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Vaso Blast Review (UPDATED 2017): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Vaso Blast is a male enhancement supplement used to increase penis expansion by up to 31% more than normal. This is made with what is said to be natural, safe, and effective ingredients that do not require a prescription.

The way it’s made to work is by increasing the erectile chambers, targeting receptors which can improve wideness and length.  Results happen initially within 1 to 3 weeks, then 4 to 8 weeks overall thickness and length should increase while erect and flaccid, and after 9 weeks penis health is improved as well as overall size.

The number one male enhancement pill reviewed this year is Viritenz. We favored its natural ingredients and ability to improve libido and overall sexual function. Read the official Viritenz review to see how men were able to reinvigorate their sex lives.

Vaso Blast Ingredients and Side Effects
L-Arginine HCL L-Citruline Long Jack 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCL Maca Root
Long Pepper Muira Puama Tribulus Terrestris Avena Sativa Tribulus Aquaticus
Trichopus Zeylanicus Vitis Vinifera Arginine Nitrate

1, 3 Dimethylamylamine HCL: Energy enhancing stimulant that was once popularly added to supplements used by athletes. It is banned by the FDA and it is considered a potentially hazardous substance that can lead to serious complications.

The FDA released a statement online in 2013 which reads:

“doing everything… to remove these products from the market”

Many issues have been experienced by consumers including death. Other possible side effects include:

  • Heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure.

In researching this ingredient it was clear that there is a lot of evidence showing how dangerous it can be. It is no longer acceptable for supplement makers to add this to their pills. The company has failed to give notice as to why they add this potentially dangerous ingredient.

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Maca Root: A potent natural aphrodisiac native to Peru which is used to prevent fatigue, support overall sexual health, and to promote erections.

Avena Sativa: Found from the same part of the plant used to make oats. This is used as a sexual enhancement aid and as a way to reduce inflammation.

Tribulus Aquaticus: An Ayurvedic herb that is in the same family as chestnuts, this is used to control blood sugar and inflammation. Information about it is limited though it has been used to improve muscle growth and male virility. Its closely related tribulis terrestris relative is far more studied.

Trichopus Zeylanicus: A plant that has been used traditionally as a natural medicine. This is rare and difficult to source. Information on its ability to provide any benefits or whether or not if it’s safe is unknown. This has been used to improve stamina, immune function, and to prevent sexual disorders.

Web MD also confirms that its safety and potential benefits are not well-studied enough.

Vitis Vinifera: Many versions of this exist, but in its basic form it is called common grape vine. Traditionally it was used to help cure many diseases, and though it can have rich antioxidants, reviews are lacking.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Vaso Blast Quality of Ingredients

Many good ingredients are added to this such as muira puama, maca root, tribulus terrestris, and L-Arginine.

There is the major issue with the added DMAA or 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine HCL, a substance banned by the FDA due to its potential serious side effects. This is not legally allowed in supplements and its unknown why this is allowed. DMAA is not advised by the FDA due to the many negative consumer experiences and the deaths associated with its use.

Because of this sole ingredient it makes this a very risky supplement to use, and legally it should not be added. It is unknown why the company continues to add this to their supplements.

Yet another issue with the overall quality is the lack of a supplements facts list. They do make sure to talk about their ingredients but no information is provided on whether or not there are more additives, and what the overall dosage strength is. By not knowing the exact amounts used it is impossible to know if they add this in a safe and effective amount.

We have made it easy to identify what the best offerings are for male enhancement through our top 10 list.

The Price and Quality of Vaso Blast

Prices depend on the specific bottle amounts purchased:

  • One month supply for $39.99.
  • 90 day supply for $79.97
  • 5 month supply for $119.95
  • 7 month supply for $159.93.

