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Mark was the at-home winner of Biggest Loser season 10, a prize he won by losing 208 pounds! Today, this New Jersey native is committed to changing the world and having a good time doing it.

The Unknowns and Ranchers Trade Places in Biggest Loser Season 11 Episode 4 Recap

The ranch is still reeling from the twins’ 9-pound gain from last week’s weigh-in. As much as Don says he did not throw the weigh-in, no one seems to believe him, myself included. It is EXTREMELY difficult to put a number like that up and have it be “accidental.” (more…)

New Biggest Loser Trainers Cara and Brett Revealed in Biggest Loser Season 11 Week 3 Recap

Week three of Biggest Loser is when people on the show really start to “get it.” Everyone starts to figure out their workouts, their diets, and generally what is working for them. But we still don’t know what the deal is with these new trainers. They are finally revealed!

Cara Castronuova was taught to box at the age of five by her father. She has also been boxing competitively since the age of 20, winning two Golden Gloves and at one point was ranked number two in the country! She brings that fighting spirit to the Biggest Loser and hopes to help the contestants with their battle against obesity.

Brett Hoebel has been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. He has studied a wide range of martial arts from capoeira to muay thai, as well as holding a degree in science with double majors of biology and psychology. He believes there is a science to everything and wishes to bring this to the contestants and really shape their formula for weight loss. (more…)

No Elimination in Biggest Loser Season 11 Week 2 Recap

Here we are. Week two of the Biggest Loser! This is usually when the show really starts to kick into high gear and I am sure this season will not disappoint. Last week, the people working with the unknown trainers lost a mind-blowing amount of weight as compared to the “ranchers.”  Will they be able to keep it going in week two?

Alison walks in the room and the contestants already know that when she enters the scene, something crazy is going on! If the ranchers lose a higher percentage of weight than the unknowns this week, they all get immunity. This is a huge prize! Immunity is the biggest prize in the game, and if they can take advantage of this, they can even the playing field with the unknowns. Oh yeah, one more thing, the winning team gets a cool 10K in cash to split up. Not too shabby.

Week two also seems to be the week of breakthroughs. These oftentimes occur during workouts, because they beat you down so much physically that your emotions start to run and you begin to realize the roots of your problems. Arthur has a breakthrough with Bob as he sees what he has done to himself and can admit it finally. Jen has a moment with Jillian and her father Jay in seeing how she needs to be proud of herself and focus on herself rather than worrying about and feeling guilty for others. Moses has a breakthrough by realizing he needs to be there for his family. (more…)