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Healthy Recipes for Your Hanukkah Celebrations

Hanukkah might have already started, but luckily for everyone who celebrates, there is still almost a week left. That means six more nights of lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel and digging in to your favorite healthy Hanukkah recipes.

Apple Cinnamon Fruit Dip: Some celebrate Hanukkah with jelly donuts called sufganiyot, but if you’re trying to make it through the holiday season without sacrificing a jeans size, opt for an apple cinnamon fruit dip that will take the edge off your taste for spicy sweets.

Apricot Souffles: Some people think it’s appropriate to indulge on a holiday, but when the holiday lasts eight days, ditching your diet can be detrimental. Stick with a lighter-for-you treat, such as an apricot souffle with less than 70 calories per serving.


One Family’s Experience: Feed Your Family for $15 a Dinner

Feeding your family both nutritiously and inexpensively can be a challenge. Are you up for one?

When I posted a link to the Whole Foods Initiative, Feed Your Family of 5 for $25, many readers suggested that the $25 threshold wasn’t that big of a challenge. Readers felt that it would be more difficult to feed either a large family with that figure or spend less money. I decided to try to do both, and went to my local grocery store with a week of dinners planned. I gave myself a budget of $75 to feed 8 people for dinner. I did not include charges for staples or spices that you should have in your house, like garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and honey. I was surprised to see that it was not as tough of a struggle as I had anticipated.  (more…)

Power Food Pairings Increase Nutritional Value

Women’s Health has released a list of 9 Power Food Pairings – combinations of food items that give you more nutritional value when eaten together. Even better, they seem like pretty easy combinations to work into your diet. Check out Women’s Health for the full list and read my favorites below.

That time of the month may have you reaching for less nutritious foods, but research shows less pre-menstrual irritability in women who ingest the most calcium and vitamin D. Eggs are an excellent source of vitamin D, and broccoli provides easily-absorbed calcium. I tend to crave a little fat, so a broccoli and cheese omelet sounds ideal to me. (more…)

Your Guide to Apples, the Unforbidden Fruit

October is National Apple Month,  and to celebrate this popular and loved fruit, DietsInReview.com created an ode to apples slideshow.

Apples are a tried and true healthy snack. They are filling (each one contains at least 5 grams of fiber), low calorie (a medium apple contains 80 calories), are easily portable (no chopping, slicing or peeling required) and they come in innumerable varieties from Fuji to Mutsu. In fact, there are more than 7,500 different kinds of apples grown worldwide!

Plus, since fall is truly apple season, now is a perfect time to pay homage to nature’s unforbidden fruit. (more…)

Fall Produce is Amazing, Abundant and Delicious

Happy first day of fall!

There are some great things about summer, especially with regards to fruits and vegetables, but the end of warm weather doesn’t need to mean the start of a boring, bland diet with no variety. Never fear! Some of the most flavorful and nutritious fruits and veggies are getting ready to come into season, and we all know that in season foods are higher in vitamins and minerals.

Take your meal planning to the next level with some of these delicious choices, full of fall color and flavor and guaranteed to satisfy.

  • Apples – portable, packable and full of endless possibilities, apples are full of fiber and low in calories.There are literally hundreds of varieties available –  I wait all year to be able to enjoy Honeycrisp apples. Top whole grain waffles with sliced apples, or send them in a lunch box with peanut butter for dipping. Or for a twist, add them to a Caramel Apple Milkshake!

Five Healthiest Foods for Fall

apple bushelAfter the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables all summer long, fall might seem lacking in variety. However, with a little research, there are some great fresh fruits and vegetables that are at the peak of flavor and nutrition in the colder months. Not only do they taste better, many of them are grown locally, and local produce is always a great choice. If it’s not shipped in, odds are pretty good that the fruit is more fresh and it’s also a great option to keep your food budget in check, a win-win situation. Add these cold weather choices to your meals for great taste and exceptional benefits to your diet.

1. ApplesStudies have shown that apples can help lower cholesterol, manage diabetes, and prevent several diseases, including cancer. Apples peak in the fall, and the flavor can’t be beat. They are full of fiber, around 5 grams per fruit, and are comparatively low in calories. (more…)

Guest Blog: Fall’s Bounty of Fresh Apple Recipes

The October Featured Guest Blogger of the Month, for October, are two talented ladies from ChewOnThat Blog. They’re two foodies who can’t help but share their knowledge of and love for the edible everyday on their blog. They’ve always got an engaging anecdote as to why this or that recipe warms their heart, and the recipes are always a hit! Tune in every Tuesday in October to hear what Maxine and Hillary are chewing talking about!

Chew On That blog here. We’re so honored to be featured as the DietsInReview.com guest blogger of the month this October! And hey, it couldn’t be more perfect timing to talk about some of our favorite ingredients to cook with. Fall harvest produces so many delicious and heart-warming recipes which is why each week of October we’re going to focus on a different fall ingredient and share our favorite recipes to go along with them. You can cook tons of new fall dishes right in your very own home!

This week we’re going to talk about: apples. (I’m sure you probably guessed that from the photo!) Apples are probably one of the more perfect fruits out there. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like an apple. You can pack an apple for a great side dish to lunch, grab an apple for a mid-afternoon snack. They’re healthy snacks that provide natural sugars to give you that mid-day boost.

And you see, there are so many different varieties of apples that there is literally an apple for everyone. We’ve got honey crisp (the first picture), Gala, McIntosh, Red Delicious, Granny Smith…the list goes on. From red skin to green skin, new apple cultivars are being created what seems like every day.

But if you think the list of apple varieties is long, try counting all the dishes you can make with apples! Yes, it’s nearly impossible, but Chew on That is here to get your own list started and help you brainstorm some new apple dishes to make this fall.

Since apples are inherently sweet, they lend themselves to a great deal of delicious desserts that don’t need extra sugar! Make your favorites with these recipes:

Fat Free Apple Crisp

Sugarless Apple Cookies

Oatmeal Apple Crisp

Sugar Free Apple Pie

Lite Apple Pie

Another lighter and luscious apple dessert is the infamous apple dumpling, try Apple Almond Dumplings for a tasty recipe. Or, try some On the Trail Caramel Apples that provide a crunchy outside to your ordinary caramel apple that’s topped with candy.

Apples can also make some tasty, thirst-quenching beverages. Try out a few of our favorites:

Great Apple Banana Smoothie

Fat Free Iced Apple Tea

Easy Apple Cider

Of course, these are just a few of the things you can make with apples. For more apple recipes, check out our list of 120 Apple Recipes for Fall Cooking! Happy cooking and tune in next week for our next fall ingredient feature!

Like what you’re reading? Check out Chew on That for more or sign up for our feed!

Test Your Food Knowledge

MSNBC.com has an interesting food quiz posted online. Steak vs. salmon, apples vs. bananas… Test your knowledge of how these foods and others stack up against each other. You’re issued a score similar to a conventional school grade.