The majority of ingredients can be effective for improving male libido but as far as increasing penis size while erect and flaccid, evidence is lacking. There needs to be proof that the company had clinical studies performed to show that this is possible. This sounds like an impressive claim but no supplement has shown the ability to make the penis stay longer with more girth. It can make more rush blood to that area for stronger erections, but keeping the increased size has yet to be proven.

It is also highly questionable whenever a company uses a banned substance. The added DMAA should never be used due to its serious potential side effects. Without knowing the dosage strength of any of the other ingredients it also makes it impossible to know if it is worth the cost.

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Business of Vaso Blast

Their company name was difficult to find because of the many names featured on their website. They reference Cytozyte Technologies, Bio Vita Labs and Dartboard Kent LLC. Their contact details are not provided, a contact form is offered so consumers can leave questions. In reviewing all 3 company names only Bio Vita Labs had a Better Business Bureau page but no information or rating was on there.

They do say that a 60 day money back return from the date of purchase is offered as long as the bottle is sent back.

There is no reason to believe that the company would be reputable and it’s alarming to see so many different names used, with none of them offering any detail about how they operate. Consumers are unable to try and find out where they are based out of or to contact someone at the company to see if they are reliable.

Our experts have looked at the ingredients of several male enhancement pills and they’ve determined which the best were.

Customer Opinions of Vaso Blast

On the official website they have a section where success stories are provided. 10 different written reviews are provided, but outside of this section, information about how consumers felt after taking it is unknown on any other website.

The information can only be sourced from their official site, so it’s impossible to know if what is said can be used as a reliable source. Without being able to look at other 3rd party reviews its unknown if this is safe, effective, and likely to be side effect free.

It is also hard to believe all the great sounding claims made about tis brand when it doesn’t seem to be popular or reviewed by at least 1 outside source. Review the top 10 best male enhancement brands which were favorited overall by our experts.

How Does Vaso Blast Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Vaso Blast
  • 35/100
Conclusion – Does Vaso Blast Work?

There’s no way to fully know what this brand can do, but judging from the lack of consumer reviews the use of a banned substance, and the lack of reliable studies, it’s unlikely to be better than other brands. It is illegal to use DMAA and also potentially hazardous due to its ability to cause serious cardiovascular related symptoms. This can even lead to death and there are many who have exercised serious issues. The company also claims that this is going to increase girth and size long-term, but not only is this not proven, but it is impossible. Penis size cannot increase and stay the same size from anything beyond surgery. No information is provided about who makes this and where they can be reached, making it impossible to hold them accountable.

The brand which was considered the best of the year for male enhancement is known as Viritenz. The reason why it was favorited over other brands is due to its natural ingredients, all of which are highly regarded in clinical studies. It can help improve libido and support overall sexual function, making it easy to stay aroused with improved vigor.

Consumers also had great things to say about it, and they were able to see consistent and lasting benefits. The formula also does not use potentially harsh or artificial ingredients of any kind. This supplement is produced in a FDA approve facility to help ensure that the product quality is consistent. Click here for a review on Viritenz to see what it can do, and how it will work.

NEW Trim Down Club Review 2017 [MUST READ]: Does it Really Work?

Trim Down Club is an affordable, yet comprehensive diet designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. Unlike, other main stream diets, the Trim Down Club is based on your specific dietary needs and health limitations, which ensures that you ultimately get a plan that’s perfect for you.

The Trim Down Club offers a three-pronged approach to help you lose weight and keep it off:

  • Meal plans based on your favorite foods, dietary needs, and health limitations
  • Tasty and filling recipes
  • Support from registered dietitians

Furthermore, one of the most appealing services of the Trim Down Club, is its diverse online community of 3 million members, which is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Access Trim Down Club for a special discount by visiting the link provided here.

How can you benefit from the program?

The Trim Down Club operates under the idea that everybody is different, and therefore their approach to weight loss is unique. The reasons that so many people fail when they try to lose weight with common diets is because those diets fall short of fitting your specific needs. And, this is where the Trim Down Club’s personalized approach to weight loss really saves the day.

