Weight Loss News in Review: Week of December 13

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Group Wants Meridia Banned Due to Risk of Heart Deaths

The popular prescription weight loss drug Meridia is coming under fire following the deaths of more than 80 people using the drug. A consumer advocacy group is urging the FDA to pull this product from the market.

Biggest Loser Season 9: Meet the New Contestants

On Jan. 5, 22 new individuals will move in to the Biggest Loser ranch and go head-to-head with Jillian and Bob to shed miraculous weight. Meet the new cast of eleven teams of two, including one man who weighs more than 500 pounds.

Consider a Corporate Wellness Program in 2010

Better understand the benefits of introducing a wellness program in your company and help the entire staff get in better shape in the new year.

Jenny Craig Spokeswomen are Inspiring

Meet the many faces of the Jenny Craig program and hear how the healthy weight loss plan has helped them reach their goal weights.

Kourtney Kardashian to Shed Baby Weight with QuickTrim

It seemed this Kardashian sister made a double announcement this week: both the name of her newborn son and how she planned to get back into pre-baby shape. She and her mother will be using the supplement and detox program QuickTrim.

24 Hour Fitness Offers Members a Versatile and Family-Friendly Gym

24 Hour Fitness became a household name as one of the primary sponsors of NBC’s Biggest Loser. Learn more about this nationwide fitness chain and the broad variety of ways that suit each member’s lifestyle and needs.eat clean diet cookbook

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  1. Jenniffer says:

    I disgust Weight Loss News in their advertising is cheesy! My friend had a disgusting response to this cheesy pill with upset stomach and had an issue with a money back.

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