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Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser 8.4 Recap

biggest loser kitchenHey everyone, I’m back again for the Week 4 Biggest Loser Recap. First thing noteworthy in this episode is that Tracey is not allowed to work out. At all. That stinks. Not being able to work out is almost a plane ticket home on the Biggest Loser ranch.

In a very good twist, the contestants had to order out for every single meal, after finding the kitchen completely locked down. Learning to eat well while going out is an extremely good skill to have. To go along with the new week comes a new pop challenge. The contestants had to determine which dinner had the fewest amount of calories. The winner was the pink team and they won a year’s supply of groceries. (more…)

Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – Episode 8.3

The contestants started off this week with a series of temptations. If a team chose to abandon the use of two world-class trainers for one whole week, they get a two pound advantage at the weigh in. With most teams over or around 550 pounds a .36% is pretty dismal and really no one in their right mind would take it, right? Wrong. Tracey took control this week and took the two pounds without discussing with Coach Mo and faced the wrath of Bob and Jillian.


Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser 8.2 Recap

Hey everyone, I’m back once again for for my Biggest Loser 8 recap and reaction.

Right off the bat in this episode, Alison issues the contestants a challenge – lose 150 pounds as a group. Do it and no one goes home, otherwise two people are eliminated. Week two is infamous for producing poor numbers on the scale, so these contestants really had their work cut out for them.

On a better note, Tracey returned to the house from the hospital this week. She isn’t allowed back in the gym yet, but at least she’s on campus. With monitoring her nutrition she still should drop a significant amount of weight since it is her first week. (more…)

Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.1

Biggest Loser is back and it seems to be bigger and better. Fifteen new contestants are competing for the title of The Biggest Loser and (the more important part) to get a second chance at life. In the spirit of second chances, Daniel Wright, a season 7 alum, got to come back to compete on this season. I’m glad to see him back and hope he can conquer his weight battle once and for all.

What do you all think of Daniel coming back? (more…)

Stress Hurts Weight Loss: 3 Ways to Avoid It

stressed manBetween working, everyday life, random mishaps, and trying to find time to lose weight, stress is bound to happen. Well, Chill Out before you give yourself a coronary. Stress may be doing more than just making you feel bad, it can actually be stopping your weight loss, and may even promote weight gain! This problem isn’t just for adults, but for young people as well. According to new research, people are comfort eating more due to stress. Kids who are stressed are more likely to become overweight. Stress is also linked to water retention and that pesky belly fat that we are all trying to get rid of.

It seems to me, the stressors in our lives are affecting just about everything in our lives. If you’re like me, when you are stressed you put the gym on hold, or have a lack-luster workout. All that water retention combined with a bad workout really does not do wonders for the scale. (more…)

Undereating Equals Undercutting Weight Loss Results

frustrated dieterFor all those who have tried to lose weight, you know that it is a constant battle. Calories in calories out, low-carb, no-carb, Atkins, South Beach Diet, the Biggest Loser Diet, and this list goes on. There are so many choices, and all we want are results. Some go to extreme measures to lose weight, and in affect, are counter productive. One of the biggest mistakes made on any diet program, believe it or not, is undereating. You may be asking yourself how is that possible? If I take in fewer calories than I eat I’ll lose more weight. Wrong idea.

That may work for maybe a week, but eventually your body will go into starvation mode. Your body will hold onto every single morsel you put into your body, you will stop losing weight, and possibly gain weight.
I have made that mistake many times. The best plan is simply to live in balance. Eat a good variety of foods, and count your calories. Now, how many calories should you be eating? (more…)

3 Ways to Stop the Gym Blues

woman punching bagWe all use them – “I’m tired.” “I’m sore.” “I don’t have time.” – and the worst of all, “I deserve a break.” We all use excuses to not go to the gym, to not workout, and to not be healthy. But why? One reason may be that workouts can be boring, tedious, and down right dreadful. Well, from personal experience, workouts can be all of those things, but they don’t have to be.

When you start feeling the gym blues, it may be time to shake things up. Changing your workout routine has a few benefits. (more…)

Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Casting Tips

biggest loser castingRecently, I went to the Michigan Biggest Loser 9 casting call.  Everyone in line was extremely pleasant, but wanted to know the same thing.

Not how am I doing at home, what are Bob and Jillian really like, how is Max doing, or do I have a girlfriend; they wanted to know ‘How do I get on the show?’.

Well, here are some of my audition tips for all of those that want to try their shot on The Biggest Loser. (more…)

Mike Morelli Answers Your Diet and Fitness Questions

Hey readers! For my first video blog, I’ve taken some of the questions you had and have decided to answer them just for you!


Mike Morelli’s Weight Loss Maintenance after Biggest Loser

mike morelli before and afterCalorie counting, watching sodium intake, pounding water like I was preparing to traverse the Sahara, and I thought I had a good handle on my weight. After months of working out nonstop, eating perfectly, and cutting weight, I thought that having to maintain my new weight would be all too easy. As it turns out, this 19-year-old has some things to learn.

I’ve been home for about a month since the Season 7 Biggest Loser finale, and it has been one the toughest challenges I have had to face yet.

Now that I’m on my own with my weight, I have had my share of struggles and successes. Many people have asked me what I do now that I’m home. What I eat. How I workout. How did I do it. I have asked myself those same questions everyday since I got back home. (more…)