Unlike other main stream diets, Trim Down Club members don’t need to count calories. And, many of their members don’t even consider the program a diet. Members simply create and follow a weekly menu that is based on their dietary needs, their favorite foods, and the perfect balance of nutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats). The ultimate goal is that you will live a healthier lifestyle and no longer need to rely on an expensive diet or personal nutritionist.

What do you get when you join the Trim Down Club?

The Trim Down Club offers a lot of free content (Recipes and Tips & Tricks) to visitors who have not yet joined. First off, free members get access to hundreds of recipes, which have all been approved by a registered dietitian to ensure that they have the proper amount of nutrients. Next comes “Tips & Tricks” for eating healthy, with categories ranging from Super Foods to Health and Wellness. And, we almost forgot to mention that the community forums are available to view as well, though visitors are not able to post, they can see answers to common diet questions.

So, what do you get when you join the Trim Down Club? Well for just $1.99 for your first month and $9.90 for each month thereafter, you get complete access to a treasure trove of tools like a Personal Menu Planner and 24/7 support from registered dietitians designed to help you get the body that you deserve.

A unique discount is being offered by the creators of Trim Down Club; click here to unlock the deal.

Furthermore, after joining the program members get instant access to countless guides as well as 4 free gifts (eBooks):

Trim Down Main Program Guide: Here you will learn the whole story behind the Trim Down Club program, you can download this guide now and discover how your body turns food into energy, how hormones affect your metabolism, learn which foods to avoid, make wise food choices, and much, much more!

Trim Down Club Cookbook: An ultimate collection of “I can TOTALLY make that!” fat-burning recipes that are both easy to prepare and incredibly delicious.
Food Shopping the Proper Way: Learn how to shop for the healthiest and best- tasting food possible. A simple guide to making smart food shopping choices.

Express Meal Plans: Simple meal plans that were created for people that live busy lifestyles. No planning needed, simply follow and lose weight.

Online Tools: Members get access to an abundance of tools including a menu planner and shopping list, progress chart, diet journal, 8 week plan and much more.

How does it work?

Because people are so often on the move these days, they rarely have the opportunity to take the time to really consider their food choices and how they affect their body. Trim Down Club helps you train your body and brain on how to learn more about what foods are most beneficial for your body, which ones claim to be, and which ones should be avoided.

As we discussed in the section above, Trim Down Club doesn’t make you count calories, take diet pills, or starve yourself. Instead they are more interested in educating their members on avoiding foods with trans-fats or that are highly processed. That might sound scary, but the transition is quite easy when you find your weekly menu includes pizza and ice cream!

Now, you might be wondering about where fitness and exercise fits in with the Trim Down Club. And, you will probably be surprised to hear that although exercising can surely help you lose weight, the Trim Down Club focuses on what you feed your body. So, members of the club don’t need to buy expensive fitness equipment or sign up to a local gym to have success.

And, if you are looking for a structured plan to follow, the Trim Down Club also has that. Their 8 Week Plan breaks down everything into simple steps so that you know exactly what to do to get the most out of this great program.

For an even deeper discount on the Trim Down Club, take advantage of their special offer.

How much does Trim Down Club cost?

Trim Down Club is currently offering potential new customers the opportunity to join for just $1.99 for their first month and $9.90 for each month thereafter. Trim Down Club also provides their members with a cancel anytime policy, as well as a no questions asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, members have plenty of time to see if the program fits their needs, and if it doesn’t they can get their money back without any hassle.

How to contact the Trim Down Club?

Trim Down Club provides more than a couple of ways for you to get answers to your questions:

FAQ Page:  The FAQ Page has answers to common questions related to the tools and program.
Contact Form: Via their contact form, you can reach different departments of the Trim Down Club, ranging from technical support to registered dietitians.
Support Email: A direct email to the Trim Down Club Customer Care Team, which all members have access to.
Community Forums: Public forums where you can ask other members or registered dietitians questions about your diet.
Live Chat: Chat is a good way to connect 1-on-1 to a registered dietitian.

