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Endoluminal Incision-free Bariatric Surgery Debuts

The first-ever endoluminal incision-free bariatric surgery was performed on January 22, 2012, at the 3rd Annual Apollo Bariatric Surgery Conference (ABSCON 2012) in Chennai, India. Endoluminal Incision-free Bariatric Surgery DebutsThis operation was actually the first ever known endoluminal revision of a prior sleeve gastrectomy performed in the world.

The operation, which was shown via video link to 80 surgeons attending the ABSCON 2012 conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chennai, was performed by New York bariatric surgeon, Dr. Elliot Goodman and assisted by Dr. Rajkumar Palaniappan of the bariatric surgery service of Apollo Hospital in Chennai.

The 27 year old, male patient had previously undergone a sleeve gastrectomy in 2011 and has since lost 33 pounds. However, his weight stabilized and he had actually regained 4 pounds within the past month.


Weight Loss Surgery Coverage Push

More obese Americans may be given the opportunity to have their weight loss surgery covered by insurance if device manufacturers have their way. Allergan Inc., makers of the LapBand gastric banding device, has been the most vocal in their efforts to give obese patients access to this life-altering surgery. Weight Loss Surgery Coverage PushBeing able to have this surgery covered by insurance will give patients the tools they need to fight a host of life-threatening illnesses brought on by their obesity. Allergan proposes that allowing more people access to insurance coverage will save billions of dollars in healthcare costs for both the government and employers.

The Dilemma

Critics argue that bariatric surgery has high rates of complications which can reach into the thousands and that the surgery doesn’t change the underlying behavior.


Swimming Lowers Blood Pressure in Older Adults

A recently published study of 43 older men and women shows that swimming a few times a week lowered their systolic blood pressure. On average, systolic readings—the “top” number in a blood pressure reading—were 131 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Three months later, it was 122 mm Hg.Swimming Lowers Blood Pressure in Older Adults

Normal blood pressure is defined as an average reading no higher than 120/80 mm Hg. Readings of 140/90 or higher are considered high blood pressure, and anything in between is considered “pre-hypertension.”

Swimming is often promoted as a good way for older adults to exercise. It also offers them the ability to work their body without harsh impact to their skeletal system.

When the body is submerged in water it automatically becomes lighter. Depending on how much of the body is submerged, the amount of weight the body bears can be reduced by as much as 90 percent.


The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper Comes out in May

Bob Harper, world renowned fitness trainer and one of the stars of NBC’s The Biggest Loser is reaching beyond his focus on fitness to share diet and nutrition tips with as many readers as possible.The Skinny Rules

Hi new book, The Skinny Rules, comes out in May and aims to show you exactly how to shed those unwanted pounds, whether its two or two hundred.

Harper says that while on the show, “I’ve been given a really big platform to reach as many people as I can. And I take that very seriously.” Now he’s putting his vast knowledge of nutrition to use in the book by breaking down what he knows into twenty simple, nonnegotiable principles.


Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with these Healthy Recipes

Happy Year of the Dragon! It’s time to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Everyone loves a celebration and what would any celebration be without good food?Happy Year of the Dragon

Although the holiday falls on a different date each year (this year it’s Jan. 23) the celebration only starts there, but continues for another fifteen days. That gives you more time to enjoy some of the delicious recipes that symbolize prosperity, luck, wealth or good fortune for the coming year.

Chinese culture is all about symbolism and the dishes served for New Years reflect the culture. Noodles represent a long life, but be sure not to cut or break them as you prepare, serve and eat them. A whole chicken represents family unity, a whole fish—surplus, tangerines are used for wealth and oranges for good luck. Steer clear of squid as it symbolizes getting fired in the upcoming year.

Check out these healthy versions of Chinese New Year dishes.


Heidi Klum Diet and Fitness Secrets

Heidi KlumWe’re all saddened by the recent announcement that Heidi Klum is separating from her husband Seal, but we have to admit that she looks awesome. After 4 kids and 7 years of marriage, Klum can still rock the runway along with her many spokes model gigs anytime with her slamming figure. How does she do it? We did some digging to find out how she keeps her body in tip-top shape, even after several pregnancies.

