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Add a twist with your green tea

According to a recent study on green tea, the catechins, a kind of antioxidant, have a better absorption rate if you squeeze a bit of citrus juice in your cup of the healthy brew. Most of the catechins are never absorbed so even though you think you are getting a hefty slug of some disease-preventing antioxidants, you aren’t getting nearly as many you thought. The study found that lemon juice seemed to have the best boosting effect followed by orange, lime and then grapefruit juice. To get the most antioxidant punch for your tea, opt for a 50/50 split between green tea and the citrus juice of your choice.

Tea Drinkers, Take Heart

There have been conflicting reports on the benefits or lack thereof of drinking coffee. If you’re unsure if you should give up that morning cup of joe, maybe just think about a switch to tea. A new study shows that women who drink tea every day may be doing their hearts a world of good. Sorry guys, no such luck for us.