Trim Down Club operates out of San Francisco, California. And, according to their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, they maintain an A rating with the BBB.

We’ve linked an official discount offer that you can access by clicking here.

What’s good about Trim Down Club?

First off, the Trim Down Club website is clear and they do a good job of ensuring that you find your way around the program with ease. Additionally, the Trim Down Club is one of the most affordable diet solution on the market and it even comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk.

We can’t talk about the good without mentioning their innovative Menu Planner application, which takes your specific dietary needs (gluten free, dairy free, low cholesterol, low sugar, vegetarian), health limitations (allergies), as well as your favorite foods to give you a weekly menu that helps you lose weight and keep it off. Finally, you’ll be able to focus on your life and not spend your days counting calories.

The customer service also seems to be a strong point for the club as they provide their members with 24/7 access to registered dietitians. Yes, 24 hours a day and 7 times a week. So, there should never be a time in the day that you’re alone!

The official Trim Down Club website is offering customers a special savings deal when you sign up now.

What’s bad about Trim Down Club?

As you can see the Trim Down Club has a nice, informative, and user friendly program.

That said, digging deep enough, we were able to find some people that complained about the pricing of the program, but we found that these reviews were from a few years ago when the program was sold as packages. It seems like the Trim Down Club learned from these complaints, and priced the program as a monthly membership now, so the reviews are no longer relevant.

Lastly, the Trim Down Club doesn’t provide phone support, which seems like a way for them to keep their costs down. Although some people might not like this, it probably enables them to provide the best possible customer service, and still keep the membership in the Trim Down Club at an unbelievable low price.

What do members say?

There are a good number of consumer reviews for Trim Down Club, which can be found on their website as well as on their Facebook page. We’ve highlighted a few below:

“After my initial fee I was offered customized menus, nutrition and wellness articles, as well as access to their online support groups. You get to eat satisfying foods which I absolutely loved. It’s designed in a way to keep your blood sugar stable so you feel good and you’re not likely to experience a crash.

“I’ve lost a ton of weight from this and it’s one of the few diet plans which actually worked for my needs. I especially like the dietician which answers my questions and the online community is very helpful. They make it easy to understand what responsible changes you need to make in order for weight loss results can continue”

“Best money I’ve ever spent. It eliminates the need to have to go up and down in terms of weight loss. This is best described as a simple and easy way to eat the foods you like but in a healthier way. Personally speaking I think this is the best diet plan. I think it would be worth your time I took off 20 lbs. just by following the easy advice offered, it really made it easy to lose weight and keep it off.”

“Really straightforward approach and they offer a lot of eye opening information to show you how to diet properly. You can eat pretty much whatever you want as long as you control the portions. I’m more than pleased with the results I’ve seen, you can snack and eat as you like on it so it doesn’t feel like a real strict diet that offers only boring or bland foods.”

Save money on a subscription to the Trim Down Club by taking advantage of their current discounted offer.


The Trim Down Club provides people with a realistic way to lose weight and keep it off, which is very hard to find these days.

The definite perk of signing up the Trim Down Club is the around the clock access to tools like their menu planner, progress chart, 8-week plan, and diet journal. By simply using the tools, there’s no reason why you can’t reach your weight loss goals.

Additionally, their online community allows members to speak directly to a registered dietitian. Questions in the online community are usually answered quite quickly – within the hour. This is perhaps the best benefit of the Club because it can save people money by not forcing them to spend money on doctor visits. And, over time, people can gradually absorb the information that they receive from the community, so that they can live a long-healthy life.

The final and most important point here though is that the Trim Down Club is backed by a cancel anytime policy as well as a 60-day money back guarantee. So, you can sleep well at night knowing that you are in safe hands.

Sign up with the Trim Down Club with a limited time discount offered now.

