduces a fruit- and vegetable-based detox in which you consume primarily fresh juices to rid your body of toxins, lose weight and reset your metabolism.

3. Cabbage Soup Diet
A fad diet that became very popular for its quick weight loss claims. It’s a seven-day weight loss plan that comes with a strict, low-calorie outline for foods you can and can’t consume each day.

4. 5 Day Miracle Diet
This approach encourages you to change the times of day that you eat and eliminate starches, caffeine, alcohol and sugar. They claim when you do so, you’ll regulate blood sugar and the need to munch and binge.slim fast

5. Slim-Fast
Shake, shake, shake the weight off with delicious shakes that replace breakfast and lunch, then dinner is a healthy meal of your choosing. (more…)

Top 15 Most Popular Celebrity Diets

Everywhere we look we’re barraged with images of Hollywood celebrities and their gorgeously toned bodies. We always hear about the latest diet and weight loss crazes to come out of Hollywood, and how these stars shed impressive weight in almost no time at all. We’ve got the skinny on the 15 most popular celebrity diets. While most of us can’t afford their trainers and personal chefs, you can find the truth behind these diets and if there’s one that will work for you. Some aren’t the healthiest, but others offer a smart approach to weight loss.

jenny mccarthy 1. Weight Watchers
Even Hollywood can’t resistant this tried-and-true, super-flexible weight loss program. Jenny McCarthy and the former Duchess Sarah Ferguson both owe their leaner figures to the Points.

kate hudson2. Atkins Diet
The original low-carb crusader took the likes of Renee Zellwegger, Kate Hudson and Calista Flockhart back to its dieting lair. Singing sensation Rihanna has been known to follow a low-carb diet.

jessica simpson3. 5 Factor Diet
Created by celeb trainer Harvey Pasternak to help schedule-crunched celebs eat properly while touring or on set, his mini-meal, mini-exercise approach has wooed Jessica Simpson, Katherine Heigl and Kanye West.

jennifer lopez4. Eat Right 4 Your Type
It’s Dr. Peter D’Adamo has created a customized diet that is designed around each individual’s blood type. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Elizabeth Hurley have all taken the good doctor’s advice to heart… and waist.

queen latifah5. Jenny Craig
With a counselor to lead the way and meals delivered to their homes, or rather mansions, Queen Latifah, Valerie Bertinelli, Kirstie Alley and even Joy Behar have lost considerable weight following Jenny’s plan.

denzel washington6. Master Cleanse
It has a few names- Maple Syrup Diet or even Lemonade Diet, but one-name stars like Beyonce and Denzel have followed this week-long liquid diet in an effort to cleanse and detoxify their bodies, and also lose weight.

thom yorke7. Vegan
“Just say no to animal products” is the anthem you’ll hear a host of stars like Pamela Anderson, Thom Yorke, Andre 3000, Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Portman, Heather Mills and Casey Affleck singing.

jessica biel8. 3 Hour Diet
Trainer Jorge Cruise advises stars like Jessica Biel and Heidi Klum to eat every three hours throughout the day. These lucky ladies get to eat all day, nearly anything they want, have enviable figures and fall in love with two of music’s hottest guys.

mandy moore9. Hollywood Cookie Diet
It might sound like a fairytale ending to a movie script, but Mandy Moore and American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson manage their weight with sweet little cookies. The cookies replace breakfast, lunch and mid-day snacks.

nick carter10. NutriSystem
A meal delivery diet that has been the saving grace of men and women like Dan Marino, Nick Carter and Larry the Cable Guy, as well as Marie Osmond. Just like these stars, there are critics on both sides of the line.

reese witherspoon11. Baby Food Diet
Reese Witherspoon, Marcia Cross and Jennifer Aniston show that this diet is as easy as taking food from a baby. The small portions in a broad range of organic flavors easily help these ladies put their hunger down for a nap.

