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Antoine Dove Proposes to Alexandra White on Biggest Loser Finale

antoine and alexandra proposalAfter being eliminated in weeks one and two, respectively, Alexandra White and Antoine Dove kept in touch. But unlike most contestants who remain friends following elimination, these two were doing much more than offering moral support, they were falling in love.

After her elimination, Alexandra admitted to having a crush on fellow contestant Antoine, and then announced that the two had begun dating. Two weeks later Antoine confirmed the relationship, boasting about the positive impact the two were having on each other’s weight loss journeys.

In an unexpected, and unprecedented, moment on the Biggest Loser 8 finale, Antoine dropped to one knee in front of a joyous audience and a shocked Alexandra. (more…)

Sean Algaiers and Antoine Dove – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

sean and antoine biggest loserIn what could easily be called the first game play elimination of the season, Sean Algaiers and Antoine Dove exited the Biggest Loser campus in episode three with as much humility and integrity as any two contestants have ever shown before. Literally taking one for the team, and allowing themselves to be sacrificed for the sake of Shay and partner Daniel, these two returned home to more than prove that this process is entirely possible at home.

Listen now as they describe how any person can make these changes for themselves at home, and how the animosity toward Tracey caused a nose-dive in the contestants’ morale. Then continue reading to learn more about Antoine’s new romance with Alexandra, hear more about the Tracey affect, and the other changes in their lives.


Alexandra White – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

alexandra white biggest loserThe first elimination of the season is always a tough one – as the contestant doesn’t quite get a chance to prove herself, and there’s concern they didn’t have enough time on the ranch to really effect change in themselves. Unless that person is Alexandra White. She blazed on to the Biggest Loser ranch with a youthful spunk, energy and readiness to do whatever it took. Unfortunately, she fell below the yellow line and was voted off by her castmates. If there were any doubters out there, she proved them wrong last night in her “Where Are They Now” segment, in which she revealed a much leaner, healthier body and a continued go get ’em spirit!

Hear our interview in its entirety with Alexandra, then continue to read more about her journey.


Antoine Dove: Biggest Loser 8

Eliminated Week 3 – Hear Antoine’s Interview

Follow along on Antoine’s journey in Biggest Loser season 8. Each week we’ll update with accomplishments, weight loss, new videos and more.

Watch Hollie Self’s interview with Antoine during week one at the ranch.

Age 23

antoine dove biggest loser 8Hometown Dudley, NC

Occupation Health Insurance Physician Contractor

Team Color Red

Starting Weight 367

Final Weight 215

Total Loss -152