You Need an Attitude Adjustment

The guest blog today comes from Kelly Turner. She is an ACE certified personal trainer, fitness writer, and eating disorder activist from Seattle, WA. To read more from Kelly or submit questions, visit her at GroundedFitness. One of the most … Continue reading

Aguaje is the Next Must-Eat Super Food

From acai to pomegranates to green tea, researchers are quickly unearthing some of Mother Nature’s most powerful and nutrient-dense foods. Now the next treasure to be “discovered” out of the Amazon Rain Forest  is Aguaje (pronounced ag-wah-hey), a brightly-colored yellow … Continue reading

Study Reveals Why Obese Eat Too Much

Eating makes many of us happy… it just takes some of us longer to feel the pleasure. There’s an entire emotional complexity to why people overeat. Many times it’s to keep emotional issues suppressed. But there could be an additional … Continue reading

Eat Garlic for Your Health

It’s very important to have a well balanced diet, focusing on many fruits and vegetables, for optimal health. Did you know that garlic, which serves as an antioxidant, has been shown to help stomach and abdominal pains and cancer, as … Continue reading