carrie underwood12. Vegetarian
Unlike their vegan friends, these stars just refrain from eating meat. Carrie Underwood, Prince, Tobey Maguire, Christina Applegate, Eddie Vedder and Paul McCartney can often be found cruising the grocer’s produce section.

cameron diaz13. The Lunch Box Diet
If you spot Cameron Diaz carrying a lunch pail, she hasn’t decided to go back to school. She’s just keeping plenty of fresh veggies, fruits, lean proteins, nuts and other healthy snacks close at-hand, to regulate blood sugar and lose weight.

kristen davis14. The Zone Diet
Where can you find Sex and the City’s Kristen Davis, Cindy Crawford and even Demi Moore? In the zone, the diet zone that is. They’re watching their weight, and protecting themselves against chronic illnesses.

madonna15. Macrobiotic Diet
If Madonna only had four minutes to save herself, hopefully her adherence to a holistic lifestyle and eating only whole, organic foods will be her best protection. While to most it will seem restrictive, the Material Girl finds it to be quite freeing.

Guest Blog: Is Kellogg’s Special K20 a Good Idea?

Tanya Wilson authors and researches health related topics for dietivity.com. You can view her profile on elance.com or visit her informal page on squidoo.com.

Wow, Kellogg’s Special K2O protein water, yet another product that we can drink to help us lose weight. Manufacturers must think we don’t like to chew our food!

Sarcasm aside, the concept of protein being used to curb appetite is nothing new; just ask those who have found success with diets like Atkins. It’s actually the science that has had to catch up with the experience of dieters who will swear that high-protein and low-carb is the way to go. But do you have to throw out all that yummy flour-based goodness and go carnivore? Must you sacrifice the serotonin boost of carbohydrates and deal with nasty side effects of some high protein diets? Absolutely not! Science is now proving that protein does indeed curb appetite, but that this phenomenon is more of a useful tool for dieters, rather than a radical all-or-nothing lifestyle change. What’s more, manufacturers like Kellogg’s, are now giving us lots of ways to apply this tool in a safe and healthy manner to our weight loss plans.

In a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants were put on a series of three diets. The first two weeks’ diet was 15% protein, 35% fat, and 50% carbohydrate. The second two weeks’ diet plan consisted of 30% protein, 20% fat, and 50% carbohydrate. Dieters had to eat all the food served to them. Then, for the third round, the diet plan remained at 30% protein, 20% fat, and 50% carbohydrate (like the second two weeks), but this time, participants were allowed to eat as much or as little as they wanted. The end result was that on the third round, when participants could eat to their hearts’ content, they didn’t eat as much. That’s because with the higher protein content they reported greater satiety. This led to lower caloric intake, and hence significant weight loss. They not only lost weight, but also felt full! Notice, the subjects still consumed carbs (50%) as they did in the low protein diet. The difference was that the fats were replaced by lean protein.

special k challenge

So, what this means is that instead of reaching for something “fattening” like chips to snack on, reach for a small bowl of low-fat cottage cheese, or yogurt. Or instead of sugary soda or juice, have a glass of skim milk. Products such as Kellogg’s K2O mentioned earlier or protein bars, add easy protein rich nutrition to your daily dieting arsenal. They come in a slew of varieties. Whether you’re in the mood to eat or drink, or want something sweet or salty, you can find something that satisfies.

You can download her report: Staying Hydrated: Sports Drinks vs. Water, which is best for YOU? Brand new, hot topic and it’s free. You may brand the report with your own 2 links for your website visitors.

A Low Carb Cure

We often look for better living through chemistry. There are plenty of instances when we need to medicate ourselves to remedy health issues. But, we often overlook the fact that food is a pretty darn good medicine in and of itself. The obvious remedies are of course preventing heart disease, diabetes, and any other number of obesity-related ailments. But now researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are finding that eating an Atkins-like diet can help people with epilepsy control their seizures. It’s still a mystery as to why it works.