New Workouts like RussYoga Defy Gravity

If you thought that wrapping yourself in a yoga pretzel pose was intimidating, fitness classes all over the country are filled with Cirque de Soleil style moves that promise to tone, sculpt and reconnect you with your inner toddler. From trapeze classes … Continue reading

We are Still Hungry for Change with Food Inc.

Eat in season, eat locally and plant a garden of your own. These are some of the best ways to help yourself be healthy, help your family be healthy, help your environment be healthy and help our animals be healthy too. If you are hungry for change, visit to learn more about how you can take part. Continue reading

Exercise Fuels Hunger, Not Weight Loss

If Time magazine dedicates an entire cover story to it, then it must be big. New research about the benefits of exercise is running counter to the conventional health wisdom we have been taught thus far. While exercise burns calories, … Continue reading

Jessica Simpson’s “Revenge Diet”

It’s been a rough year for Jessica Simpson. If being beautiful, rich and famous is rough. Besides that, she got beat up by the celebrity gossip blogs and even the mainstream press for having experienced phantom weight issues. Then, she … Continue reading

Best Places to Run in Washington D.C.

The capital of the United States, Washington D.C., is known for its history and humid subtropical weather. It definitely has four distinct seasons, thus making it a great location for running. Although D.C. is mostly flat, it offers several great places … Continue reading

Best Places to Run in Denver

Denver, Colorado is among my top five favorite cities. It has something to offer everyone no matter what you enjoy. The Rockies are simply amazing and several ski resorts are just a short drive away. Denver is also a runner’s paradise. It offers … Continue reading