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The “300” Workout

Have you seen the movie, “300?” Well if you have not, I totally recommend it. The movie is about a Spartan King and a force of 300 men that take on the Persians back in 480 B.C. I believe it is Rated R due to the graphic battle scenes and adult content, but it is still a great movie.

Before filming, the actors and stunt-men were required to pass a vigorous workout that took months to prepare for. The “300” workout consists of several movements and lifts totaling to 300 repetitions without stopping or resting. This test combined physical strength and endurance with mental strength and endurance. The men recruited for this film ranged from young body builders and those in perfect lean fighting shape to men 40 to 50 pounds overweight. With proper diet and tough workouts, the men in this film were well prepared for the big screen. (more…)