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Ali The Bachelorette Sheds Pounds

How the Bachelorette Ali lost ten poundsAli Fedotowsky discovered that dating many men under the watchful gaze of cameras can be stressful during this season of The Bachelorette. The 25-year-old has endured an emotional roller coaster, and it looks like it led to stress eating. “I was always hungry! I didn’t think much of it, but everyone noticed,” said Ali in OK! “I just wanted to eat more.” Keeping healthy eating habits can be difficult while traveling. Ali gained 15 pounds while jumping from city to city across Europe.

“I also wasn’t as active as I usually am at home.” As soon as filming ended, she knew she wanted to get back to a healthier lifestyle–and drop 10 pounds. To reach her weight-loss goal, Ali ate healthfully six days a week, but then gave her diet a break for one day. “I am good during the week, and one day I pig out,” she says. “I love pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut and a Diet Coke.”