Post Pregnancy Shape up

To get her figure back in just a couple months after giving birth, Klum used The Ultimate New York Body Plan, designed by personal trainer David Kirsch. This diet is strict and not for the faint of heart, but it works.

During the first two weeks, all foods that cause bloating are eliminated; this includes dairy, fruit and refined carbohydrates (carbs). After two weeks, fat-free dairy can be added back into the diet, but refined carbs are restricted throughout the diet timeline. Carbs with a low glycemic index such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains are allowed in small amounts. Alcohol, bread and starchy carbs are prohibited.

Proteins are a major ingredient. Good sources are lean meats, lentils and eggs. Klum often starts her day with a protein shake and then follows with an egg white and vegetable omelet a couple hours later. Nuts are allowed as a snack between meals.


Sears Leads Fitness Equipment Sales

Dishwashers, power tools and fitness equipment at Sears? Sure! You may know them as the place for appliances, but now Sears has established themselves as the nation’s largest fitness retailer.

“Whether just starting a new workout routine or a longtime ftness enthusiast, customers want a complete solution,” said Hugo Malan, SVP and president, Fitness, Sporting Goods and Toys at Sears Holdings. “Sears sells more fitness equipment than anyone else and we believe in continually improving our offering, so we have built an online fitness community and developed new destinations that attract customers both in-store and online.”

Sears is continuing an initiative they began in 2011 to help consumers achieve their fitness goals by creating their “Fitness Flagship” store-within-a-store. Now in over 35 sites, the 6000 sq. ft. specialty stores feature polished hardwood floors, tall mirrors, expanded equipment layouts and resemble a modern, high end gym. The staff is trained on both fitness products and fitness trends.


Processed Meat Linked to Pancreatic Cancer, Study Shows

Leave it up to science to give you one more reason to make healthier food choices. A new study published in the British Journal of Cancer shows a link between eating processed meat with increased risk for pancreatic cancer.

Data from 11 trials and over 6,000 pancreatic cancer patients was analyzed and researchers concluded the following:

  • Eating 50 grams of processed meat daily – the equivalent of one sausage and two pieces of bacon—raised a person’s risk by 19 percent
  • Eating an extra 100 grams increased the risk by 38 percent

Pancreatic cancer is ranked as the fourth most common cause of cancer death across the globe. It’s extremely hard to diagnose and when it is discovered, the patient is usually in the late stages. Survival rates are poor, 95 percent of its victims die within five years of diagnosis.


Splenda Study Finds the Sweetener Alters Gut Microflora

In a recent study performed by Duke University on the artificial sweetener Splenda, research suggests that the sweetener causes adverse reactions to intestinal functions in rats.

Over a 12 week period, rats were given approved doses of Splenda, which is comprised of the high-potency artificial sweetener sucralose. Their fecal samples were collected weekly and tested for any changes. Test results showed several adverse reactions including:

  • the amount of good bacteria in the intestines was reduced
  • the pH level in the intestines increased
  • the sweetener interfered with the absorption of certain medications

The study went on to show that Splenda alters the gut microflora. This is significant because “gut microorganisms refer to beneficial bacteria that live (are alive!) in the intestines,” says our resident registered dietitian Mary Hartley, RD, MPH.


Stars Who Love Their Bodies

Superstar singers face loads of pressure when it comes to their image, weight and overall appearance. How much confidence does it take to say publicly that you are “OK” with your size, no matter what it may be? These superstars defend the body they have now and their right to be happy with their image.

Christina Aguilera

Superstar Christina Aguilera admits that she is happy in her own skin and goes on to say that as long as her boyfriend is happy with her body and she is happy with her body, that’s all that matters. The rest is just noise that she blocks out.

UK Singer Adel

One of the most popular artists right now, Adel, says that she doesn’t really care what other people think about her weight or the way she looks. She’s happy the way she is. She also said that she’s seen other people obsess over wanting to be thinner and how it wears them down. She doesn’t want that in her life.