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Vegan Indian Cooking Brings Healthy Indian Dishes to Your Dinner Table

If you’ve ever been afraid of delving into the world of Indian cooking, you’re not alone. I’ve tried just a handful of Eastern dishes myself and have always been baffled by the exotic flavor combinations. The mere thought of the word “curry” sends my mind into an all-out panic. And I’d never dare attempt naan or tandoori chicken without a fail-proof game plan in place.

If this describes your view of Indian cooking, fear not as cookbook author Anupy Singla brings you hundreds of easy-to-make Indian dishes in her new cookbook “Vegan Indian Cooking,” and they’re 100 percent vegan as the title suggests. Armed with this cookbook, you’ll fearlessly master the art of (vegan) Indian cooking without sacrificing your health along the way.

To get a better idea of what to expect inside “Vegan Indian Cooking,” we recently talked with Singla to see where her inspiration for the book came from and which recipes she was most excited to share. (more…)