A Cardio Conundrum

How much cardio is too much cardio? It’s a question of personal interest. Not that I’ve been hitting the treadmill every day. But, I evidently overdid it on the eliptical machine a couple weeks back. Back being the operative word. … Continue reading

Here’s the “Raw” Data…

Proponents of eating raw food, take note. A new Italian study shows that cooking veggies doesn’t always render them nutritiously inferior. The study found that raw vegetables were packed with antioxidants. But that after cooking them, the results were mixed. … Continue reading

A Reader Question

A reader writes… I am 300 pounds and I am a paraplegic. I have use of my upper body only. What can I do to lose my weight? I already have changed the way I eat. -W.J. To answer such … Continue reading

Let the resolving begin

The stocking were hung by the chimney with care- and there pies, brownies, hams, candied this and that everywhere. Now that the stockings are packed up again, boxes full of unwanted wrapping paper are stacked by the door and your … Continue reading

Biggest Loser Fever

I’ve got the fever folks! We are one week away from the premier of Biggest Loser Season 5. This is the season where couples are competing for the first time. We’re pretty excited over here at Diets In Review as … Continue reading

Diet Can Improve Pregnancy Chances?

Ladies (and their gents)… if you’re looking for an extra edge in getting pregnant, your diet can help. And no, this isn’t from some quack. Prominent Harvard Medical School researchers suggest in a new book that it can improve your … Continue reading

Walk Away From Dementia

Exercise has many benefits. And, they’re probably further reaching than you realize. Take this article, for instance. Even mild exercise like walking can possibly save you from developing dementia in your old age. Just move, baby!

Biggest Loser Season 5 is seeing double

Fire up your TiVo, clear your schedule and get ready to see double. NBC’s Biggest Loser Season 5 premieres January 1 and is bringing two-times the excitement as usual. This season, couples are taking on the weight loss challenge. Ten … Continue reading

Manly Men May Live Longer

What makes men MEN! may just make us long-living men. Testosterone seems to be linked with longevity. That, according to this study led by a professor of clinical gerontology at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. The study, … Continue reading