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Acai Berry is the Most Absorbed Fruit

Recent research has added another gold medal to the already lauded acai berry. Researchers have shown that this tiny purple Brazilian berry is, to date, the fruit that is better absorbed by the body than any other fruit because of its superior antioxidant content. The data shows that similar to Vitamin C, more is not always better. When consumed in excess, the disease-fighting compounds of the acai berry will be excreted once the body absorbs and uses what it actually needs. Since the acai berry is still a relatively new phenomenon in the U.S., health experts have not yet determined the appropriate acai consumption required to get the most powerful punch of antioxidants.

If you’re wondering if the pulp or juice version of acai is working better for you, don’t worry. According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, both forms have been shown to be absorbed by your body in equal porportions. So go ahead and sip your smoothie or acai juice with gusto, but don’t go overboard.

Acai Berry: Hype or Real Super Food?

The latest in Super Foods looks a bit more like the Who’s Who list in Hollywood with its revolving door of the best and most nutrient-dense natural eats.  One of the current super stars is the acai berry which comes from  Central and Latin America. Tasting like a cross between red wine and chocolate, the acai berry boasts a plethora of disease-fighting antioxidants as well as amino acids, fiber and essential fatty acids. This A-lister fruit has food and supplement manufacturers creating product after product that contains its magic ingredients.

But what about other supposed Super Foods, like blueberries, raspberries and green tea? Does the acai berry push them a few rungs down on the Super Food ladder? No, says Ed Runz, a columnist for the Daily Herald. He and other health experts warn against being a Super Food monogamist and instead continue to focus on getting your nutrients from a variety of fruits and veggies. Eating your broccoli, even though it may not be as exotic as sipping a tropical acai berry smoothie is just as important and beneficial to your health as making these newer Super Foods a mainstay of your diet.

Drink Veev Acai Liqueur for Your Health

For those of you who are in desperate search for finding a healthy reason to drink your favorite martini or cosmo, you can call off your search.  A solution has been found.

By now, most of us have heard about the acai berry – the wonder fruit that comes from that Amazon Rain Forest.  From supplements to powders to smoothies, this new Super Food is everywhere. And now you can enjoy it as an evening cocktail.

VeeV, a new 60-proof liqueur is an infusion of acai berries and some other tropical fruits. Apparently, it’s not too sugary-sweet and you can rationalize the $35 a bottle price tag in knowing that $1 of each bottle sold goes to the  Sambazon Sustainable Acai Project, which works to protect the Amazon environment during acai harvesting.

This holiday season impress your party guests with a new acai-infused cocktail and when you raise your glasses and drink to your health, know that you are doing just that. Here’s the VeeV Acai Cosmo recipe.

How Acai Berries are Helping Small Farmers

acaiIn the U.S., we grow and produce millions of fruits and vegetables every year, but there are a few crops that we must travel beyond our borders to acquire. One of them is the nutrient powerhouse, the acai berry – a dark purple berry that grows in the Brazilian jungles. The acai berry is being praised by health experts all over the world for the comprehensive nutrient profile that it sports in such a tiny package.

A small California company called Sambazon, started by a few environmentally-friendly surfers, began selling acai products here in the States back in 1999, before the acai boom hit. But out of concern that Amazonian farmers were not getting a fair trade price for their acai crop, they worked out a plan with these farmers that would bring them more financial stability and would protect the biodiversity of the rain forest. (more…)

Choose the Right Acai Supplement for Your Health

If you haven’t heard of the Acai berry by now, then you haven’t been paying too much attention to the latest in health news. Dubbed as a Superfood from everyone from Dr. Oz to skin guru Dr. Perricone, this tiny purple berry (pronounced like ah-sigh-ee) comes from the Amazon rain forest and packs tons of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids into its small compact package. In fact, the Acai berry has more than ten times the anthocyanins (or antioxidants) of red grapes and more than 10-30 times that in red wine. 

Acai berries

Antioxidants are so important because they help to prevent the risk of certain diseases like cardiovascular diseases and degenerative conditions like Alzheimers. In addition, antioxidants help slow down the aging process making our skin look and feel better. Amino acids are vital for muscle growth and the Acai berry’s near perfect combination of essential fatty acids help promote heart health. It also contains fiber, which helps to keep your digestive tract healthy and regular. But because of the popularity of this berry, which tastes like a mixture of chocolate and berries (yum!), supplement manufacturers are producing enough Acaiproducts to feed every living creature in the Amazon rain forest. So, if you’re in the market for a convenient way to get the benefits of Acai without traveling to Brazil, here is a summary of some of the most popular products on the market.