Garcinia Cambogia Warning (UPDATED 2017): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia has increased in popularity as a breakthrough natural ingredient for the reduction of appetite and fat.

Garcinia Cambogia pills are often used to help support weight loss and it’s offered by many brands, though there is a proper combination of ingredients that can maximize weight loss. (more…)

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Stress, age, hormonal imbalances, performance anxiety, and low sex drive are just some of the root causes that can lead to issues in the bedroom. It used to be that one would need expensive procedures and pills to help solve these issues, which can be pricy and may lead to side effects. Solutions for natural male enhancement are available that require no invasive surgery or harsh ingredients such as stimulants, drugs, or artificial additives.

Our review experts have looked at several types of male enhancement pills and they’ve formulated a list of the overall best ones which have been customer approved. (more…)

2017’s Best Joint Supplements

2017 has been a big year in the world of joint pain supplements. There have been new products that have come along and made a big splash in the business, some other brands have changed formulas in an effort to stay relevant, and new developments in science have pushed the entire joint health industry forward.

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Pure Moving Review: Is It the Best Moving Company in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a huge city, and in it there are dozens of different moving companies; from small local outfits to gigantic national brands. When it’s your time to move and you have to choose one company over all the others it can be tough to decide which one is actually the best.

There are a lot of factors to consider: is it overall cost that’s most important, the speed of completion, or making sure that all the items arrive safely that’s the highest priority? In truth, it’s all of these factors combined that help determine who the best is, so let’s examine Pure Moving point by point to see if we can determine if they really are the best moving company in LA.

#1: Cost Effectiveness


The way to determine how much a move is going to cost is not as straightforward as just looking at a single price tag; there are multiple factors you have to consider. First, you have to examine a company’s base rates – both how much they charge per mover, and how much they charge per hour.

Then you have to consider how long the move is going to take. More workers cost more per hour, but they can get the job done faster. If you have a lot of very large or difficult-to-move items, more movers may be better. If, however, you have a smaller, less demanding move, then you may only need a couple guys to help.

At $79 per hour for 2 movers, the base rate for Pure Moving company is very low, but there are some companies that will charge $69 in some specific circumstances. None of those lower-priced companies, however, have reputations for moving fast. It only takes one or two extra hours before all of those savings from the cheaper rate are obliterated by inefficient workers.

Pure Moving has established a reputation for having the lowest FINAL price – not base rate. They consistently out perform their time estimates, and they come in under the price they quoted far more often than they exceed it. So, by these accounts, Pure Moving is the most cost-effective option available.

#2: Speed of Completion


Getting a job done fast is not just important for saving costs; in some cases there are other factors that can make time of the essence. It could be that clients have a very small window available for when they can move out of one place and in to the other. It may be that residents found out they needed to leave only recently and they need to be out in a hurry.

Regardless of the reason, Pure Moving has made special accommodations for individuals with a number of different time restrictions. They have a large potential staff to draw from, so no matter how small a window you have, they have the manpower to make it happen.

Pure Moving have also become experts in packing, prep, and move efficiency. They’re known for having the best pre-move planning in the business, ensuring that there are no surprises on the day and that the job is able to be done as fast as is reasonably possible.

#3: Safety and Thoroughness


Getting a job done fast should never have to come at the expense of the safety of your possessions, especially because there are some things that just can’t be replaced. Heirlooms, antiques, artwork, and sentimental objects need to be moved like everything else, however they each have their own unique transportation needs.

Pure Moving’s packing expertise is not just about getting a job done fast or being efficient with space. It’s about ensuring that each item is prepared for the move in a way so that when it comes out of the truck it is in the exact same condition as before it went in. Users’ comments on feedback sites like Yelp often mention clients learning more about the right way to pack in the one day they were with Pure than in all of their moves before that.

