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Hold the Gravy: 7-Eleven Introduces Mashed Potato Slurpee Machine

We’re living in an era where you can get a bacon sundae, a french fry encased hot dog on a stick, and even fried Kool-Aid. So when the news broke that 7-Eleven was introducing a new mashed potato Slurpee machine, was it really that surprising?

7-Eleven convenience stores are located all over the world. The stores have always served quick, on-the-go foods to customers, and are probably best known for their Slurpees – a slushie drink that comes in a plethora of flavors ranging from cherry to Mountain Dew. All of the drinks are dispensed from an automatic machine that the customer gets to operate him or herself.

While the frozen drink is still the staple treat at 7-Eleven stores, select locations in Singapore made some huge waves this week with their newest installment: The mashed potato machine. (more…)

7-Eleven is Sucking the Calories Out of Slurpees

7-Eleven just announced its newest product called Slurpee Lite, a sugar-free version of their wildly popular frozen slushy drinks.

The sugar-free version of the convenience store’s Slurpees will come in several flavors, including mango, strawberry banana, and cherry limeade, with more flavors to be introduced later. The drinks will be flavored with sugar-free Fanta soda and will contain 50 percent fewer calories than the original.

An eight-ounce serving of a Slurpee Lite contains a mere 20 calories. Currently, a 12-ounce Coca-Cola Slurpee has 97 calories and the Fanta flavors in the same size have 99 calories.

This shift for the frozen treat comes as a response to soda, juices, and other various high-sugar, high-calorie drinks being named as the biggest culprit in the obesity crisis. Just last week the Institutes of Medicine recommended the total ban of sugary drinks in schools. Soon it is believed that a government enforced calorie reduction on drinks and snacks will take place. 7-Eleven may just be trying to get ahead of the game. (more…)

Starbucks Trenta Not the Worst Beverage Offender [INFOGRAPHIC]

In January, Starbucks introduced its new Trenta size, a 31-ounce cup. Food, drink and health bloggers went nuts over the cup that was sure to be the continued downfall of American obesity. Admittedly, even the nice folks over here at DietsInReview.com, ahem us, pointed a few fingers too, calling out that the Trenta is larger than a bladder (which, it is).

We took a few steps back and realized that while Starbucks was catching all sorts of heat about its giant new cup, in which they only serve iced coffee or iced tea, it’s not the worst offender. In fact, why aren’t we raising more stink about the 7-Eleven Double Big Gulp, equivalent in size to a six-pack of soda?

So, we did. Here’s our big stink, and the beverage offenders who make Trenta wipe the mud off her face.