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Cherry Juice May be the New Pomegranate Juice

Remember a few years ago when pomegranate juice was all the rage? Well, it seems as though there may be a new super-food fruit juice in town: tart cherry juice.

Makers of tart cherry juice claim that the drink can do everything from help with wrinkles, insomnia, headaches, swelling, puffiness around the eyes and — most importantly for exercisers — increase muscle recovery time. Manufacturers say that tart cherry juice is high in the antioxidant vitamin E, along with melatonin, vitamin A and beta carotene.

While there hasn’t been that much independent research on the juice, one study published in the online version of the British Journal of Sports Medicine evaluated whether or not a highly-concentrated, specially-processed tart cherry juice blend could prevent the symptoms of muscle damage in a 14 male college students. The study participants were asked to either drink a bottle of the cherry juice blend twice a day for three days before exercise and for four days afterwards, or to drink a placebo juice containing no cherries. The 12-ounce bottle of juice contained the liquid equivalent of 50 to 60 tart cherries blended with commercially available apple juice (from all the cherry juice blends on the market, this is a pretty typical blend, I’ve found).


Sweet Potato Ranked First in Nutrition

By the time you read this, some of you will still be munching on Thanksgiving leftovers. But I wanted to take a quick look at one of the items on most people’s holiday plates: the sweet potato. Now, most of us are going to have it with all kinds of sweet treatments such as brown sugar, butter, or marshmallow, but if you can stand just adding a wee bit of butter or butter substitute, you are not only in for a treat, but a sweet nutritional surprise.

Maybe the most amazing thing about the sweet potato is how highly regarded it is by health professionals. In fact, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) ranked the sweet potato the most nutritious vegetable of all. (more…)

Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Antioxidant Checklist

Tune in this Wednesday, December 1 to the Dr. Oz Show to learn about the foods you need to be eating to prevent disease and enhance your longevity.

Dr. Oz’s ultimate antioxidant checklist makes healthy living and eating easy and simple for you. This list narrows down the top fruits, vegetables and supplements you need to incorporate into your diet to feel great and look younger. (more…)

3 Healthy Holiday Snacks to Keep on Hand

As the holiday season approaches, travel, parties and shopping can be overwhelming and send our healthy eating habits straight out the window. Though the most wonderful time of the year is the perfect time to splurge on an occasional treat, we found three healthy snacks that will help you maintain – not gain – between Halloween and New Year’s.

Blue Diamond Nut Thins: Since you never know when unexpected company will drop by during the holiday season, I always like to keep cheese and crackers on hand. If you have friends or loved ones who follow a gluten-free diet, Blue Diamond’s line of crunchy, baked snack crackers are entirely wheat and gluten-free. They remind me of traditional rice crackers, but with more flavor and a heavier texture. (more…)

Exotic Superfruits Provide Energy and Health Benefits

We’ve all heard that superfruits are good for you, but what exactly are superfruits? Superfruits are exotic fruits found around the world that have been known to have the highest concentration of antioxidants and nutrients of any other food or beverage.

“Superfruits are great because they multi-task,” said fit-living expert Laurel House. “Not only do they give you more energy throughout the day, but they are filled with antioxidants that help prevent disease.”

While nutrition experts are always searching for the “next big thing” in the diet and health industry, some of the most popular superfruits are available in most supermarkets, usually in the form of juices and extracts. (more…)

The Effect of Food on Brain Health

I’ve often thought, purely out of speculation, that the difference between food and drugs is a fairly fine line. Sure, the side effects can be drastically different (I’m not saying heroin and candy bars are virtually the same thing), but that there’s so much emphasis on the use of certain drugs that people completely ignore the fact that foods are chemicals, and therefore have an effect on your brain in a similar way.

“The distinction of what is a drug and what is food is blurring completely. Natural things are also drugs,” said Gary Wenk, a professor at the Ohio State University and Medical Center and author of the new book Your Brain on Food: How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings. (more…)

Antioxidant Packed Fruits to Add to Your Diet

The human body is made up of over 100 trillion cells, and every hour at least one billion need to be replaced. Most cells are replaced because they are damaged by free radicals, which are atoms that have lost an electron due to metabolism, the immune system, which neutralizes viruses or bacteria, and environmental factors, such as: polution, radiation, smoke, or herbicides.

These free radicals attack normal cells just like the game “Pacman”. Free radicals search out an extra electron, thus damaging the perfectly healthy cells. This where antioxidants come into play. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating an electron, which ends the electron “stealing” reaction. They act as scavengers by helping prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to possible disease.  Antioxidants are stable in either form (with or without electron), so they do not transform into free radicals. They are like your own little cell protectors. (more…)

Pomegranate is Winter’s Perfect Produce

With the coming of winter, we’re faced with exciting and exotic produce to enjoy. Among the many to choose from is the pomegranate.

Although its health benefits are impressive, USA Today and the Federal Trade Commission remind us that pomegranate isn’t a cure-all. Consuming pomegranates will give you tons of great health benefits, but it certainly won’t provide any miracle cures.

Pomegranate seeds and juice provide ample amounts of:

Coffee, Tea Connected to Reduced Tumor Risk

According to the findings from a study of more than 500,000 European adults, coffee and tea may help decrease the chances of adults developing the most common type of malignant brain tumor. Gliomas are a group of tumors that make up about 80 percent of malignant brain cancer cases in adults.

While this is potentially good news, it doesn’t mean that people should start drinking coffee for tumor prevention. For one, tumors are generally rare. The odds that you will develop a malignant brain tumor in your lifetime are less than one percent.

“This is all very preliminary,” said lead researcher Dominique Michaud, of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and Imperial College London. “This study shouldn’t be the reason that anyone changes their coffee or tea intake.” (more…)

Black Rice is New Antioxidant Star

You’re plenty familiar with white rice. And maybe you occasionally indulge in brown rice. But have you heard of black rice? If not, there could be good reason to track some down for your next meal.

According to new research, anthocyanin antioxidants are found in black rice, which are also found in blackberries and blueberries. Black rice is also rich in iron and fiber.

“Just a spoonful of black rice bran contains more health promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than are found in a spoonful or blueberries, but with less sugar and more fiber and vitamin E antioxidants,” says Zhimin Xu, PhD, of Louisiana State University Agricultural Center. (more…)