It is unfortunate, but many companies do not take the time and care with their clients’ belongings necessary to ensure their safe arrival. Pure Moving is known for their meticulous eye for detail and obsessive commitment to ensuring that not a single item gets broken, damaged, scuffed, or cracked.

They also double and triple-check their areas to ensure that nothing gets left behind or lost along the way. Pure’s movers have a reputation for treating their clients’ possessions as well or better than they treat their own.

#4: Intangibles


Cost, speed, and safety are all very important for a moving company, however the real thing that sets Pure apart is the way that their movers are always going above and beyond what is expected of them in the moving process. A quick glance through their reviews shows customers that aren’t just satisfied by their experience, but that are genuinely shocked at the lengths that Pure Moving went to for them.

There are stories of movers working in the rain, starting the move in the middle of the night, getting “stuck” furniture out of homes, taking extra care with important items, and hundreds of other tiny gestures.

These small things add up to mean a lot in the end. It’s important to know that you are working with people that genuinely want to get the job done right.



Pure Moving has a perfect Yelp rating so far for 2017. That means that not a single client has given them less than five stars on any of their reviews for the entire year. As impressive as that is, it doesn’t make nearly the impression that all of the photos of their past clients, taken when they are done moving, does.

In picture after picture, clients stand with their arms around the guys in the green Pure Moving t-shirts, smiling proudly after a job well done. Those faces are happy, even after a long day of moving – and that’s how you know that Pure is the best.


The Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles: 2017 (Updated)

Psychologists say that moving can be one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life, comparable even to losing a loved one or being fired from a job. Having the right moving company can go a long way toward making this process as easy and painless as possible – and getting the wrong one can also make it even worse.

This is the list of the top ten Los Angeles-based moving companies for 2017, and they’re all businesses that have a reputation for making their client’s lives easier. (more…)

Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging: Does It Work?

What is it?

Stem cells form the developmental foundation of all plants, animals, and humans.  Many different types of stem cells are found in different places in the body, or are formed during the various stages of life.   They widely differ in their behavior and properties, but two common characteristics that define all stem cells are:

  • They can self-renew, or make copies of themselves.
  • They can develop into more specialized cells.

Stem Cell Therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, is the use of stem cells to prevent or treat certain diseases and conditions.  It promotes the healing and reparative response of damaged or diseased tissue by using healthy stem cells or stem cell derivatives.  (more…)

How to Lose Weight with Protein

protein-powder-nutritional-supplementProtein is an essential nutrient the body needs to function normally, and it satisfies hunger better than fiber to help support weight loss.

Studies have shown that it not only suppresses and satisfies appetite for hours, but it also boosts metabolism.  One such study by the Maastricht University Medical Centre found :

“appetite suppression and fat oxidation were higher on a high-protein diet” (more…)

The Best Meal Replacement Shakes of 2017

How do Meal Replacement Shakes Work?

A meal replacement shake is a way to substitute meals with a nutritious shake offering a full range of vitamins and minerals. When one chooses the right brand it can offer nutrients with few calories while still being able to suppress appetite and relieve hunger.

Meal replacement shakes come in many different forms and the main ones are:

High calorie: For people looking to gain weight. Designed specifically for bodybuilders or people looking to either bulk up or recover from an injury or illness.

Weight loss shakes: Providing high protein and fiber with only a few calories. They function by helping suppress appetite for hours, while still providing the body with essential nutrients to prevent any deficiencies. Meal replacement shakes for weight loss can be best described as providing:

  • Functional results: Your body needs calories and proper nutrients to work properly. A good meal replacement shake provides nutrients such as vitamins A through K, as well as minerals and some carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. This provides the benefits of a nutritionally well rounded meal in the form of a shake.

True protein shakes for weight loss will provide all the essential nutrients that the body requires to replace a meal; otherwise this may potentially lead to malnutrition and other related side effects.

Typically you can replace up to 2 meals a day depending on whether or not the shakes one chooses are well-rounded in their nutrient content. (more…)