monavie acai1) MonaVie: MonaVie is part business, part health product. Rather than a capsule supplement, MonaVie is a liquid blend of 19 juices and herbs, with the Acai berry being the primary ingredient. Because of its multi-level business design, you must purchase MonaVie through a licensed distributor. It also comes in gel form.

sambazon acai2) Sambozan AcaiLauded for using only the  pure form of Acai Berry, Sambozan Acai includes a number of signature products that contain Acai. Juices, smoothies, sorbets, and supplement forms are all intended to bring you the benefits of the Acai in a convenient way that suits your lifestyle.

acai3) Acai Berry Power 500: Another capsule form of the Acai berry that is supposed to flush out excess pounds, reduce water bloat, slim your stomach, reduce water retention and jumpstart any weight loss plan. This specific supplement is one of the more popular Acai supplements on the market.

acai4) PureAcai: This capsule form of Acai includes a long list of the potential benefits from using this product. From weight loss to reduced water retention and to the regulation of cholesterol levels, it promises a lot! No scientific studies have seen a link between weight loss and the Acai berry, despite many claims made by supplement makers.

acai5) Acai Berry Boom: This supplement is supposed to contain theenormous health benefits of pure Acai berry. A one-month’s supply costs about $60, but the manufacturer offers scant information making it hard to tell exactly which ingredients are in Acai Berry Boom.

Just remember- some supplements’ “free trial” offers automatically enroll you in their auto-shipment program. Be sure to read the terms before purchasing. Also, make sure you read the “Terms and Conditions” before you hit the “Purchase” button. Also, as with any dietary supplement, if the claims made by the product seem to be a bit too-good-to-be-true, they probably are. Your best bet it to look for products that contain pure Acai berry in either a pulp or freeze-dried form. Capsule forms can also contain the Acai fruit in these pure forms so just make sure you read the product label before making a commitment to buy.

The Power of Acai Berry

Dr. Nicholas Perricone has become somewhat of a celebrity/guru in the diet industry. He’s a dermatologist who has written books and has made TV appearances, including Oprah. What has set Perricone apart from the endless supply of other diet talking heads is that he espouses his views from the perspective of how your diet comes into play with your skin and maintaining a youthful appearance.dr. perricone

Dr. Perricone suggests
that your diet can slow and even reverse the aging process, from an external perspective. This can include some less-mainstream food choices. One of his so-called Super Foods is Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee).

Studies show that this berry, native to Central and South America, is packed with a powerful nutritional punch.

Acai’s pulp contains:acai

  • A high concentration of antioxidants, which help combat premature aging. It has 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 10 – 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine.
  • A synergy of monounsaturated (healthy) fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols to help promote cardiovascular and digestive health
  • An essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals, vital to proper muscle contraction and regeneration

You can check out all of Dr. Perricone’s Super Foods at Oprah.com.

See our V8 Acai and Mixed Berry Food Find.

7 New Diet Reviews including Flat Belly Diet, Hollywood Cookie Diet and Pink Patch

There’s always something new turning up in the diet world. That’s why we’re happy to introduce seven new reviews to our more than 330- always keeping you up to date with unbiased details about each and every one. If you’ve tried one of these diets or products- please share with the other site visitors either in the comments for this post, comments for the review or talk about it in the Live Chat.

Flat Belly DietThe Flat Belly Diet
A new release from Prevention magazine editors, claiming to have finally found the cure for belly fat- no exercise! The book suggests that by eating a diet rich in MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids), you can target the stomach to rid belly fat. While it has a 91% success rate- we’re not too sure of its lack of exercise.

The Pink Patch
Medicinal patches, makeway for the Pink Patch from Curb Your Cravings. The once-daily sticker contains yerba mate, a popular diet supplement that acts as an appetite suppressant. This weight loss method was made popular by its sister product, the Hoodia Patch.

Dancing with the Stars
No one anticipated the weight loss that this reality phenomenon would provide its stars- but that’s what happened and audiences have taken notice. While an actual DWTS “diet” has yet to be creative, those looking for a fun way to add in exercise should try the tango and cha-cha.

Sambazon AcaiSambazon Acai
Acai is that little berry from the Amazon that is supercharged with antioxidants and other healthy features like Omega 3, protein and fiber. No wonder its a Super Food! Sambazon is one of the leading producers of natural Acai products- like smoothies and capsules.

eDiets Deliciously Yours

Meal delivery programs have become an increasingly popular weight loss method. eDiets Deliciously Yours is their new meal delivery service promising chef-designed menus, fresh-delivered food and the freedom of choice. This new service has had a rough start due to customer service issues, but is not without its fans either.

Slim Shots
They look like the coffee creamer cups you’d find on a diner table, but instead they’re filled with a 20 calorie appetite suppressant. Taken twice a day, this hot new product is supposed to keep you from feeling hungry and ultimately shed pounds. The extra calories are no doubt attributed to the artificial vanilla flavor and sweetner.

