Obesity Surgeries for Teens on Oprah

The Oprah episode that aired today, featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz, discussed teens undergoing obesity surgery. Seeking either gastric band (like the Lap Band) surgery or gastric bypass surgery, these teens had the support of their parents to use this method … Continue reading

The Year 2048: Every American is Fat!

What’s the highest percentage of Americans you can imagine being overweight at any given time? With numbers trending up for the last several decades, will it peak? Well, according to a government-funded study it’s projected to be 100 percent of … Continue reading

Toned Legs, Olympic Style

Who doesn’t marvel at the strong and lean legs of the female Olympic athletes?  Even though gymnasts and swimmers’ bodies receive a lot of attention for their physique, fencers legs are marvels of muscle and strength as well. Their powerful … Continue reading

Top 5 Flat Bench Exercises

The flat bench can be used for several exercises and utilized for a total body work-out. A flat bench can be incorporated into any free weight, cable, olympic lift, or band/tubing routine. I use the flat bench every day and recommend … Continue reading

Breathing Correctly in Yoga

If there is one crucial lesson that the practice of yoga or tai chi teaches us, it is how to breathe. Without breath, there is nothing. But for many of us, trying to breathe correctly in yoga class can be … Continue reading

Stability Ball Training

The Stability Ball was originated for rehabilitation purposes (spinal injuries), but now it has crossed over to a wide variety of training types. The Stability Ball is a great tool for incorporating spinal stabilization, core strength and endurance, and balance and coordination to any … Continue reading