Prostate pills

Magistral Review

Magistral is a liquid dietary supplement that has been designed to help improve prostate health, urinary function, and other male wellness issues. Their advertising recommends the product to older men that have begun to experience urinary issues due to benign … Continue reading

Golden Lion Review

Golden Lion is a male enhancement supplement that also claims to provide prostate support for its users. Its promotional materials claim that it nourishes the male reproductive system and the prostate gland, which can help to reduce the effects of … Continue reading

Prosvent Review

Prosvent is a prostate health and general wellness supplement that is designed to help men that are experiencing issues related to enlarged or overactive prostates. Their advertising claims that it can help to improve urinary control, flow strength, and the … Continue reading

Phytosterols Review

Phytosterols are a type of compound that’s found in some nuts and vegetables that have a wide variety of beneficial effects on the human body, particularly for cholesterol processing and prostate health. Phytosterols resemble cholesterol chemically, which allows it to … Continue reading

Super Beta Prostate Review

Super Beta Prostate is a daily nutritional supplement designed to improve prostate function in men, including helping them reduce the number of trips that they take to the bathroom, improve emptying, and increase overall prostate health. Their promotional materials say … Continue reading

Prostatrinex Review

Prostatrinex is an all-natural dietary supplement that is specifically formulated to help men improve the health, wellness, and functionality of their prostate and bladder. It works to both reduce the size of the prostate while also improving the other secondary biological … Continue reading

Beta-Sitosterol Review

Beta-Sitosterol is an ingredient that is commonly found in a number of prostate health, cholesterol function, and athletic performance supplements. It is a naturally derived compound that can be found in quite a few different common sources, including avocado, vegetable … Continue reading