Hollywood Cookie DietHollywood Cookie Diet
One diet that says go ahead- get your hand caught in the cookie jar. Hollywood celebs are chowing on cookies and losing weight. The cookies act as a meal replacement with 150 calories, 13 vitamins and minerals and 4 grams of fiber. They four flavors are delicious and filling- and keep you from grabbing a burger!

Acai is Brazil’s Super Food

As our lives grow increasingly busy and the stress and pressures from our jobs continues to build, our health typically takes the brunt of the blow. We’re sleeping less and spending more time in stressful circumstances. This invariably leads to poor dietary habits which deprives our bodies of nutrients and ultimately intensifies the health impacts we suffer. These dynamics are the primary reason for the popularity of acai, a berry that has been called a “super food.”

acaiThose who have used acai claim that it helps to alleviate many common ailments that have stymied doctors and other medical experts for years. But, what is acai? Where does it come from and what are its inherent benefits? Below, we’ll discuss the origins of this “super food,” the benefits of eating it and whether choosing it is the right dietary choice for you.

Where Does Acai Come From?
The acai berry comes from trees that are native to the rain forests of Brazil. Rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, the berry has been consumed by the tribes and communities within the rain forests for years. Today, the pulp is extracted from the acai berry and used as a staple in these communities for a variety of dishes. Having been discovered by explorers years ago, the acai berry is harvested and exported to countries around the world. Companies that wish to leverage acai’s growing popularity in developed nations produce smoothies, juices and sorbets using acai.

Benefits Of Using Acai
There’s a long list of benefits that proponents (and marketers) of acai claim is inherent in the berry. Many of these benefits are likely due to the high level of antioxidants (specifically, anthocyanins) found within. These anthocyanins help prevent heart disease. In fact, it’s estimated that the acai berry has several times the level of anthocyanins as red wine (also known to help prevent heart disease).

The acai berry is also thought to contain a high level of important vitamins and Phytosterols. Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E are found in great supply in the berry which helps your immune system battle illnesses and injuries. The Phytosterols in acai are believed to help your cardiovascular system function effectively. In addition, acai contains an assortment of fatty and amino acids that help your muscles regenerate while providing a significant boost of endurance and stamina.

There have even been links between acai and insomnia. Many people who use acai claim that the nutrients and antioxidants within the berry help to regulate the hormones and chemicals within the brain that cause sleeping disorders. Though much is unknown about acai, many nutritionists suggest that people begin taking it to help resolve many illnesses that conventional medicine seems unable to remedy.

Is Acai Right For You?
Researchers continue to test the potency of acai. But, despite how much still remains unknown about the fruit, many people have claimed that their problems with insomnia, weight loss and lack of stamina have largely been remedied by consuming acai on a daily basis. If you have been battling any of the symptoms or conditions mentioned above, consider adding acai to your daily diet.

Article by Damon Zahariades

6 New Diet Reviews, including DineWise, Acai and Intellitrim

This week, Diets In Review added six new reviews to the list. Check these out and see if one is right for you. If you’ve already tried it or have experience with the program, we encourage you to leave a comment here or at the review.

DineWise is a meal delivery service bringing healthy meals right to your door, and doing it a bit differently than some of the other guys. You can personally customize each meal based on dietary needs or likes and dislikes, and each menu item is designed by professional chefs.

IntelliTrim is a diet supplement pill that actively blocks fat. The company shares its research for the effectiveness of the product and how the active ingredient prevents the body from absorbing fat cells.

This berry is native to the Amazon and is a powerhouse of nutrients. In addition to a rich flavor, Acai provides antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It’s listed as one of the 10 Super Foods and can be a healthy supplement to naturally energize.

Calorie King
You won’t find a better resource for giving you the calorie counts and other nutrition facts for more than 11,000 foods. Everything from pantry staples to restaurant menu favorites can be found at Calorie King. It’s worth bookmarking and using its many other features like recipes and community support.

Valerie Bertinelli: Losing It
In January, Valerie announced that she had exceeded her weight loss goal with the Jenny Craig program. This week, she released her book “Losing It”, sharing her experiences and giving like-minded dieters inspiration.

This new diet pill says you’ll be “zinergized” by its 40 ingredients. With all recognizable ingredients like vitamins, calcium and green tea, Zinera claims to boost metabolism, squelch cravings and help you better manage your weight loss.

The Baby Food Diet
Leave it to Hollywood to dream up another fad diet. Starlets are eating little jars of baby food as small meals and snacks to stop cravings. While they are packed with nutrients and no preservatives, can it really provide an adult healthy weight loss?